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This Bear's Tongue Weighed as Much as a Newborn Human

Thankfully, more than 7 pounds of tissue has since been removed

(Newser) - Cat got your tongue—or maybe a bear? No one would have pointed the finger at one particular Asiatic black bear (also known as a moon bear) holed up in a Myanmar monastery: He had too much of his own tongue to handle, let alone anyone else's. The Guardian ... More »

The Mice Have Spoken: Taste Is an Illusion

Scientists turn sense of taste on and off by manipulating brain cells: study

(Newser) - That bitter tincture a bunch of mice in a Columbia University lab recently gagged on could have been sweet nectar, or even just plain water. Why they took issue with the taste: For a study published in the journal Nature , scientists fiddled with their brain cells to make them think... More »

Study Overturns Long-Held Belief on Hummingbirds

They don't drink the way researchers have thought for 200 years

(Newser) - Hummingbirds beat their wings approximately 50 times per second, but that's nothing compared to how fast they can drink. A study out of the University of Connecticut debunks nearly 200 years of scientific thinking on how hummingbirds accomplish that task, with results showing the tiny birds can sip up... More »

Tongue-Rolling Myth Totally 'Debunked'

Biologist John McDonald aims to set the record straight

(Newser) - For anyone who can still proudly recall one factoid learned in high school biology—that the ability to roll one's tongue is genetic—bad news: You learned it wrong. John McDonald, an evolutionary biologist, is out to debunk what he calls a myth about the genetic roots of tongue-rolling,... More »

Weird Feat: Teen Can Lick Her Own Eye

Adrianne Lewis' 4-inch-long tongue is an Internet star

(Newser) - What would you do if you had a tongue as long as a playing card? For 18-year-old Adrianne Lewis, making YouTube videos showing off the various tricks she can do with her estimated 4-inch-long tongue seemed like a great way to gain some Internet fame. The Michigan teen uploaded her... More »

Woman Channels Inner 5-Year-Old for Mugshot

Linda MacDonald shows how she feels after being arrested for DUI in Vermont

(Newser) - Linda MacDonald was sent to adult timeout (the Vermont State Police's Brattleboro barracks) after she crashed her car into a fence Monday night and was subsequently arrested for drunk driving, CBS Boston reports. And, like a sullen toddler receiving a consequence, the 55-year-old Massachusetts woman posed for her mugshot... More »

Four Basic Taste Types? Think Again

Salty, sweet, bitter, sour don't even begin to account for basic taste types

(Newser) - Most of us have been taught that salty, sweet, sour, and bitter (that last one added by Greek philosopher Democritus a few thousand years ago) make up the four building blocks of taste. But since the "savory" taste (also called umami) was added as a fifth taste about a... More »

What Is Up With Miley's White Tongue?

Does she have ... oral thrush?

(Newser) - You may have noticed that, of late, Miley Cyrus cannot seem to keep her tongue in her mouth. Well, Slate noticed something else, and it's even more disturbing: Her tongue often appears to be white. (Sadly, we cannot offer you any photographic evidence of this, but Google certainly can... More »

Angry Gal Bites Off Boyfriend's Tongue

DA says he was attempting a 'make-up kiss'

(Newser) - Who knew make-up kissing could be so dangerous? An Illinois man who tried to appease his angry girlfriend with a kiss got half his tongue bitten off in return, Gawker reports. Prosecutors say Elaine Cook, 51, had an argument with her 47-year-old boyfriend after they came home from a Valentine'... More »

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