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Studies: Popular Cholesterol Treatment Too Dangerous

Niacin dramatically increases your risk of diabetes, report finds

(Newser) - Niacin sure sounds like a safe drug—it's a B vitamin; you can get it over the counter and in your cereal . And for years, doctors have been prescribing it in the hopes of cutting LDL, or "bad cholesterol," while increasing HDL, or "good cholesterol."... More »

Experimental Drug Makes High Cholesterol Vanish

Three companies in mad dash in what could be a huge breakthrough: NY Times

(Newser) - Might high cholesterol one day be a thing of the past? A story in the New York Times about an experimental drug suggests as much. Three companies—Amgen, Pfizer and Sanofi—are racing to complete tests and gain approval for their own version. The drug mimics a rare genetic mutation... More »

US Cholesterol Levels On the Decline

They're down 10 points in last two decades

(Newser) - Americans don't often get good news collectively when it comes to health, so enjoy: The nation's cholesterol levels show genuine long-range improvement. Federal researchers say that over the last two decades:
  • Total cholesterol levels dropped 10 points (206 to 196 mg/dL)
  • Bad cholesterol levels (LDL) dropped from 129
... More »

Generic Beats Pricey Pill on Cholesterol

Pharma stocks fall after in-house study hails 3-cent drug

(Newser) - A cheap generic drug cuts arterial buildup as well as a pricey pill and may threaten the growth of two drug companies, Bloomberg reports. Vytorin is produced by Merck & Co. and Schering-Plough Corp. and costs $2.84 per dose; simvastin, a generic, costs 3 cents a pill and works... More »

Atkins Linked to Blood Vessel, Heart Damage

High-fat, low-carb regimen unhealthy over time, study says

(Newser) - The Atkins diet can hurt blood vessels and swell inflammation linked to artery and heart disease over time, according to a study released yesterday. US scientists say the Atkins regimen can cause inflammation to spike by 30-40%, while low-fat diets like South Beach and Ornish kept it stable or lowered... More »

Battle Brews in Pharma's Market

Pfizer launches attack on generic drug that threatens Lipitor's dominance

(Newser) - Pfizer is trying to stave off its own heart attack now that its flagship cholesterol-lowering drug Lipitor faces stiff competition from a cheaper generic. Lipitor is still patent-protected, but a very similar drug called Zocor isn't, and since a generic version called simvastatin hit the market, many doctors and insurers... More »

Cholesterol Drop May Boost Cancer Risk

Study doesn't prove cause-and-effect relationship, docs say

(Newser) - Artificially reducing cholesterol to very low levels may slightly increase the risk of cancer, but that doesn't mean heart patients should go off their meds. One extra cancer case occurred in each 1,000 patients using statin drugs in an analysis of 23 different trials, Reuters reports; researchers hastened to... More »

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