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US Cholesterol Levels On the Decline

They're down 10 points in last two decades

(Newser) - Americans don't often get good news collectively when it comes to health, so enjoy: The nation's cholesterol levels show genuine long-range improvement. Federal researchers say that over the last two decades:
  • Total cholesterol levels dropped 10 points (206 to 196 mg/dL)
  • Bad cholesterol levels (LDL) dropped from 129
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Eat Some Nuts to Lower Cholesterol

Study: A daily dose reduces 'bad' cholesterol levels

(Newser) - Eating a small amount of peanuts every day can help keep cholesterol within healthy levels, a new study suggests. Regular consumers of nuts of all varieties had lower cholesterol, say researchers who reviewed 25 separate cholesterol studies. Specifically, subjects who ate at least 67 grams of nuts a day had... More »

Cholesterol Drop May Boost Cancer Risk

Study doesn't prove cause-and-effect relationship, docs say

(Newser) - Artificially reducing cholesterol to very low levels may slightly increase the risk of cancer, but that doesn't mean heart patients should go off their meds. One extra cancer case occurred in each 1,000 patients using statin drugs in an analysis of 23 different trials, Reuters reports; researchers hastened to... More »

3 Stories