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Dead Woman Found in Motel Room With 2 Monkeys

Also discovered: an "incoherent" man and a note

(Newser) - Police in North Port, Fla., on Friday discovered a dead woman, two live monkeys, and a note in a room at the local Budget Inn, CNN reports. Also in the room was an "incoherent" man, who received medical treatment before being questioned. The Capuchin monkeys were in crates and... More »

For Monkeys, Love Means Chucking Rocks

Female capuchins have a rather painful way of signaling mates

(Newser) - Good news for male capuchin monkeys wondering why females are always throwing rocks at them: They're actually attracted to you (the bad news probably goes unsaid here). Researchers studying the sex lives of monkeys in Brazil's Serra de Capivara national park found that amorous female capuchins whine and... More »

Bieber's Monkey Now Officially a Zoo Exhibit

Mally released from quarantine, will meet other capuchins soon

(Newser) - Mally the monkey, Justin Bieber's former pet , has emerged from quarantine at his new German home three months after the pop star brought him to the country. The 6-month-old capuchin monkey moved into a new enclosure at the Serengeti Park in Hodenhagen, northern Germany, today. He will soon be... More »

Bieber Officially Abandons His Monkey

Mally became Germany's property today

(Newser) - Justin Bieber is now a man (boy?) without a monkey. After little Mally was seized by German customs authorities in March, Bieber was told he'd have to submit a bunch of paperwork (vaccination and import records) to get the capuchin back. But Friday's midnight deadline came and went,... More »

Bieber Owes Thousands for Monkey Vet Bills

Mally now officially the property of the German state

(Newser) - Justin Bieber has now officially ditched his pet monkey in Germany—but he still owes several thousand in vet bills, food and care for the abandoned primate, the AP reports. "You can bet we are going to ask for that money back," says a German customs spokesperson. Bieber... More »

5 Stories