James Gandolfini dead

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Gandolfini's Last Meal Booze-Filled: Source

Actor said to have had 8 drinks

(Newser) - James Gandolfini's autopsy was conducted today in Italy, and though no official word has been given, a hospital source tells Reuters it confirmed the actor's cause of death was a heart attack. An Italian official gives the same confirmation to CNN . Doctors will make the official announcement later... More »

Jersey Store Gives Fitting Tribute to Gandolfini

'Reserved' sign goes up at booth where final scene of 'Sopranos' was shot

(Newser) - Amid all the tributes to the late James Gandolfini , a New Jersey ice cream parlor came up with one of the most fitting. The owner of Holsten's in Bloomfield put up a "reserved" sign at the booth where the final scene of The Sopranos was shot, reports the... More »

Eerie GQ Story Explores Gandolfini's Darker Side

Book excerpt reveals time he disappeared from 'Sopranos'

(Newser) - A GQ story that was already on newsstands when James Gandolfini died is rattling: Titled "The Night Tony Soprano Disappeared," it takes a close look at Gandolfini's darker side, from his struggles with drugs and alcohol to his intense, often difficult, and sometimes even self-punishing behavior while... More »

Son, 13, Found Dying Gandolfini

They were on 'guys' trip' to Italy

(Newser) - James Gandolfini was found, collapsed in the bathroom of his Rome hotel room around 10pm local time last night, by his own young son, NBC News reports. Michael, 13, called for help, the hotel manager says, and Gandolfini was alive when the ambulance arrived. Hotel workers had tried to resuscitate... More »

Sopranos' James Gandolfini Dead at 51

He has apparent heart attack in Italy

(Newser) - Sad and surprising news from Italy, where Sopranos' star James Gandolfini died of an apparent heart attack today at age 51, reports TMZ . (Other reports say a stroke.) The actor who brought Tony Soprano to life on HBO for six seasons was in Sicily for a film festival, says... More »

5 Stories