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ACLU Defends Cussing at Cops

Lawsuits fault police for arresting potty mouths

(Newser) - Swearing is legal, but some institutions—including Pennsylvania law enforcement agencies—need a reminder, the ACLU tells the Philadelphia Inquirer . The organization is suing on behalf of two Pennsylvanians who were arrested and charged with scofflaw offenses for swearing in public; one of them called a police officer a "... More »

Noonan: OK, Now He's President

President showed "Someone is in the kitchen"

(Newser) - Presidents don’t become presidential when they’re inaugurated, writes Peggy Noonan in the Wall Street Journal. “Every president has a moment when suddenly he becomes what he meant to be.” For Barack Obama, that moment came during his speech on Tuesday. “He put on the cloak,... More »

Column Deriding Gay Marriage Riles Campus

U. of Wash. students fume over column's bestiality illustration

(Newser) - An opinion column denouncing gay marriage—and illustrated with an image of a man adjacent to a sheep—has many University of Washington students beside themselves and demanding sensitivity training for their student newspaper, reports The Seattle Times. The editor of The Daily has refused to apologize, citing the need... More »

Supremes Let Up on Political Ad Limits

in 5-4 reversal, court rules 'issue ads' don't count as endorsements

(Newser) - Conservatives on the Supreme Court weakened one of the major strictures of the McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Law today, relaxing the definition of prohibited ads in the run-up to federal elections. An increasingly familiar 5-4 majority declared that "issue ads," which stump for political platforms without explicitly endorsing a... More »

4 Stories