Chris Christie traffic scandal

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Judge Greenlights Misconduct Complaint Against Christie

Criminal summons issued for governor in BridgeGate; court bursts into applause

(Newser) - A citizen's official misconduct complaint against New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie can move forward, a judge in the state ruled Thursday. Bill Brennan, whom the Star-Ledger describes as a "citizen activist" and Christie's office describes as "a known serial complainant and political activist with a history... More »

Former Aide: Christie 'Flat Out Lied' in Bridge Case

Christie calls that claim 'ridiculous'

(Newser) - A former aide to Gov. Chris Christie texted to a colleague during a news conference about the George Washington Bridge lane-closing scandal that Christie "flat out lied" about the involvement of his senior staff and campaign manager, according to a new court filing. The AP reports a transcript of... More »

NJ Paper to Christie: Ditch Campaign or Return Salary

Governor says he's vindicated in bridge scandal, but critics unswayed

(Newser) - In New Jersey yesterday, two former allies of Chris Christie were indicted in the bridge-closing fiasco of 2013, and a third pleaded guilty . And even though the latter continues to insist that the governor knew of the plan, no evidence has emerged so far to support that. Christie immediately issued... More »

Christie's Bridge Scandal Is Back: Pal Pleads Guilty

Two others to be indicted; these are the first charges in the 2013 scandal

(Newser) - As if Chris Christie's political fortunes weren't in enough trouble, Bridgegate is making headlines again. That would be the 2013 scandal in which the New Jersey governor's aides were accused of shutting down two lanes of traffic on the world's busiest bridge as a political vendetta... More »

Late Change Keeps 'Bridge' Song From Upstaging Christie

But he says traffic mess will be a 'footnote' soon anyway

(Newser) - A last-minute change prevented what could have been an uncomfortable moment during the 9/11 museum dedication ceremony: remarks by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie followed by the song "Bridge Over Troubled Water." The original program for today's ceremony had Christie's remarks followed by Idina Menzel's... More »

Report Ordered by Christie Clears Him

Governor says he doesn't recall being informed of lane closings

(Newser) - In the for-what-it's-worth department, an internal report commissioned by the Chris Christie administration has cleared the governor of wrongdoing in the big bridge scandal, reports Reuters . "What we found was Gov. Christie had no involvement in the decision to close these lanes, and no prior knowledge of it,... More »

Paper's Correction Nicely Sums Up Jersey Scandal

One creative insult thrower is confused with another

(Newser) - The Dish calls it the "correction of the day," Mediaite "the most New Jersey correction ever," Poynter "the best correction you'll see all day," and Talking Points Memo the "best correction of the bridge scandal so far." It's hard to... More »

NJ Bridge Probe Hands Out 18 More Subpoenas

Also, Christie no stranger to controversy

(Newser) - The George Washington Bridge scandal investigation is getting bigger. Yesterday saw 18 "new or amended" subpoenas, the Record reports; among investigators' questions is whether Chris Christie flew over the closures in his helicopter—and whether any of those implicated in the scandal might have joined him. The governor used... More »

Fired Christie Aide Refuses Subpoena, Pleads Fifth

Bridget Kelly is also invoking the 4th Amendment

(Newser) - A former Chris Christie aide at the center of the Fort Lee traffic scandal has refused to surrender subpoenaed documents ; Bridget Anne Kelly is invoking the Fifth Amendment, protecting her from self-incrimination. Kelly, who penned the infamous email calling for "traffic problems in Fort Lee," is also pointing... More »

Christie Should Resign if New Allegations Are True

If he lied, he must go, declares the New Jersey Star-Ledger

(Newser) - It's possible that the new allegations against Chris Christie—that he knew about the lane closures on the George Washington Bridge as they were happening, despite his denials to the contrary—"could unravel," notes Politico . After all, nobody has seen the supposed evidence alleged to exist by... More »

Port Official: Christie Lied, Knew About Lane Closings

Governor reiterates that he knew nothing in advance

(Newser) - Chris Christie's bridge scandal may have just gotten a lot bigger: One of the key figures in the mess now insists that the New Jersey governor knew about the lane closures on the George Washington Bridge as they were happening, reports the New York Times . In a newly released... More »

Hoboken Mayor: 'I Didn't Think Anyone Would Believe Me'

Dawn Zimmer denies she's playing politics in Christie accusation

(Newser) - Dawn Zimmer took her crusade against Chris Christie to CNN today, telling State of the Union of her accusation that the governor held Sandy recovery funds hostage , "It's stunning. It's outrageous. But it's true." Of her timing, Zimmer admits that "I probably should have... More »

Christie Staffers Hit With Subpoenas

As preliminary investigation finds 'zero evidence' of traffic study

(Newser) - Three organizations and 17 members of Chris Christie's current and former staff—including former deputy chief of staff Bridget Kelly, ex-campaign manager Bill Stepien, and press secretary Michael Drewniak—were last night slapped with subpoenas demanding they hand over any Bridgegate documents to a legislative panel looking into the... More »

Why We Need Dirty Politics

That's how the US 'gets things done': David Plotz

(Newser) - Chris Christie's career in bullying is over: After Bridgegate , "Christie can’t be Christie anymore," writes David Plotz at Slate . "That's a shame," because we need more corruption in American politics. It's how things get done, Plotz notes: "Minor forms of corruption—... More »

Springsteen, Fallon Tweak Christie on Bridge Scandal

Perform 'Governor Chris Christie's Fort Lee, NJ, Traffic Jam' on 'Late Night'

(Newser) - Chris Christie may have just hit bottom: The New Jersey governor is such a huge fan of Bruce Springsteen that he actually wept when the Boss hugged him . But last night, hours after Christie's State of the State speech , Springsteen joined Jimmy Fallon on Late Night to bash the... More »

Christie: 'Mistakes Were Clearly Made'

He opens state-of-the-state address with acknowledgement of bridge scandal

(Newser) - It is generally not a good thing when a governor has to begin his annual state-of-the-state address with a promise to "cooperate with all appropriate inquiries." But such is the case in New Jersey, where Chris Christie addressed Bridgegate right off the bat this afternoon, reports CNN . The... More »

Christie's New Woe: Inquiry Over Misuse of Sandy Funds

Feds are investigating: CNN

(Newser) - Looks like Chris Christie's trouble is just beginning. The latest: Federal officials are investigating whether he misused Superstorm Sandy relief funds. Christie used $4.7 million of the federal funds allotted to tourism marketing to produce advertisements. The problem? Those ads featured Christie and his family—and this during... More »

NJ Bridge Emails: Warning of 'Disaster' Ignored

Trove of documents don't implicate Christie directly in traffic shutdown

(Newser) - Media outlets have had the better part of a day to pore over thousands of newly released emails and texts related to the Chris Christie traffic mess , and if the New Jersey governor can take one bit of good news from the coverage, it's that none of the documents... More »

Rachel Maddow Floats New Theory on Christie Scandal

Governor's team may have been targeting state lawmaker, not mayor

(Newser) - So why did Chris Christie's camp jam the George Washington Bridge ? The most common explanation is that it was political retribution against Fort Lee's Democratic mayor for not endorsing the governor. But a theory floated by Rachel Maddow last night on MSNBC is getting plenty of buzz... More »

Family of NJ Woman Doesn't Blame Traffic for Her Death

Daughter says it was 'her time,' won't fault slower ambulances

(Newser) - It's not hard to find Christie-is-doomed stories today in the wake of his traffic scandal , but the New York Times reports some good news for the New Jersey governor: The family of a 91-year-old woman who died the morning of the gridlock isn't blaming slow ambulances for her... More »

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