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Ron Paul, Barney Frank Team Up to Legalize Pot

Pair will introduce first such bill in Congress

(Newser) - Ron Paul and Barney Frank—surely Congress’ version of the Odd Couple—are set to introduce a bill today that would end the federal prohibition on marijuana, allowing states to legalize, tax, and regulate the drug. The bill would also “reprioritize federal resources” away from enforcing drug laws and... More »

War on Drugs a Bust: Global Panel

Former world leaders back marijuana legalization, addict aid

(Newser) - The American-led war on drugs is a failure and governments should move toward the legalization of some drugs, especially marijuana, concludes a report from a panel of politicians and former world leaders. The Global Commission on Drug Policy panel—which includes former UN chief Kofi Annan, the former presidents of... More »

Vicente Fox: It's Time to Legalize Drugs

Mexico's former president says prohibition isn't working

(Newser) - When he was president, Vicente Fox was a huge proponent of Mexico’s war on drugs. But with his nation reeling from the drug-related violence that claimed 12,000 lives last year alone, Fox has done a 180. He now believes production, transit, and distribution of narcotics—and not just... More »

Arnold: 'No One Cares if You Smoke a Joint'

Schwarzenegger talks about why Prop 19 failed

(Newser) - Prop 19 failed in California, but the Governator notes that “no one cares if you smoke a joint or not.” Arnold Schwarzenegger discussed the failed measure, along with other aspects of the election, last night on the Tonight Show , telling Jay Leno that the move to legalize pot... More »

Prop 19 Backers Banking on 2012

Legal pot poised to win next time, they say

(Newser) - Proposition 19 may have lost at the polls , but relax, dude: Its backers are more convinced than ever that a similar measure will pass in 2012. A post-election poll shows that Californians actually do favor legalization 49% to 41%, so now it’s just a matter of getting the young... More »

Why We Need to Legalize Pot

Our war on marijuana does more harm than good

(Newser) - What will happen if we legalize marijuana? Simple: Police will be able to “focus on serious crime instead,” writes George Soros in the Wall Street Journal . The liberal billionaire and philanthropist outlines his reasons for supporting California’s Prop 19 , with the bottom line being that “our... More »

Marijuana's Newest, Unlikeliest Fans: Republicans

A surprising number of conservatives are all for legalization

(Newser) - The GOP may or may not be the Party of No, but it's the Party of Yeahhhhh, Man, when it comes to legalizing pot: Nancy Pelosi’s challenger, Ronald Reagan’s speechwriter, and even Glenn Beck are just a few of the Republican faithful who have spoken up in favor... More »

Mexico Ex Prez: Legalize Drugs

Legalization will reduce cartels' power: Fox

(Newser) - Mexico's war on drugs has been a failure and the country should consider legalizing them, according to former President Vicente Fox. Fox—in a blog post sharply critical of his successor Felipe Calderon's hardline policies—stresses that he doesn't believe drugs are good, but that he believes legalizing them will... More »

We've Lost the War on Drugs

It's time for a new approach: Kristof

(Newser) - The war on drugs has been waged for 40 years, but despite spending $44 billion annually, “the drugs have won,” writes Nicholas Kristof in the New York Times. A former police chief notes that “drugs are more readily available, at lower prices and higher levels of potency—... More »

Del. Moves to Legalize Sports Betting

(Newser) - The Delaware State Senate has approved a bill legalizing sports betting and allowing casinos to operate table games like roulette, the News Journal of Wilmington reports. The governor, seeking to close a gaping budget gap, will sign the bill this week. The measure sailed through the senate after a pitched... More »

Pot Holiday Goes Mainstream

Goofy 'holiday' becomes touchstone for legalization advocates

(Newser) - Marijuana enthusiasts will toke up today in celebration of 420, the pot holiday that corresponds to the code for pot consumption across the nation, the Monitor reports. The term 420 was hatched in 1971 by a dozen high school pot smokers who used to meet at 4:20 in the... More »

Legal or Not, Bottled Smarts Are Here to Stay

Safer, cheaper drugs will quell dissidents, scientists argue

(Newser) - The case is stacking up in favor of "smart pills," memory- and alertness-boosting prescription drugs already used by fighter pilots, corporate execs, and students for a cognitive edge, writes Maia Szalavitz in Time. Proponents say legalization debates are moot at this point—"the genie is already out... More »

Legalize Ritalin-Like Drugs as Brain Boosters: Experts

But Will Employers Turn into Pushers?

(Newser) - Attention-disorder drugs such as Ritalin and Adderall are becoming so commonly used for the off-label purpose of gaining a mental edge that they should be legalized for such use, says a team of neuroscientists and ethicists. They make their case in Nature, arguing that laws "should be adjusted to... More »

Senate Revives Immigration Bill

Debate on controversial measure, numerous amendments to resume after 2-week hiatus

(Newser) - The Senate breathed new life into the stalled immigration bill today, voting to resume debate on the signature legislation of President Bush's second term. With a slew of amendments waiting in the wings, passage is hardly a sure thing, the Times reports, but the bipartisan coalition that crafted the measure... More »

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