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Marketing Coup: Just Add Water

Consumers swallow claims of higher quality hook, line, and sinker

(Newser) - A commodity that's widely available practically free is also on sale for thousands of times the actual cost, repackaged as a luxury item. It's transported around the country and even across the world, generating untold volumes of CO2. It's water, of course. The Washington Post looks at a marketing effort... More »

Aquafina Is Tap Water

Label will show it's l'eau de tap

(Newser) - Pepsi has agreed to reveal the source of its Aquafina brand of bottled water on the label: the tap. In response to a backlash against the bottled water industry, the company will add the words "public water source" to each bottle, Reuters reports. Like Coke's Dasani, Aquafina is a... More »

2 Stories