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Haitian Parents Turned Over Kids to US Baptists

Villagers contradict missionaries' account

(Newser) - Parents in an earthquake-devastated Haitian mountain village who feared their children would starve handed the kids over to the American missionaries accused of trafficking , villagers said yesterday, contradicting the Baptist group's claim that the children were turned over by orphanages or distant relatives. Many of the parents said they won't... More »

I Want Tim Tebow to Fail: Jeff Pearlman

Florida QB would throw non-Christians 'into the lake of fire'

(Newser) - "A famous Tim Tebow is a dangerous Tim Tebow," Jeff Pearlman writes on his website , and that's why Pearlman has a special wish for the anti-abortion quarterback: "I want him to fail in the NFL." Tebow plays football not for the love of the game, Pearlman... More »

N. Korea Confirms American Detained

Missionary Robert Park held for entering country illegally

(Newser) - North Korean officials have confirmed that a Korean-American activist has been detained for entering the country illegally. Missionary Robert Park, 28, traveled to the communist nation to call attention to the regime's human rights abuses, according to supporters. The Arizona resident slipped across a frozen river into the country from... More »

US Activist 'Bringing God's Love' Heads Into N. Korea

Robert Park doesn't want Obama to try to free him, either

(Newser) - A Korean-American activist charged from China into North Korea today, yelling that he was “bringing God’s love.” Robert Park, 28, told Reuters earlier this week that he didn’t want the US government to get him out, either. “I want the North Korean people to be... More »

Gambian Missionaries Imprisoned for Insult

Couple called ruler 'a madman'

(Newser) - A British missionary couple has been sentenced to a year's hard labor in one of Africa's toughest prisons for calling the despotic president of Gambia "a madman" in an email, reports the Times of London. The parents of three apologized for the insult, hoping for leniency. More »

Gunman Kills 2 at Colo. Missionary Center

2 more injured; suspect still at large

(Newser) - A lone gunman opened fire at a missionary training center today in Colorado, killing a man and a woman and injuring two others before fleeing, CNN reports. Police are still searching for the gunman, a white male who looked about 20 years old. "These kids were like our kids,... More »

Mission Church Does Some Seoul Searching

Hostage crisis has Korean Christians pondering direction

(Newser) - As 19 South Korean aid workers wallow in a Taliban prison camp, many in the world community are openly wondering why they were in Afghanistan in the first place. Even as they pray for the release of their fellow parishioners, members of a suburban Seoul church are dodging critics who... More »

Force May Be Used to Free Korean Hostages

In phone call, female hostage pleads for release

(Newser) - One of the 22 South Korean hostages held in Afghanistan spoke to a Reuters reporter today, saying she and the other remaining hostages are continually moved to different locations. She appealed to both the Taliban and the Afghan government to free them. A senior Afghan official said force “certainly”... More »

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