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Bridge Had Fatal Design Flaw

Feds expected to report inadequate plates

(Newser) - The Minneapolis bridge that failed last summer, killing 13 people, had fatal design flaws, the NTSB announced today. Steel gusset plates that held together beams on the eight-lane bridge were half the thickness they should have been, investigators found. While the agency didn't say the gusset plates caused the collapse,... More »

Final Bridge Victim Found

Divers recover construction worker's remains

(Newser) - The body of the 13th victim and last person missing since the Minneapolis bridge collapse nearly three weeks ago has been recovered, AP reports. Gregory Jolstad, 45, was a member of the 18-person construction crew working on the doomed structure when it plunged into the Mississippi river. The other 17... More »

Rescuers Find More Remains at Bridge Site

Hoisted school bus part of tragedy that could have been worse

(Newser) - Divers recovered more human remains from the Mississippi River bridge site today after being kept out of the water in a thunderstorm last night, CNN reports. The divers fought dangerous river currents to bring up the remains, which were not identified on the scene. Five people are still missing in... More »

Baby's Body Found at Bridge

(Newser) - The body of a 2-year-old girl is among those recovered from the wreckage of the I35W bridge in Minneapolis; the toddler's mother has not yet been found, CNN reports. Remains located by divers in the Mississippi today bring the total number of casualties in the Aug. 1 collapse to at... More »

Two Bodies Pulled From Bridge Debris

Confirmed death toll climbs to 7; at least 6 more remain missing

(Newser) - Authorities recovered two more bodies from the wreckage of the I-35W bridge today, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports, bringing the official death toll to seven. One of the bodies has already been identified, and police anticipated retrieving a third as work continued for a seventh full day in and around... More »

Inspectors Highlighted Bridge Faults

Debris removal delayed as Navy, FBI divers comb wreckage

(Newser) - The I-35W bridge collapse followed 10 years' worth of warnings from bridge inspectors, who eventually recommended that the structure be replaced, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports. Experts disagree on the urgency with which the warnings were issued and should have been addressed, and Gov. Tim Pawlenty said yesterday that no... More »

Investigators Plan Bridge Reassembly

Jigsaw parts to be examined; search for victims continues

(Newser) - NTSB investigators will rebuild the wreckage of the I-35W bridge downriver, the Star Tribune reports. Safety officials will examine the twisted rubble piece by piece in an attempt to figure out what caused last week's devastating collapse. Investigators also hope to recover bodies still trapped in the debris. More »

Bridge Still a Threat Days After Collapse

Price tag for removing wreckage likely to approach $15M

(Newser) - A final report on the specifics of the Minneapolis bridge collapse will be delayed because of the continuing danger the wreckage poses to investigators, a federal official says, and local authorities project that the cleanup will cost as much as $15 million. The report will examine claims the bridge had... More »

Bridge Collapse Still a Mystery

Investigators examine site, computer models in quest to explain structural failure

(Newser) - State and private experts are investigating the wreckage of the I-35W bridge in search of a structural explanation for Wednesday's collapse, and sophisticated computer modeling is testing stress points. Time looks at bridges, seemingly indestructible structures that carry enormous volumes of traffic and can succumb to anything from corrosion to... More »

Hero Counselor Saves Kids From Bus on Bridge

He passes 52 trapped kids to volunteers

(Newser) - When a bus packed with kids returning from a field trip came to rest at a precarious angle on the collapsed I-35W bridge, dangling over the Mississippi River, counselor Jeremy Hernandez barely had time to think. "I knew we had to get them out of there," the 20-year-old... More »

Feds Send $5M to Repair Bridge

(Newser) - The federal government released $5M to Minneapolis today to help with cleanup and rebuilding after the I-35W bridge collapsed yesterday. Minnesota's senators say they'll need $100M and 2 years to repair the bridge fully. "We in the federal government must respond, and respond robustly," President Bush said. More »

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