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To Catch a Predator Host Caught Cheating on Wife

On hidden camera, of course

(Newser) - Here's a bit of irony: Chris Hansen, who makes a living exposing sexual predators in hidden camera stings, has been caught—on a hidden camera—cheating on his wife. The To Catch a Predator host has been seeing Kristyn Caddell for almost four months, sources tell the National Enquirer... More »

David and Sean Goldman, Reunited, Visit Orlando

After 5-year custody battle, NJ dad detours on return home from Brazil

(Newser) - David Goldman, who was reunited with his son today in Brazil after a 5-year custody battle, has returned to the US with the boy—but to Orlando rather than their home state of New Jersey. A jet chartered by Dateline landed shortly after 6 today, reports WESH, the local NBC... More »

Child Porn Found in Home of Suicide DA

Texas man shot self as NBC sex predator sting closed in

(Newser) - Texas investigators looking into the suicide of a former county district attorney found child porn in his home, reports the Dallas Morning News. He shot himself last year as a SWAT team closed in and a Dateline NBC camera crew covering internet predators waited outside. A search of laptops, a... More »

Reporter Flees Geek Summit

Hacker conference chews up, spits out TV producer

(Newser) - Tech blogs are abuzz with reports of an NBC producer who attempted to infiltrate an annual hackers' conference and had the tables turned on her. Michelle Madigan of "Dateline"—the show that gave the world "To Catch a Predator"—arrived packing a hidden camera and fled... More »

4 Stories