Ehud Olmert

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As Sharon Lies in State, Israel Bids a Tricky Farewell

Public, political rivals pay respects ahead of funeral tomorrow

(Newser) - Israelis are filing through the Knesset Plaza today to pay their respects to Ariel Sharon, who died yesterday after being in a coma since 2005, as the former prime minister's coffin lies in state today ahead of a military funeral tomorrow. "My heart is broken. Israel lost the... More »

Israel's Ehud Olmert Indicted on Bribery Charges

Counts date back to time as mayor of Jerusalem

(Newser) - Things got worse for Ehud Olmert today, as the former Israeli prime minister was indicted on charges related to bribes he allegedly took back when he was mayor of Jerusalem. Olmert is already on trial for three unrelated counts, but the new charges are the most serious: He’s accused... More »

Ehud Olmert: Israel Needs Peace Now

Time for Netanyahu to get serious, says former PM

(Newser) - Israel and Palestine seem on a collision course for a diplomatic confrontation at the UN, but “things could and should have been different,” writes former PM Ehud Olmert in an op-ed for the New York Times . “The parameters of a peace deal are well known,” he... More »

Olmert Charged With Corruption

Ex-Israeli PM convinced in court he'll 'be able to prove his innocence once and for all'

(Newser) - Israel’s attorney general has officially indicted former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert on corruption charges, the BBC reports. The 61-page charge, filed in court today, accuses Olmert of "fraud, breach of trust, registering false corporate documents, and concealing fraudulent earnings.” Olmert denies all the charges, which relate to... More »

Israeli Foreign Minister Faces Raft of Corruption Charges

(Newser) - Israeli police have recommended the indictment of the country's foreign minister for bribery, money laundering, and other corruption charges, Haaretz reports. Avigdor Lieberman, who leads the ultranationalist Yisrael Beiteinu party and was kingmaker in February's closely-run election, has been under investigation for years and is accused of funneling cash to... More »

Olmert: Stop Obsessing Over Settlements

Obama should take 'non-priority issue' off the table, writes ex-PM

(Newser) - It's fine for Barack Obama to make overtures to the Arab world, but Ehud Olmert, reminding him in a Washington Post op-ed that Israel is "the only real Middle Eastern democracy," complains that he has focused too much of his attentions on Israel's settlements in the West Bank.... More »

Israel Vows 'Strong' Reply to Hamas Rockets

Six more Qassams hit following announcement

(Newser) - Ongoing rocket attacks on southern Israel will elicit "a serious, painful, strong and uncompromising" response, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said today. At least eight rockets from the Gaza Strip struck the western Negev desert Friday and Saturday, with no casualties or injuries, the Jerusalem Post reports. Six... More »

Pope to Visit Israel in May

Papal trip comes as relations tense between Vatican, Israel

(Newser) - Pope Benedict XVI will visit Israel this May amid diplomatic tensions between the Vatican and the Jewish state, the New York Times reports. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert confirmed the visit today after the pontiff hinted at a trip last week. “We very much hope that the visit will be... More »

Long-Range Rocket Strikes Israel

Israel vows 'great force' in response

(Newser) - A long-range rocket fired today from Gaza struck the Israeli city of Ashkelon in the first such attack since the ceasefire began last month, reports CNN. No injuries were reported, but Israel vowed to respond with "great force." Resumed rocket fire from Gaza presents a particular problem for... More »

Israel Pounds Gaza Targets

Attacks follow militant fire in heaviest exchange since truce

(Newser) - Israeli aircraft pounded Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip late last night after militants there unleashed 10 rounds of rocket and mortar fire on Israel. It's the region's heaviest exchange since a ceasefire began two weeks ago, the Los Angeles Times reports. Six explosions rocked Rafah, a border town near... More »

Hamas Rivals Violating Ceasefire

Olmert promises to strike back after rocket attacks

(Newser) - Israel’s military intelligence chief says Hamas “is conducting serious soul-searching on its strategic mistakes and operational failures" in the wake of the Gaza war, the Jerusalem Post reports. Rival Palestinian groups “are challenging the organization and carrying out attacks in order to bring on another escalation,”... More »

Gaza Conflict Triggers Talk of War Crimes

With battles on pause, new fight begins over legality of assault

(Newser) - Now that its 22-day offensive in Gaza has ended, Israel is facing a new battle—over the legality and morality of its military action. Several human rights groups, in Israel and elsewhere, have accused the army of committing war crimes in Gaza's cities and denying medical care and refuge to... More »

Israel Speeds Gaza Pullout to Beat Inauguration

Aim is to get troops out before Obama is inaugurated

(Newser) - Israel hastened its withdrawal from Gaza today, saying the troops could be out in time for Barack Obama’s inauguration tomorrow—assuming the Palestinians keep their end of the ceasefire. But some rockets were fired after the ceasefire was declared, and Hamas’ armed wing has promised to rearm ASAP, the... More »

Israel Quiets Guns in Gaza

Goals achieved, PM says; Hamas rejects ceasefire and makes demands

(Newser) - Israel ended its 3-week assault on Gaza today by enacting a unilateral ceasefire that Hamas has vowed to ignore, Reuters reports. Israeli leaders voted today to halt the offensive, which has killed nearly 1,200 people and incited strong reactions worldwide, MSNBC reports. “Goals have been achieved and even... More »

Israel Nears Decision on Gaza Ceasefire

Cabinet may approve unilateral move at meeting tomorrow

(Newser) - Israel’s security cabinet will meet tomorrow to discuss, and likely approve, a unilateral ceasefire in Gaza, the Jerusalem Post reports. The move comes after negotiations in Egypt and the signing of an agreement with the US designed to halt smuggling of arms into Gaza. The ceasefire does not include... More »

Olmert: I Made Condi Abstain on Gaza Vote

Israel PM claims he 'embarrassed' Rice in urgent call to Bush

(Newser) - Israel’s prime minister says an urgent call to President Bush last week resulted in Condoleezza Rice changing her vote on a UN Gaza resolution, the New York Times reports, with Ehud Olmert adding that the secretary of State “was left pretty embarrassed.” Rice helped draft the measure... More »

Blair: Gaza Ceasefire in Sight

Israeli leaders torn over next step

(Newser) - “The elements of an agreement” for a ceasefire in Gaza are in place, Mideast envoy Tony Blair said today amid negotiations in Cairo including representatives of Israel and Hamas. But in Jerusalem, Israeli leaders were weighing an escalation, the Washington Post reports. PM Ehud Olmert is pushing for a... More »

Bush Blocked Israeli Strike on Iran, OK'd Covert Ops

President refused requests for missiles, but began covert sabotage missions

(Newser) - Washington stopped Israel from bombing Iran last year and told the Jewish state of covert plans to undermine Iran's nuclear ambitions, the New York Times reports. Israel asked President Bush to aid the strike with bunker-busting bombs and a free pass over Iraqi air space, which he refused—but he... More »

Israel's Only Option: Destroy Hamas Entirely

Krauthammer: Olmert has a second chance to defeat extremism

(Newser) - There are only two possible outcomes of the war in Gaza, writes Charles Krauthammer: the complete destruction of Hamas or an internationally supervised truce à la Lebanon. Under immense diplomatic pressure, Israel is hinting it will accept the French-Egyptian ceasefire plan. That would be "a terrible mistake," writes... More »

Olmert Says He Favors Ceasefire

Israel PM will send delegate to Egypt, but stops short of acceptance

(Newser) - The Israeli prime minister's office said today that it "views positively" efforts by the Egyptians to broker a ceasefire, and that it would send a delegation to a meeting there. But Ehud Olmert stopped short of fully accepting the French-Egyptian plan, which proposes an immediate ceasefire for Gaza, followed... More »

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