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Don't Cry for Mark McGwire

Confessed steroid user is no victim

(Newser) - Mark McGwire's acknowledgment that he used steroids is no surprise to "anyone with a lick of sense," and the backlash now that he's finally fessed up shouldn't come as a shock, either. "Like all confessions that are motivated by public relations as opposed to, say, police interrogation,... More »

Baseball Hall Voters Reject Plan to Weigh Steroid Use

(Newser) - The Baseball Writers’ Association of America—which decides the annual Hall of Fame class—has voted down an attempt to make new guidelines for players implicated in steroid use, the AP reports. Chicago Sun-Times columnist Rick Telander had suggested a committee be formed to create new rules that acknowledged the... More »

Mo. Lawmakers Fight to Rename McGwire Road

Steroid suspicions mean he doesn't deserve it, say some

(Newser) - Mark McGwire Highway leads out of downtown St. Louis—but some local lawmakers would love to see the road rechristened, the Chicago Tribune reports. Four years ago, the slugger said he wouldn’t “talk about the past” in congressional hearings, prompting suspicion over steroid use. A batch of politicians... More »

Let Steroids Users Into Hall of Fame

Baseball should allow performance-enhancing drugs

(Newser) - The Hall of Fame has become baseball’s weapon of last resort against players who’ve used performance-enhancing drugs. Baseball writers can’t ban drug users from the sport or take away their money—but they can deny them a spot in Cooperstown. This crusade is senseless, writes Zev Chafets... More »

McGwire Resurfaces as Batting Instructor

(Newser) - Mark McGwire speaks! Just not about steroids. The former home-run king granted a rare interview to the New York Times to talk about his reemergence in baseball—as a volunteer hitting instructor. “I’m such an easygoing guy,” he said in a brief reference to his steroids scandal.... More »

Canseco Calls for Major League Drug Summit

Says he can help baseball quit steroids

(Newser) - Former slugger Jose Canseco, who blew the lid off steroid use in two controversial books, is seeking to meet with baseball commissioner Bud Selig and union head Donald Fehr to discuss his plans to run drugs out of the game, reports AP. "I think I have the ear of... More »

McGwire's One-Eyed Brother Plugs Tell-All Book

Jay claims he introduced Mark to steroids, but having trouble finding a publisher

(Newser) - Mark McGwire’s less-successful, one-eyed, bodybuilding brother Jay has written a tell-all book claiming he introduced the slugger to steroids. There’s just one problem: so far, no one’s willing to publish it. But Deadspin got its hands on the manuscript, and can share its juiciest tidbits (no pun... More »

McGwire Hall Snub Bodes Ill for Bonds, Clemens

Could Bonds, Clemens face exclusion?

(Newser) - Mark McGwire's awful showing in Hall of Fame voting—he got only 21.9% of votes this year, which is actually worse than last year and way below the required 75%—is a good sign that that fellow steroid pals Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds face long odds when they... More »

Hall Announcements Loom

McGwire, Rice, Gossage hoping to get more votes this year

(Newser) - Hours before baseball's Hall of Fame voting announcements, Mark McGwire can only hope that early polling is inaccurate. It seems the eighth leading home run hitter will receive nowhere near the 75% necessary to be enshrined in Cooperstown, the New York Times reports. The genial redhead's widely presumed steroid use... More »

Common Supplements Have 'Roids

Study finds steroids in 25% of legal athletic supplements

(Newser) - An English lab, commissioned by an American consumer advocacy group, found small amounts of steroids in 13 of 52 athletic supplements. The study tested supplements that are legal, widely available, and commonly taken by high school athletes and workout junkies. Six of 52 also had the illegal steroid precursor androstenedione,... More »

756 Could Be Worth $1M

But experts say to sell it soon

(Newser) - The ball from Barry Bonds' record 756th home run could fetch a cool million at auction, some experts say—though they warn Queens native Matt Murphy to sell now or risk striking out. "In today's memorabilia world, proximity to the event is important," one auction-house president says. More »

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