Lord of the Rings

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Magic Hobbit Ring Leads to 9-Year-Old's Suspension

Texas boy said he could make friend disappear

(Newser) - Did a Texas school go a little too far over a boy's magical threat? Kermit Elementary School suspended 9-year-old Aiden Steward for making "terroristic threats" when, soon after seeing The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, he told a classmate last week that he could make him... More »

Sorry, Moscow, No 'Eye of Sauron' for You

'Demonic' glowing eye on top of skyscraper nixed after church protest

(Newser) - "Sadly, we are obliged to halt the Eye of Sauron" is both the best line from a press release you'll read all week and the worst. Russian creative art group Svecheniye has halted a "fan project" that would have placed a menacing, pulsing eye like the one... More »

Ancient Croc Named for Lord of the Rings Beast

'Anthracosuchus balrogus' survived mass extinction 65M years ago

(Newser) - There's a new ancient beast in town—a 900-pound, 16-foot crocodile of sorts who "ate turtles and battled monster snakes"—and he's been named in honor of Balrog, the monster who lurked in the depths of JRR Tolkien's Middle Earth. "Much like that giant... More »

Tolkien's 'New' Labor of Love: Beowulf

'Lost' Beowulf translation published almost 90 years later

(Newser) - In 1926, an Oxford University professor named JRR Tolkien finished a translation of Beowulf—in his words, the "greatest of the surviving works of ancient English poetic art." Tolkien called the 11th-century work "sombre, tragic, sinister," and "curiously real," the Guardian notes. Elements of... More »

How's the Weather in Mordor? Think Texas

Scientists release Tolkien climate study in Elvish, Dwarvish, too

(Newser) - If you're planning a trip to Mordor, you'd be well-advised to check the weather in West Texas. The two areas have similar climates, say scientists in Britain who have determined the likely climate across JRR Tolkien's Middle Earth, releasing their results in Elvish and Dwarvish , along with... More »

This May Be the Ring Behind Lord of the Rings

Roman gold ring said to have inspired JRR Tolkien

(Newser) - Could a Roman gold ring linked to a curse have inspired JRR Tolkien to create The One Ring? Britain's National Trust and the Tolkien Society have put the artifact on display this week for Lord of the Rings fans to decide for themselves. The gold ring is inscribed in... More »

The Hobbit No Match for Lord of the Rings

Too-long Peter Jackson fantasy burdened by expectations: critics

(Newser) - The Hobbit comes weighted with high expectations—and this lengthy prequel doesn't quite meet them, critics say. Though the film has some great visuals, it drags at times. And critics agree: Don't see it at 48 frames per second. It just looks too real.
  • The film "is
... More »

'Mount Doom' Neighbor Erupts

New Zealand's Mount Tongariro blows its top

(Newser) - Mount Tongariro, a neighbor of the New Zealand volcano used as "Mount Doom" in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, erupted today, the Australian reports. No significant damage was reported, and dozens of hikers—including schoolchildren—who were on trails near the mountain's base are safe. But flights... More »

'Mount Doom' Set to Erupt

'Lord of the Rings ' volcano could disrupt 'Hobbit ' premiere

(Newser) - Temperatures are fluctuating wildly at one of two volcanoes Peter Jackson used as "Mount Doom" in his Lord of the Rings trilogy, and scientists believe an eruption at Mount Ruapehu on New Zealand's North Island could happen any day. Ruapehu is the country's largest active volcano and... More »

Peter Jackson Splitting Hobbit Into 3 Movies


(Newser) - Fans of Peter Jackson's Middle Earth flicks are about to have a lot more to love. The director has confirmed that he's going to split The Hobbit into three movies, Deadline reports. Jackson had dropped hints about such a move at Comic-Con. Of course, it remains to be... More »

10 Best Movies Since 2000

The Artist, Hurt Locker, and Lord of the Rings make the list

(Newser) - What are the 10 best movies since the year 2000? Richard Corliss at Time rounds up the greatest film achievements of the millennium so far. Here's a sampling: More »

Why Tolkien Wasn't Given Nobel Prize: Bad Writing

Jury member was not impressed with storytelling

(Newser) - His novels became classics, but back in 1961, JRR Tolkien's work wasn't good enough for the Nobel Prize committee. The Lord of the Rings author was nominated that year by fellow fantasy author CS Lewis, but the committee rejected him because his writing wasn't good enough, the... More »

Google Maps Advises Against Mordor Visits

Try searching for walking directions from the Shire

(Newser) - With The Hobbit trailer out , some among us may feel inspired to risk the trek to Mordor. But if you look for walking directions to it from the Shire on Google Maps, you'll be greeted with a warning: "Use caution—One does not simply walk into Mordor."... More »

Hobbit Trailer Has Arrived

Long-awaited trailer reveals much about An Unexpected Journey

(Newser) - An early Christmas gift for Lord of the Rings fans: The first official trailer for the first part of Peter Jackson's two-part adaptation of The Hobbit has been released, reports Wired . An Unexpected Journey, one of 2012's most hotly anticipated releases, stars Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins and... More »

Spoilers Don't Actually Spoil

People like known surprise twists early, says study

(Newser) - Next time you inadvertently spoil the end of a TV show or movie for someone who hasn't seen it yet, bust out this study in defense: Spoilers don't spoil anything, say researchers at UC San Diego. In fact, they say people enjoy a story better if they know... More »

John McCain Blasts 'Tea Party Hobbits'

Skewers hard right, saying vote against GOP plan would help Obama

(Newser) - Is it the return of the long-lost Maverick? John McCain came out swinging at both the left and the right yesterday, calling Harry Reid's debt plan "full of smoke and mirrors," but reserving his harshest language for conservatives, reports the LA Times . Reading from a Wall Street ... More »

Hungary Warns Residents of Disasters ... in Middle-earth

Emergency broadcast system tested using 'Lord of the Rings' locales

(Newser) - Hungary had a conundrum: How to test its emergency broadcast system, but not alarm residents by mentioning real towns? The solution: Use Middle-earth instead, the AP reports. The country’s disaster management agency is warning citizens today about severe weather in Gondor, Rohan, Rivendell, and Helm’s Deep, all locations... More »

Blame Obama for Nutty Candidates

Maybe he needs to visit Christine O'Donnell's fantasy land

(Newser) - Christine O’Donnell—the “Palin Mini-Me” running for Senate in Delaware—is off in her own fantasy world, writes Maureen Dowd of the New York Times : Middle Earth, to be precise. “I aspire to be soft and gentle like Arwen, but realistically, I’m a fighter, like Eowyn,... More »

Peter Jackson to Direct The Hobbit

'Lord of the Rings' mastermind takes over project from del Toro

(Newser) - Lord of the Rings fans, rejoice: The Hobbit will be directed by Peter Jackson himself, Deadline reports. Jackson is negotiating a deal with Warner Bros, New Line, and MGM, and the studios are reportedly willing to spend big on a two-part Hobbit picture from J.R.R. Tolkien's most accomplished... More »

Ohio Mennonites Selling Hobbit Tea Line

Including Gandalf the Gray Tea and Bilbo Baggins Breakfast Blend

(Newser) - A 31-year-old Mennonite farmer has scored the rights to market a line of teas based on JRR Tolkien’s classic The Hobbit, and blends like Bilbo Baggins Breakfast Blend and Gandalf the Gray Tea are now available online —shipped directly from Middle-earth via Ohio. “We liked the small... More »

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