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Slavery Connection Likely Dooms Harvard Law's Shield

Commission says it doesn't 'represent the values' of the school

(Newser) - In all likelihood, Harvard Law School's 80-year-old crest will soon be history due to its connection to a slaveholding family. The Guardian reports a 12-member commission of faculty and students officially recommending doing away with the shield on Friday. “We believe that if the law school is to... More »

Portraits of Black Harvard Profs Defaced With Tape

Campus police investigating as a potential hate crime

(Newser) - Campus police are investigating what they say might be a hate crime at Harvard Law School: Someone put strips of black tape across several portraits of black professors outside a lecture hall on Thursday, reports WCVB . The scene appeared a day after students rallied in solidarity with those fighting racial... More »

Harvard Agrees to Revise Its Sexual Assault Policy

Some Harvard Law profs warn new policy lacks fairness, due process

(Newser) - Harvard Law reached a settlement yesterday with the Education Department's Office for Civil Rights, in which it agreed to update its sexual harassment policy to change how it responds to sexual assault cases. The update, however, is likely to make the law school's approach more similar to the... More »

Obama's Former Prof: Prez Has Got to Go

Roberto Unger calls for president to be defeated in 2012 election

(Newser) - A former professor who taught one Barry Obama at Harvard Law School now says his onetime student "must be defeated in the coming election." Roberto Unger—who, the Daily Mail reports, actually advised Obama during his 2008 campaign—believes Obama "has failed to advance the progressive cause,... More »

20-Year-Old Obama Video Goes Viral

Then-Harvard Law student hosted 'Black History Minute' on TBS

(Newser) - Want to revisit the Barack Obama you once knew and loved... oh, 20 years ago? Yes, it's a ways back, but it's still fascinating to see the 29-year-old Harvard Law Review editor giving a short spiel on TBS. He had longer hair and, you guessed it, not a... More »

How American Justice Went Wrong

Lack of jury trials at heart of the problem: Harvard law prof

(Newser) - The American criminal justice system is collapsing, right? So says Harvard law professor William J. Stuntz in a new book excerpted in Salon . His evidence: a soaring prison population, high murder rates, and whites who avoid prison while blacks serve time. The problem: too much power in the hands of... More »

Another Ivy Leaguer? Other Schools Do Exist

Enough already with Harvard and Yale: blogger

(Newser) - The Supreme Court and White House may as well be decorated in ivy, complains David Bernstein. "Once Elena Kagan gets confirmed, every Supreme Court Justice will have attended Harvard or Yale law schools," he writes. And Kagan—whose bachelor's degree, for the record, is from Princeton—was nominated... More »

Biden: 'Thank God' Kagan Wasn't a Judge

Then-Harvard dean was right to oppose military recruiters: VP

(Newser) - Joe Biden's glad Elena Kagan was never a judge, and he says she was justified in trying to kick military recruiters off the Harvard Law School campus. “She's gonna be a superb justice,” he said on ABC's Good Morning America today. Asked about the military recruiters, he replied,... More »

Kagan Choice for Court: How It Will Play Out

She'll have critics on both right and left, but will skirt major battles

(Newser) - The Senate confirmation hearings for Elena Kagan will likely include some minor dust-ups but no major battles, observers say. Liberals are worried she's more conservative than Stevens and will thus push the court to the right, but are unlikely to seriously oppose her. Conservatives respect her overall, though her move... More »

Elena Kagan: More Pragmatic Than Liberal

Elena Kagan's wanted to be a Justice for a long, long time

(Newser) - Elena Kagan posed for her high school yearbook photo wearing a judge's robe and holding a gavel. At 17, she already knew she wanted to be a Supreme Court Justice. “That was a goal from the very beginning,” a classmate at her Upper West Side New York high... More »

Fight Over Boy Behind Harvard's Racist Email Mess

Tipsters give inside story of Stephanie Grace, Yelena Shagall

(Newser) - Who and what was behind the outing of Stephanie Grace, the Harvard Law student whose possibly racist email from November recently became a nationwide scandal? Turns out the whole thing might be due to a fight over a boy. Gawker claims Grace wrote the e-mail to two former friends after... More »

Harvard Law Student: Blacks Might Be 'Less Intelligent'

Email on genes sets off firestorm

(Newser) - A racially controversial email by a Harvard Law student is causing a flap after being forwarded to black student law groups around nation. The damning line from the unidentified third-year student: "I absolutely do not rule out the possibility that African Americans are, on average, genetically predisposed to be... More »

Frontrunner Kagan Would Tilt Court Further Right

For liberals, she'd be a disaster, writes Glenn Greenwald

(Newser) - The smart money's on Elena Kagan to be President Obama's pick as John Paul Stevens' replacement on the Supreme Court. The solicitor general is "exceptionally smart" with loads of qualifications and expertise, writes Glenn Greenwald, but she'd be a disaster for liberals. The former dean of Harvard Law School... More »

Harvard Student Sues Google Over Buzz Privacy Breach

Class-action suit seeks to stop Google sharing personal data

(Newser) - A Harvard Law School student has launched a class-action lawsuit against Google Buzz, arguing the social network system violated her and other users' right to privacy. Eva Hibnick was automatically signed up for the network without her consent when she logged onto Gmail and people she hadn't spoken to in... More »

Harvard Law Kills Free Tuition Program

Too many takers for deal that required 5 years of public service

(Newser) - Harvard Law School has suspended a free tuition program for students willing to work in public service after twice as many students as expected signed up. The Public Service Initiative, which waives tuition for students who pledge to work for the government or nonprofit organizations for 5 years after graduation,... More »

Say Hello to Glenn Beck's Latest Target

Sunstein's stance on hunting puts him on Fox host's hit list

(Newser) - Now that Glenn Beck has helped take down Van Jones, he’s set his sights on another Obama appointee: Cass Sunstein, would-be head of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs. Conservatives initially praised the choice of Sunstein, because some of his writings have a libertarian bent, Newsweek... More »

Secret 'Batman' Tech Heroes Protect Internet: Prof

(Newser) - The Internet keeps functioning thanks to the efforts of an army of unsung heroes, a Harvard cyberlaw expert told a tech conference yesterday. The professor used as an example Pakistan's attempt last year to take YouTube offline—the site went down across the world, but volunteers from a tech forum... More »

For Obama, Justice Must Be Pragmatic

Law school students, colleagues reflect to predict his choice

(Newser) - President Obama carries an unusual wealth of Supreme Court knowledge from his days at law school and as a law professor, the New York Times reports, which he'll put to use in replacing Justice Souter. But don’t expect him to go straight for a liberal: Former colleagues and students... More »

File Sharing Lawyer's Stunts Shock Peers

'Insane' Nesson posts absolutely everything in copyright case online

(Newser) - Charles Nesson has thrown out the standard playbook in his defense of a Boston University student being sued by the RIAA for file sharing. The storied Harvard Law professor is posting everything related to the case online, including a secretly taped conversation with the judge and opposing counsel, and even... More »

New Solicitor General in Line for High Court

Center-left lawyer will work closely with Supremes

(Newser) - Elena Kagan became America's first female solicitor general yesterday, putting her one step closer to a possible Supreme Court nomination, the AP reports. As the so-called "10th Supreme Court justice," Kagan will effectively audition for the high court if she argues a Voting Rights Act case next... More »

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