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SpaceX Cargo Ship Turned Away From ISS Landing

GPS snag has moved docking attempt to Thursday

(Newser) - Sometimes GPS leads drivers into bodies of water ; other times it keeps cargo ships from docking with the International Space Station. Reuters reports the latter happened Wednesday, with SpaceX calling off the rendezvous of its Dragon spacecraft with the ISS, saying there was a glitch with the capsule's navigational... More »

VA Hospital Delays Are Killing Veterans

Report obtained by CNN shows at least 19 dead due to lengthy waits

(Newser) - Some pretty grim news courtesy of a Veterans Affairs internal report on patients diagnosed with cancer in 2010 and 2011 that CNN obtained: Delays at VA hospitals are killing veterans. At least 19 have died because of delays in medical screenings; they're part of a group of 82 vets... More »

Dems Slam GOP Hypocrisy Over Detroit Terror

Bush's shoe bomber response took 6 days; no one complained

(Newser) - Congressional Republicans hammering President Obama for a "72-hour" delay in responding publicly to the Christmas Day attempted airline bombing seem to be forgetting something: It took President Bush six days to respond to a parallel situation, Politico reports. In December 2001, shoe bomber Richard Reid was foiled by passengers... More »

Olympic Flame Arrives in Canada

It'll make cross-country trek before landing in Vancouver

(Newser) - The Olympic flame touched down in Canada today, with a relay kicking off in Victoria, British Columbia, which will take it across the continent before returning it to Vancouver—less than 70 miles away—for the start of the Winter Games on Feb. 12. Its first day didn't exactly go... More »

Bad Fla. Weather Keeps Discovery in Orbit

Today's attempts scrubbed; NASA aims for tomorrow afternoon, which looks little better

(Newser) - Bad weather has delayed space shuttle Discovery's homecoming for at least a day. NASA decided conditions were too poor to bring Discovery back to Florida tonight, skipping both landing windows and ordered the seven astronauts to keep circling the world for a 14th day. Their next chance at returning will... More »

Brutal Commute Awaits SF as Bridge Remains Closed

(Newser) - An unexpected hiccup means the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge will remain closed through tomorrow—and a potential nightmare commute for the 260,000 who use the span daily, the Contra Costa Times reports. The bridge was closed Thursday night so workers could replace a 300-foot section, but during the project... More »

NASA Delays Shuttle Launch

(Newser) - NASA scrubbed space shuttle Endeavour's scheduled launch today after nine lightning strikes were reported near the pad in Florida. Technicians said they found no damage but will need another day to check critical systems. The next launch attempt will be in the early evening tomorrow. Endeavour should have blasted off... More »

NASA Scrubs Shuttle Launch

Hydrogen gas leak forces Endeavour's launch to be called off a second time

(Newser) - A hydrogen gas leak has forced NASA to call off the launch of the space shuttle for the second time in less than a week, AP reports. The glitch, discovered just hours before blastoff, means Endeavour's mission to the International Space Station will now be delayed until July 11 because... More »

NASA Delays Shuttle Over Gas Leak

(Newser) - NASA officials canceled today's Space Shuttle Endeavour launch after workers discovered a hydrogen gas leak during fueling, reports. If the failure is fixed soon, the seven-member crew could lift off from Cape Canaveral, Fla., as early as tomorrow morning, when near-perfect weather is expected. Discovery's STS-119 launch was... More »

Dreamliner's Latest Estimated Takeoff: June

Troubled aircraft finally reaching last test stages

(Newser) - After years of delays, Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner may finally be finished. After a full on-the-ground simulation, one will leave the factory this week to take a place on the runway for a real test flight in June, the Seattle Times reports. Boeing lost 32 jet orders due to delays... More »

Clinton, Cornyn Share Words

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton and John Cornyn shared some spirited words today after the inauguration, Politico reports. Cornyn is blocking a Senate vote today on Clinton’s confirmation as secretary of state over concerns about the transparency of Bill Clinton’s foundation. While the conversation seemed animated, a rep for Cornyn said... More »

New Rover Won't Hit Mars Until 2011

(Newser) - NASA is delaying the launch of its next Mars rover, which is significantly larger and more complex than previous models, until 2011, reports. The Mars Science Laboratory was set to arrive on the red planet next year, but problems with crucial mechanical components mean it will miss its... More »

Series Delayed Another Day

Forecast of high winds, rain, and even snow in Philadelphia pushes conclusion to Wed.

(Newser) - A forecast of high winds, heavy rain, and even snow in Philadelphia tonight moved Major League Baseball to push the conclusion of Game 5 of the World Series until at least tomorrow, NBC10 reports. “While obviously we want to finish Game 5 as soon as possible, the forecast for... More »

Fritzl Trial Won't Start This Year

Prosecutors still gathering evidence against man accused of raping daughter for 24 years

(Newser) - The trial of the Austrian man accused of imprisoning his daughter in a dungeon and raping her for 24 years likely will not start until early 2009, the Guardian reports. Prosecutors are still collecting evidence against Josef Fritzl, 73, and probably won’t be ready to go to court before... More »

Hubble Glitch Delays NASA Repair Mission

Telescope malfunction will require retraining of crew, delay launch

(Newser) - A repair mission to the Hubble Space Telescope has been delayed after the apparatus stopped transmitting data Friday, the Orlando Sentinel reports. Shuttle crews will be retrained to deal with the new problem, and the launch rescheduled so NASA can have a second shuttle ready in case a rescue mission... More »

Balky Collider Offline Into '09

Lengthy repair times, and necessary winter maintenance, delay Large Hadron Collider

(Newser) - A serious malfunction, and the necessarily slow progress of repairs, will keep the Large Hadron Collider from starting its first experiments until spring, the Times reports. A major problem Friday shut down the European atom-smasher, and officials said the heating, repair and recooling of the giant magnets would take 2... More »

Airbus, Boeing Hindered by Wait for Seats, Toilets

Overwhelmed small suppliers struggle to produce equipment on time

(Newser) - Production delays are plaguing Airbus and Boeing as the airplane manufacturers wait for simple supplies such as seats, toilets, and gallies for their new widebody jets, the Wall Street Journal reports. Small firms charged with making such supplies have been slowed as demand has soared. The interrupted production means higher... More »

Boeing, Airbus Delays Aid Battered Carriers

Airlines already well under capacity as passenger numbers fall

(Newser) - Airlines battling rising fuel costs and weakening demand have become unexpected beneficiaries of production delays on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and Airbus A380 jumbo jets, reports the Wall Street Journal. "For the industry, it's great,” says the chair of Air Canada’s parent company, "because it means... More »

Boeing 787s Scheduled to Land 2 Years Late

Penalty payments could cost company up to $4B

(Newser) - Boeing's new 787 Dreamliner is already 15 months late, but delivery delays will back up the fuel-efficient jets by about another year, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports. Lease Financial Corp., the main buyer of 787s, will take delivery of its 74 planes 27 months late, and observers expect Boeing to pay... More »

Boeing Delays Dreamliner Rollout 6 More Months

Plane won't be ready until 3rd quarter of 2009

(Newser) - Boeing's new 787 Dreamliner has been delayed for a third time—now it won't be delivered until the third quarter of 2009 due to parts shortages and manufacturing partners who've fallen behind schedule. The innovative, fuel-efficient plane was originally scheduled to be available next month, reports Bloomberg. More »

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