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Women Have It Especially Rough in These 5 Cities

Gadsden, Ala., ranks worst: 24/7 Wall St.

(Newser) - Women earn about 80% of what men do nationwide. But in some US metropolitan areas, they earn as little as 53%. The gender pay gap is just one factor that went into determining the best and worst US metropolitan areas for women, per 24/7 Wall St . Also based on life... More »

These Are the Best College Towns in the US

Boulder takes the number-one spot

(Newser) - Trying to figure out where to go to college? Just like living in close proximity to tweed-clad-professorial types? The American Institute for Economic Research has ranked the top 20 college towns in the US based on things like youth unemployment, rent, arts and entertainment, diversity, bars and restaurants, and innovation.... More »

Neighbors Sue to Stop House That Looks Like Stadium

Couple wants to build 7,500-square-foot replica of University of Iowa stadium

(Newser) - Iowa City residents are suing to stop a couple from building a 7,500-square-foot home that's also a replica of Kinnick Stadium, home of the University of Iowa Hawkeyes, the AP reports. The home would feature brick siding and a press box just like the actual football stadium. According... More »

Atlanta Tops Gayest-Cities List

College towns Burlington, Bloomington among Advocate 's top 5

(Newser) - Using criteria like the number of same-sex-couple households per capita, gay elected officials, gay bars and gay films among Netflix favorites, the Advocate crowns Atlanta as the gayest city in the US. Some reasons why, and the rest of the top five:
  • Though “Georgia isn’t the most gay-friendly
... More »

Swine Flu Vaccine Trials to Hit 8 Cities in Aug.

(Newser) - The National Institutes of Health will supervise a nationwide test of a swine flu vaccine in eight cities starting in August, the Seattle Times reports. Test subjects will be drawn from Seattle, Baltimore, Iowa City, St. Louis, Atlanta, Cincinnati, Houston, and Nashville. Thousands will receive “a vaccine you can't... More »

Happy Hour Could Be Toast in Iowa City

City council mulls ban on after-work rite, other drink specials

(Newser) - Concerned about underage and binge drinking, Iowa City may ban happy hours at a meeting next month, the AP reports. The city council ordinance would require establishments with alcohol licenses or permits to submit to the city clerk a set schedule of prices that could not change by the day... More »

A Sandbagger Reflects

Iowa man remembers a day at the levee

(Newser) - Even when it proves futile, sandbagging is an experience with its own unique rewards, writes an Iowa resident in the New York Times. “Passing sandbags is a personal thing,” Joe Blair notes in an essay. “The line may be 300 feet long,” but for you, “... More »

Bush Tours Flood-Damaged Iowa

(Newser) - With the painful lessons of Hurricane Katrina still in mind, President Bush today opened an inspection tour of Midwest flooding that has forced tens of thousands to flee their homes across six states. First stops were Iowa City and Cedar Rapids, which has endured its worst flooding ever. The president... More »

Hundreds Flee Iowa City as River Crests

State should still plan for 'serious flooding,' governor warns

(Newser) - The Iowa River crested a foot and a half lower than expected today, but Iowa City officials still ordered hundreds of families to evacuate, the AP reports. Iowa’s governor, with 83 of his 99 counties still disaster areas, cautioned the state’s southeastern region to expect “major and... More »

Dad Penned Apology Before Killing Family

Shame 'too much to bear' for suicide dad facing money trial

(Newser) - An Iowa man left a note in his kitchen and voice mail messages for friends and ex-colleagues apologizing before killing his wife and four young children, the Chicago Tribune reports. Steven Sueppel then killed himself in a fiery highway crash. The former bank executive was facing trial on embezzlement charges,... More »

Mother and 4 Kids Killed in Iowa Home

Fatal car crash nearby linked to husband

(Newser) - A mother and her four children were found dead in their Iowa City home yesterday by police who received an anonymous tip, reports the Daily Iowan. Minutes later, cops responded to a nearby highway crash involving a car belonging to the father of the family, Stephen Sueppel. The dead driver... More »

Iowa Farm Town Meditative About Caucuses

Candidates embrace inner gurus in visits to stereotype-bending Fairfield

(Newser) - To win over likely caucus-goers in Fairfield, Iowa, candidates need to tap their spiritual sides, the Wall Street Journal reports. Roughly a third of the little farm town practices transcendental meditation, and citizens have elected a meditation devotee mayor. The candidates are pandering accordingly—Barack Obama, for instance, pointed his... More »

9 Perfect Places to Live

Arts, culture, beauty, jobs—these towns have it all, and real people, too

(Newser) - Outside magazine selects 30 sweet spots—the best towns for mixing city life with the big outdoors—and, oh yeah, getting a job, too.  Here are the top nine:
  1. Santa Cruz, California
  2. Jackson, Wyoming
  3. Iowa City, Iowa
  4. Bend, Oregon
  5. Santa Fe, New Mexico
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