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Georgetown Once Sold 272 Slaves. Now, Students Want to Pay $27.20 Fee

Fee approved in referendum would benefit descendants of slaves college once sold

(Newser) - Students at Georgetown University may soon see a new $27.20 fee pop up on their bill each semester, and it's one they voted to add. ABC News reports that undergrads at the Jesuit college voted Thursday, by an almost 2-to-1 margin, to approve a referendum that would mandate... More »

$82K Raised for Gay Teen's Tuition After Parents Spurn Him

Seth Owen, co-valedictorian of his senior class, got in to Georgetown, couldn't afford to go

(Newser) - Seth Owen was over the moon when he received what appeared to be the path to his "life goal" of going to college: an acceptance letter from Georgetown University. But the Florida 18-year-old, who was the co-valedictorian of his senior class, had his hopes dashed when he later received... More »

2 Trump Kids Will Start School in Washington in the Fall

Tiffany headed to Georgetown Law, Barron moving from New York

(Newser) - One more of President Trump's kids is moving just around the corner from his new White House digs: Tiffany Trump, Trump's only child with ex-wife Marla Maples, is heading to Georgetown Law School in the fall, reports Politico . The 23-year-old graduated her dad's alma mater UPenn last... More »

Georgetown Apologizes for 1838 Slave Sale

University has renamed buildings in honor of slaves

(Newser) - Georgetown University and the group of Catholic priests that founded the school in Washington, DC, have apologized for selling slaves in 1838 in order to raise money to pay off the college's debts. The school has renamed two buildings in honor of two of the 272 people sold, reports... More »

Slave Descendants Go to Front of Georgetown Admissions Line

Slave descendants to receive preference

(Newser) - Georgetown University will give admissions preference to the descendants of slaves owned by the Maryland Jesuits as part of its effort to atone for profiting from the sale of enslaved people, the AP reports. Georgetown President John DeGioia told news outlets that the university in Washington, DC, will implement the... More »

No, Angelina Jolie Will Not Be Teaching at Georgetown

She will be a visiting professor in London, though

(Newser) - Angelina Jolie's new gig as a visiting professor at the London School of Economics was rumored to have been expanded to Georgetown University, the institution's sister school on this side of the Atlantic—but hopefully Georgetown students didn't get their hopes up, because the rumor was quickly... More »

Nursing Student Dies After Tweets About Feeling Ill

'This is what dying must feel like,' she wrote; meningitis suspected

(Newser) - A nursing student at Georgetown has died of suspected meningitis, and the final tweets of Andrea Jaime suggest she knew something was horribly wrong. "This is what dying must feel like," the sophomore tweeted on Friday, three days before her death, reports the Daily Dot . And in a... More »

Exorcist Author's Georgetown Gripe 'Well-Founded,' Says Vatican

William Peter Blatty doesn't think his alma mater is Catholic enough

(Newser) - William Peter Blatty, author of The Exorcist and a Georgetown graduate, doesn't think his alma mater is Catholic enough—and the Vatican just may be on his side. Blatty submitted a petition to the Vatican last fall asking that the school be stripped of its "Catholic" and "... More »

FBI: Georgetown Student Made Ricin in Dorm Room

But they don't think it's a terror threat

(Newser) - A 19-year-old Georgetown student whipped up a lethal batch of ricin in his dorm room, authorities say, but it sounds like he did so more as a lark than as a terror threat. Daniel Harry Milzman faces federal charges of possessing a biological toxin after the stunt, reports CNN . Nobody... More »

O'Reilly to Fluke: Why Should I Fund Your Sex Life?

Fox man blasts Sandra Fluke as 'committed leftist'

(Newser) - Fox man Bill O'Reilly is after Sandra Fluke again, claiming the "committed leftist" who wants him to fund her sex life is at the "center of a campaign to reelect" Barack Obama. "Let me get this straight, Ms. Fluke," said O'Reilly in an earlier... More »

Obama Calls Student After Slam by Limbaugh

Sandra Fluke also takes to TV, says she was 'outraged' by 'slut' comment

(Newser) - More developments today surrounding Rush Limbaugh's labeling of law student Sandra Fluke as a "slut" in the birth control debate:
  • 'Outraged': Fluke appeared on the Today show: “I think my reaction was the reaction a lot of women have had historically when they’ve been called
... More »

College Students Map China's Nuclear Tunnels

Report causes stir in arms control community

(Newser) - The US is about to get its most complete look yet at China’s massive network of secret nuclear tunnels, compiled by people who don’t even have bachelor’s degrees. When China dispatched nuclear experts after a 2008 earthquake, a Pentagon agency asked volunteer Phillip Karber, a former top... More »

Georgetown Prof Teaches Jay-Z Course

Class takes sociological view of rapper's work

(Newser) - He’s already a hip-hop superstar, a big-shot exec, and married to Beyonce; now, Jay-Z is also the subject of elite academic discourse. Georgetown students are flocking to a sociology course on hip-hop and Jay-Z’s rise, taught by author and radio host Michael Eric Dyson. “Sociology of Hip-Hop—... More »

Drug Lab Found in Georgetown Dorm Room

Two freshmen have been detained for questioning

(Newser) - We're guessing "narcotics maker" wasn't listed under extracurricular activities on these students' applications: Police found a drug lab inside a dorm room in a Georgetown University freshman residence hall this morning. Though they initially believed it was a meth lab, the Hoya reports it was used to create the... More »

Kansas, Kentucky, Duke, Syracuse Top Brackets

Jayhawks snag overall No. 1 seed

(Newser) - Overall No. 1 seed Kansas leads the field of 65 NCAA tournament teams, with Kentucky, Duke, and Syracuse—late-season slump and all—topping their respective brackets. The 32-2 Jayhawks, who won the 2008 title, captured this season's Big 12 tournament and will tangle with Syracuse in one semifinal if the... More »

Undergrad's Search for Assistant Meets Mockery

Georgetown sophomore seeks to hire fellow student for laundry duty

(Newser) - How's a busy undergrad supposed to juggle study, a social life, and a part-time job? For one 19-year-old at Georgetown University, the answer is hiring a personal assistant. The sophomore sparked controversy on campus this week by placing an ad on the university's student employment site seeking a personal assistant... More »

Obama Could Try Some of His Vaunted Fiscal Responsibility

Administration involved in major economic gambles

(Newser) - In a recent speech at Georgetown, President Obama outlined his plans for the economy. The funny thing is, David Brooks writes in the New York Times, "he sounded like a cultural conservative." The president talked about the good old days and vowed to end fiscal irresponsibility. In short,... More »

Norovirus Sweeps Campuses

Hundreds of students made ill for days

(Newser) - Noroviruses are sweeping US colleges, delivering severe cases of nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. The same crowded conditions which allow noroviruses to thrive on cruise ships give them free rein on campus, reports Inside Higher Ed. There have been recent outbreaks at Georgetown University, the University of Southern California and colleges... More »

New Databases Share Test Results, Prescriptions

Info used to assemble health 'credit reports'

(Newser) - The prescriptions and medical test results of more than 200 million Americans are being assembled into commercial databases, the Washington Post reports, which then sell health "credit reports" to insurance companies trying to evaluate whether to accept an individual for coverage. The companies not only disclose drug and test... More »

Catholic Colleges Brace for Pope's Criticism

Free-thinking academics anticipate call to toe the line

(Newser) - Pope Benedict XVI’s April address to top Catholic educators is likely to be a call to observe church teachings more closely, reports the Washington Post. All but 20 of the 235 American Catholic colleges and universities are too freethinking to suit the Vatican, says one expert, and the situation... More »

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