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When Driving Getaway Car, Be Sure to Do it on a Full Tank

Georgia men made it 2 miles down the road after alleged robbery, ran out of gas

(Newser) - Police say a getaway car ran out of gas after an armed robbery near Atlanta, leading to the speedy arrest of two suspects. Gwinnett County police Cpl. Michele Pihera says 18-year-old Najee Logan and 21-year-old Justin Larry were charged with armed robbery after their arrest early Tuesday after officers found... More »

Twist in Tale of Taxi Driver Abducted by Prison Escapees

One convict, whom driver Long Ma today calls 'son,' had a change of heart

(Newser) - Taxi driver Long Ma still remembers the words that changed a cab ride around Santa Ana, Calif., from uneasy to terrifying: "We need your help." What made that phrase, spoken to the 71-year-old Ma in his native Vietnamese, so frightening, as Paul Kix explains in his tale for... More »

Bank Robbery Suspect Hails Uber as Getaway Car: Cops

Cops say Luis Mallett apparently needed the cash to settle a bar tab

(Newser) - If you're going to be a 21st-century bank robber, you have to use every modern convenience at your disposal, including flagging an Uber vehicle as your getaway car. CNET reports that a man identified as 29-year-old Luis Mallett allegedly robbed a Santander Bank in Weymouth, Mass., on Monday, giving... More »

Man Springs Pup From Pound; Flees on Lawnmower

High-speed chase not an option

(Newser) - Edwin Fry loves his prized pooch. When his dog, Buddy Tough, found himself locked up in the town kennel, Fry decided to bust him out of jail. Fry could have paid the $100 fine to have his dog released, but instead, he decided to visit the pound with a pair... More »

Ala. Prof Shoved 'Shotgun in My Chest' in 1986

After killing her brother, Amy Bishop tried to carjack auto dealership

(Newser) - After killing her brother in 1986, alleged University of Alabama shooter Amy Bishop stormed a Massachusetts car dealership with a shotgun and demanded a getaway car. That’s the story of Tom Pettigrew, who was one of the employees. “I’m thinking it’s a BB gun,” he... More »

Men Swipe $65M in UK's Biggest Jewel Heist

(Newser) - Two well-dressed men escaped from one of London's most expensive jewelers with $65 million worth of rings, necklaces, and watches last week, in what the Telegraph calls the biggest heist in British history. Yesterday authorities released surveillance footage of the robbers, who used three cars to make their getaway. Their... More »

Mugabe Buys Secret $5.8M Hong Kong Getaway

Prez spends lavishly as Zimbabwean economy implodes

(Newser) - While his country battles massive inflation, unemployment and cholera, Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe has secretly bought a $5.8 million residence in Hong Kong, the Times of London reports. His wife recently spent some $80,000 on Vietnamese statues and $12,500 on a bag. When she recently discussed a... More »

Melting Santa Suit Burned Killer, Foiled Getaway

Gunman found with costume fused to skin

(Newser) - The California Santa killer, who committed suicide after massacring his ex-wife’s family, had planned an escape by plane—but he was foiled by third-degree burns as his Santa Claus suit melted onto his body, the Los Angeles Times reports. The explosion as he set fire to his ex-wife’s... More »

9 Best Places to Spoil Yourself

Forget that city stress—these getaway spas will have you relaxing in no time

(Newser) - The nine most delicious getaway spa experiences, from the readers of Condé Nast Traveler.
  1. Mayflower Inn & Spa, Washington, Conn.
  2. Lake Austin Spa Resort, Austin, Texas
  3. Cal-A-Vie: Vista, Calif.
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