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'Prime Evil' Killer to Walk Free

South Africa grants Eugene de Kock parole, citing 'reconciliation'

(Newser) - A man believed to have committed more atrocities than any other during South Africa's apartheid will walk away a free man after more than 20 years in prison. Eugene de Kock, known as "Prime Evil" for his role in the torture and murder of black activists, was granted... More »

Kerry Was Right to Warn Israel About 'Apartheid'

Paul Waldman: But reaction is a sign of how limited our debate is on the subject

(Newser) - John Kerry had to backpedal after he suggested that Israel was on the path to becoming an apartheid state, and that's a sad commentary about the level of candor we have on the topic of our Mideast ally, writes Paul Waldman at the Washington Post . Kerry didn't say... More »

US Busts Russia on Tape With Ukraine Spies

John Kerry revelation comes even as secretary apologizes for the last one

(Newser) - US intelligence has recordings of Russian officials giving orders to operatives in the Ukraine, proving that Russia is indeed behind the forces destabilizing Eastern Ukraine, John Kerry told Trilateral Commission leaders Friday, in a closed-door meeting that, ironically enough, was recorded and leaked to the Daily Beast . "Everybody can... More »

Kerry: Israel Risks Being 'An Apartheid State'

Israel not happy about the comment

(Newser) - John Kerry tossed the A-word around Friday during a closed door meeting, saying that Israel could become "an apartheid state" if peace talks with Palestine failed to generate a two-state solution. The Daily Beast acquired a recording of Kerry's comments, which came during a Trilateral Commission meeting. Kerry... More »

In Day of Prayer, S. Africa Holds Close Mandela Legacy

Madiba celebrated in church services, vigils

(Newser) - South Africa is continuing to celebrate the legacy of Nelson Mandela with a day of prayer today, with church services and vigils dotting the country ahead of next Sunday's official state funeral for the anti-apartheid icon. "We never cry when somebody dies," says one Soweto mourner who... More »

Santorum: Mandela Fought Injustice ... Like ObamaCare

Comment came within seconds of Bill O'Reilly calling Mandela a 'communist'

(Newser) - Bill O'Reilly and Rick Santorum each managed to produce grist for the outrage mill in the space of less than two minutes last night, while discussing the recently departed Nelson Mandela. First O'Reilly described Mandela thusly: "He was a communist, this man. He was a communist, all... More »

Key Moments in Mandela's Life

Former South African is dead at 95

(Newser) - The accolades have begun pouring in for Nelson Mandela, who has died at age 95 . Meanwhile, the AP ticks off some key moments in his life:
  • April 20, 1964: Charged with sabotage, Mandela delivered a statement during his trial in Pretoria that revealed the depth of his resolve in the
... More »

Still 'Unstable,' Nelson Mandela Leaves Hospital

Home set up to handle intensive health needs

(Newser) - Nelson Mandela was discharged from the hospital today while still in critical condition and was driven in an ambulance to his Johannesburg home, which has been set up to provide intensive care, South Africa's presidency said. On a sunny but cold morning, an ambulance took the anti-apartheid leader home... More »

'Deeply Humbled' Obama Visits Mandela's Cell

Praises 'heroes' of Robben Island prison

(Newser) - President Obama may not get to see Nelson Mandela , but he paid tribute to the apartheid icon today by visiting the bleak prison cell where Mandela spent 18 years of his prison term, reports the BBC . Writing in the Robben Island prison guest book that he was "deeply humbled,... More »

Amid Vigil for Mandela, Friend Says, 'Let Him Go'

No official update on South African icon's condition

(Newser) - A day after Nelson Mandela was admitted to the hospital in "serious condition," South Africans kept vigil and awaited news of the anti-apartheid icon, even as a Sunday Times headline blared, "It's Time to Let Him Go"—a quote from a longtime friend. A presidential... More »

Mandela Hospitalized in Serious Condition

94-year-old has lung infection

(Newser) - Nelson Mandela is back in the hospital and listed in serious condition with a lung infection, reports the BBC . The 94-year-old had been battling the infection from home for days and was transferred to the hospital in Pretoria last night when his condition worsened. It's the third hospitalization for... More »

Wait, American Lives Are Worth More Than Others'?

Desmond Tutu compares US drone mindset to apartheid, slavery

(Newser) - Desmond Tutu has unloaded on the Obama White House in a letter to the editor in the New York Times , drawing a parallel to the US war on terror with both slavery and apartheid. Tutu was set off by a story this week saying the US might set up a... More »

Nelson Mandela Hospitalized, 'Comfortable'

Jacob Zuma visits 94-year-old former president

(Newser) - South Africans prayed today for the health of former President Nelson Mandela and anxiously awaited further word about the anti-apartheid leader after he was admitted to a military hospital. President Jacob Zuma visited Mandela this morning at the hospital in Pretoria and found the frail 94-year-old to be "comfortable... More »

Charges Dropped Vs. S. African Miners

Workers had been charged after police killed 34 in strike

(Newser) - South African prosecutors are dropping murder charges against 270 miners accused in the deaths of 34 of their co-workers killed by police during a strike , reports the BBC . "Final charges will only be made once all investigations have been completed," said the nation's top prosecutor today. "... More »

Alice Walker Blocks Israeli Edition of Color Purple

Author accuses Israel of persecuting Palestinians

(Newser) - Alice Walker is prohibiting an Israeli publisher from printing a new Hebrew-translated edition of her classic novel The Color People because, says Walker, "Israel is guilty of apartheid and persecution of the Palestinian people." Walker has been a vocal critic of Israeli policies, reports the Los Angeles Times ... More »

Letters Show Jailed Mandela's Anguish

Leader's writings released in new memoir

(Newser) - Nelson Mandela sat in a prison cell for 27 years, alone and separated from his family, with not much more to do than write—waves of words documenting his anguish that are now being released in a new memoir, Conversations With Myself. Some excerpts, as per the BBC:
  • To wife
... More »

Memos: Israel Offered to Sell Nuclear Weapons to South Africa

Shimon Peres angrily denies reports

(Newser) - Israel offered to sell South Africa's apartheid government nuclear weapons, according to recently declassified documents, reports the Guardian —a claim Israeli President Shimon Peres categorically denies. In minutes of top secret 1975 meetings, Peres, then defense minister, offered to sell nuclear-capable Jericho missiles to South African Defense Minister PW... More »

Boy, 15, Admits White Supremacist Murder

Says he used iron bar to beat Terreblanche on African farm

(Newser) - A 15-year-old South African farm worker has confessed to fatally bludgeoning Eugene Terreblanche after the white supremacist refused to pay him wages. A co-worker "started hitting Terreblanche with four blows to the head. Then my son took the iron rod and hit him with three blows," said the... More »

Anti-Gay 'Dr. Shock' Busted on Sex Charges

Used grisly methods to 'cure' gay soldiers, abused male patient

(Newser) - A psychiatrist known as Dr. Shock for his notorious attempts to "cure" gay military recruits through electroshock therapy has been charged with sexually assaulting a male patient. Dr. Aubrey Levin, who was arrested in Calgary, Alberta, after he was secretly filmed sexually abusing a male patient, had previously been... More »

Frail Nelson Mandela Won't Recreate Walk From Prison

91-year-old taking limited role in South Africa events

(Newser) - Tomorrow is the 20th anniversary of Nelson Mandela’s release from a South African prison, but the 91-year-old won’t return to the site of his 27-year incarceration to join in a retracing of his steps to freedom over concerns that he’s too frail for the task. The abrupt... More »

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