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Westboro to Picket Robin Williams’ Funeral

So Planting Peace is organizing a benefit for charity dear to Williams

(Newser) - Back in 1996, Robin Williams made a movie called The Birdcage, in which he played a gay father. That's apparently a little too tolerant for the folks of the Westboro Baptist Church , who the Telegraph reports have now announced plans to picket the comedian's funeral, apparently "To... More »

Connie Francis Battles Family for Suicide Fan's Bequest

Obsessed woman left singer $300K

(Newser) - An obsessed female fan of Connie Francis put $300,000 in assets in the Sixties singer's name—then shot herself days later. Now Francis, known for her old hits "Who's Sorry Now"  and "Where the Boys Are," is suing the fan's family to collect the money.... More »

2 Stories