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Obama: I Don't Really Do Twitter

But the president wants the Chinese to be able to

(Newser) - If you’re one of Barack Obama’s 2.6 million Twitter followers, you’ve been suckered—the president says he’s never sent a tweet in his life. In a Q&A session in Shanghai, Obama was asked what he thought of China’s restriction of Twitter. “I...

Obama Nudges China on Internet Freedom

Openness makes nations stronger, president tells students

(Newser) - China and the US don't have to be adversaries and can work out their differences, President Obama told students in Shanghai today. "More is gained when great powers cooperate than when they collide," Obama said. But the president also prodded for more freedoms in China, reports CNN , telling...

China OKs Shanghai Disney
 China OKs Shanghai Disney 

China OKs Shanghai Disney

Theme park deal green-lighted after decades of talks

(Newser) - The Magic Kingdom is coming to the Middle Kingdom after nearly 20 years of negotiations, Disney announced yesterday. The massive Disneyland-style theme park to be built in Shanghai will dwarf the one in semi-autonomous Hong Kong, and will eventually rival the size of Florida's Disney World. Analysts believe the $3....

Shanghai Seeks to Stamp Out 'Chinglish' Signs
Shanghai Seeks to Stamp Out 'Chinglish' Signs

Shanghai Seeks to Stamp Out 'Chinglish' Signs

(Newser) - Foreign tourists in Shanghai may soon have to go without the amusement of photographing signs in mangled English: City authorities, long embarrassed by the signs, are launching a campaign to root out "Chinglish" ahead of hosting the 2010 World Expo, the BBC reports. Student volunteers will check the city's...

China Rethinking One-Child Policy

China Rethinking One-Child Policy

(Newser) - Visit Shanghai these days and you're likely to come across an unusual sight: More families having second children. The city—a key cog in China's economic boom—is aging fast thanks to the nation's 30-year-old one-child policy, writes Mark MacKinnon in the Toronto Globe and Mail. As a result, Shanghai...

US Grads Turn to China
 US Grads Turn to China 

US Grads Turn to China

(Newser) - Large numbers of American graduates shut out of the job market at home are turning to the East for opportunities, the New York Times reports. A surge of young Americans have left to try their luck in Shanghai and Beijing in recent years, attracted by the strong economy and the...

Best Cities for Good Eats

Local cuisine is ranked

(Newser) - Paris is for lovers—food lovers. The city came in first on a Forbes list of the world’s best cities for eating well, based on a 2009 survey ranking 50 cities. Notably absent from the top 10 are New York and London, which don’t boast much of a...

Scientists Breed Mice From Stem Cell Alternative

Researchers turn adult, not embryonic, skin cells into stem cells

(Newser) - Scientists in China have created mice using stem cells made from modified skin cells—hinting at an alternative to embryonic stem cells, the Washington Post reports. Separate teams used viruses to manipulate genes that caused mice skin cells to regress back into induced pluripotent stem cells—which, within a placenta...

Shanghai Building Collapses Intact

Construction worker killed trying to retrieve tools

(Newser) - A 13-story building under construction in Shanghai collapsed almost completely intact today, Reuters reports, killing a construction worker who entered the block of apartments to fetch his tools. The Chinese construction industry has been accused of dangerously shoddy work as the country rushes to build out its cities and infrastructure...

China Hosts 1st Gay Pride Fest
 China Hosts 1st Gay Pride Fest 

China Hosts 1st Gay Pride Fest

'Shanghai Pride' a success, though some events canceled by authorities

(Newser) - In a breakthrough for gay rights, China’s gay community came to Shanghai last week for the country’s first-ever pride festival, Global Post reports. The weeklong event featured panel discussions, film screenings, play performances, and a large party—but no parade. The fact that the government allowed the festival...

China Springs Nagin After Swine Flu Scare

Quarantine lifted, New Orleans mayor, wife leave Shanghai

(Newser) - Ray Nagin prepared to leave Shanghai today after four days in quarantine imposed after possible exposure to the swine flu virus. The New Orleans mayor, his wife, and a member of their security detail had been in a hotel-turned-clinic since learning that a fellow passenger on their flight from Newark...

Shanghai Puts New Orleans Mayor in Swine Flu Quarantine

Nagin, wife, staffer treated 'with courtesy'

(Newser) - Chinese officials are holding New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin in quarantine with his wife and a staffer after a fellow plane passenger exhibited swine flu symptoms, the New Orleans Times-Picayune reports. The three are "being treated with utmost courtesy" in Shanghai, where Nagin "is feeling well and...

Barbie Busts Out in Shanghai
 Barbie Busts Out in Shanghai 

Barbie Busts Out in Shanghai

Hit Shanghai megastore sells 'Barbie lifestyle' to adult women

(Newser) - Mattel is seeking to make up for slowing Barbie sales elsewhere with an aggressive push for Chinese consumers—and not just girls, reports the Washington Post. The company has opened a 6-story flagship store in Shanghai, offering a top-end clothing line and a luxury spa to appeal to professional women...

Disney Plans $3.5B Shanghai Park

$3.59B park could offer 50,000 jobs

(Newser) - Economic struggles around the globe aren’t stopping Disney’s plans to build a $3.59 billion theme park in China, the Wall Street Journal reports. After years of wrangling, the entertainment firm and Shanghai officials agreed this week to send a proposal to the Chinese government for what would...

Bomb Threat Forces Back China-Bound Plane

Japanese authorities believe threat to Air China is Olympics-related

(Newser) - A bomb threat emailed to Air China's Tokyo offices today forced a Shanghai-bound passenger jet to make an emergency return to Japan, reports AP. Four other flights were delayed. The email threatened to "bomb the aircraft" if fllghts were not suspended, according to a transport offical. "We suspect...

Disney Fever Sweeps Shanghai
 Disney Fever Sweeps Shanghai  

Disney Fever Sweeps Shanghai

Residents scooping up property, hoping for a payoff if city gets theme park

(Newser) - As rumors fly about Disney’s interest in building a theme park in Shanghai, residents are already taking action to profit from the project. They're adding on to their property and establishing false businesses, figuring they’ll be compensated for the loss of such holdings if Disney takes control of...

Karma? Stone Banned From Shanghai Fest

Organizers still fuming over star's quake gaffe

(Newser) - Sharon Stone has been declared persona non grata at this year's Shanghai International Film Festival, reports the AP. Organizers said they will not be inviting the star, who attended last year, because of outrage over her recent comments suggesting the Sichuan earthquake was caused by bad "karma" linked to...

Beijing Eases Limits on Wikipedia
Beijing Eases Limits on Wikipedia

Beijing Eases Limits on Wikipedia

But topics such as Tibet, Tiananmen remain off limits

(Newser) - Prodded by the International Olympic Committee, China has seemingly eased restrictions on the English-language version of Wikipedia, Reuters reports. But authorities continue to block access to articles related to sensitive topics such as Tibet and Tiananmen Square. Users in Shanghai and Beijing, the site of the summer Olympics, reported being...

Dubai Is the New Mecca for Theme Parks

Abu Dhabi, Shanghai also among locations planning impressive amusements

(Newser) - The big US amusement companies—Six Flags, Universal, SeaWorld, Warner Bros., MGM—have all seen the future, and it's in Dubai. That's where the world's largest playland—a sprawling $64-billion collection of theme parks, golf courses, museums and hotels—is going up, but it's only the most dramatic of projects...

In Veritas, Vino Wins Over Shanghai

Wine's popularity booms in China

(Newser) - The wine scene, long dormant in China, is booming in Shanghai, reports Portfolio. Chinese consumers were traditionally more passionate about spirits; if anything, only red wine was taken seriously. Not anymore: Shanghai's three premium-wine importers have multiplied to more than 100 since 1999, and wine bars abound. It's a trend...

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