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The Surprising Animal Most Likely to Kill You

 The Surprising Animal 
 Most Likely to Kill You 
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The Surprising Animal Most Likely to Kill You

Give sharks a break: Bees are the real killers

(Newser) - Sharks are often considered one of humans' deadliest predators, partly because shark attacks like those this week in North Carolina and Florida are so well-publicized. As Christopher Ingraham at the Washington Post points out, it's all just a bunch of baloney. Data on animal-caused deaths in the US from...

Australians Asked to Catch World's Deadliest Spider

See a funnel-web? Grab it!

(Newser) - How would you react if you came across one of the world's deadliest spiders? If your instinct is to run, Australia might be a little disappointed in you. The Australian Reptile Park has issued a plea to residents asking them to catch the funnel-web and bring it in, reports...

Kids' Gator Pal Goes Missing
 Kids' Gator Pal 
 Goes Missing 

Kids' Gator Pal Goes Missing

Florida cops warn against feeding 'alpha predators'

(Newser) - A 10-foot alligator is on the loose in North Miami Beach, which sounds bad enough—but it turns out local kids have been feeding the beast meat. They named the storm-drain resident Patrick and treated him to hot dogs and ham, which is a seriously bad idea, a police sergeant...

Danish Lawmaker: Kill All Mutts

(Newser) - A rash of attacks by aggressive dogs in Denmark has lawmakers considering a ban on breeds such as pit bulls and mastiffs. But one member of parliament—a veterinarian, no less—has raised a stink by proposing a far more radical solution, reports the Economist. He wants to kill all...

Jogger Gives Rabid Fox a Run
 Jogger Gives Rabid Fox a Run 

Jogger Gives Rabid Fox a Run

Woman runs mile with animal's jaws clamped into her arm

(Newser) - An Arizona woman ran about a mile with a rabid fox’s jaws clamped around her arm, the Prescott Daily Courier reports. A fox attacked Michelle Felicepta, 30, while she was jogging Monday, biting deeply into her arm. Knowing the fox would need to be tested, she ran the mile...

Polar Bears May Have Yet Another Worry: Sharks

Bone is found in the stomach of a Greenland shark

(Newser) - As if polar bears in the North Pole didn't have enough to worry about these days: Scientists have found the bone of a young bear in the stomach of a Greenland shark, Reuters reports. The unprecedented discovery prompts a "million dollar question," says one researcher: Do the bears...

Lions and Tigers and Bears—Oh, My!

The deadliest beasts in the animal kingdom aren't all the usual suspects

(Newser) - Surprise, surprise—the deadliest animal is the mosquito! Carrying diseases like malaria, skeeters cause over 2 million deaths a year. LiveScience tells you what else to keep an eye peeled for:
  1. Mosquito
  2. Asian cobra
  3. Australian box jellyfish

7 Stories
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