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Cops Investigate Man With 13 Dead Chickens Hanging in Trees

A neighbor isn't too happy about it

(Newser) - A Rhode Island man who has 13 dead chickens hanging from trees outside his home is drawing complaints from a neighbor and a police inquiry, the AP reports. According to the Newport Daily News , the Tiverton man told police Wednesday that he is simply drying the chickens out before properly... More »

Guy Gets Mad, Leaves Chickens in Tax Office

He was apparently 'frustrated' with Oregon Department of Revenue

(Newser) - Police say an Oregon man angry with his tax situation left a flock of seven chickens inside the state revenue office. Police in Eugene said in a news release they responded to a report Wednesday afternoon of chickens left in the lobby of the Oregon Department of Revenue. Police and... More »

Stinky Chicken Manure Costs Golf Club Owner $100K

Neighbors claim it was payback

(Newser) - Last year, the owner of a Southern California golf club allegedly created a month-long stench in his Escondido neighborhood by spreading five tons of raw chicken manure over the closed golf course. Now, following dozens of complaints from neighbors, the San Diego Union-Tribune reports Michael Schlesinger has agreed to pay... More »

Ryan Gosling Shames Costco Over Eggs

Retailer should go cage-free, he writes in new letter

(Newser) - Taylor Swift isn't the only celebrity activist of the week. Ryan Gosling, moved by a Humane Society investigation that found gruesome mistreatment of chickens at one of Costco's big egg suppliers, has written a letter to Costco's CEO asking the chain to start selling only cage-free eggs,... More »

Big-Time Chicken Producer Ditching Human Antibiotics

Tyson Foods will largely eliminate their use in chickens by 2017

(Newser) - Another victory for those calling for antibiotics to be eliminated from our food chain: By 2017, Tyson Foods will have largely eliminated human antibiotic use in its chickens. "Antibiotic-resistant infections are a global health concern," says the CEO in a statement. "We're confident our meat and... More »

Iowa Farm's 5.3M Hens Will Be Killed

Biggest outbreak in current bird flu epidemic affects 10% of Iowa's egg-laying hens

(Newser) - The last thing you want at a farm with 5.3 million chickens: avian flu. But the Agriculture Department confirms that's what has hit an egg producer in Osceola County, Iowa; it's the biggest outbreak so far in the current H5N2 bird flu epidemic. CNN reports that all... More »

'Pink Chicken' Mystery Solved

Birds' owner says he dyed them to 'make people smile'

(Newser) - Portland's pink chickens are no longer a mystery. Multnomah County Animal Services says the birds' owner told the agency he used food coloring, beet juice, and Kool-Aid to dye the two birds, then released them to "make people smile." Owner Bruce Whitman of Portland says the prank... More »

300K Chickens Killed in Possible Revenge Attack

South Carolina sheriff thinks culprit was upset over layoffs

(Newser) - South Carolina authorities have a bizarre crime on their hands—involving the deaths of more than 300,000 chickens. The culprit or culprits broke into 16 commercial farms across the state over the last two weeks and killed the birds by manipulating the temperature in the chicken houses, reports the... More »

California Chickens Flown East—for Retirement

Donor saves 1.2K from slaughterhouse

(Newser) - Their egg-laying days behind them, some 1,200 Northern California chickens are heading for a cozy retirement on the East Coast, where they will live outside of cages and have plenty of room to spread their wings. The Sacramento Bee reports that an anonymous $50,000 donation is funding Operation... More »

Baby Chicks Are Smarter Than Baby Humans

Unlike your baby, young chickens have self-control

(Newser) - Baby chicks: both adorable and smarter than you may think. A new study (which, it should be noted, was commissioned by an egg company) from the University of Bristol has found baby chickens posses many skills baby humans don't, the Independent reports. For instance, 93% of chicks in one... More »

Mexico Running Low on Eggs

Avian flu outbreak dents a national staple

(Newser) - Mexico is running seriously short of eggs. After an avian flu outbreak in June killed millions chickens and the price of feed soared, the nation's residents are now facing what the Washington Post calls the "Great Mexican Egg Crisis." Consider that Mexicans consume an average of 350... More »

Maryland Drunk Kills 70K Chickens

He wandered into shed and turned off power: cops

(Newser) - A Maryland chicken farmer went to check on his birds in the morning and found his entire flock dead—and a drunk passed out in a pool of urine. Joshua Shelton, 21, wandered into the farm's power control shed and accidentally turned off power to three chickenhouses, say police.... More »

Iran Warns Against Filming ... Chickens

With prices soaring, images of plenty could provoke poor, it says

(Newser) - There's a new way to run afoul of the government in Iran: by filming chickens. With food lines lengthening and prices soaring due to international sanctions, Iran's leaders are warning filmmakers and broadcasters not to show people enticing things they might not be able to afford—because doing... More »

'Fetid' Egg Exposé: It's Time for Real Farm Standards

Nicholas Kristof reflects on an undercover investigation of Kreider Farms

(Newser) - It's not a good news day for consumers of chicken or their eggs: Nicholas Kristof digs into findings out today, courtesy of the Humane Society, spawned from yet another undercover investigation into factory farms. The target of this one: Kreider Farms, which pumps out 4.5 million eggs daily.... More »

Officials Find 50K Abandoned Chickens

A&L Poultry apologizes for leaving chickens on farm

(Newser) - An animal rights group is seeking criminal charges after officials discovered nearly 50,000 dying chickens abandoned on an egg farm near Modesto, Calif., MSNBC reports via the Modesto Bee . Most of the birds were euthanized due to illness, but about 2,000 are being treated at sanctuaries and will... More »

Did Texas Baseball Players Kill Chickens to Win Game?

An alleged tale of superstitions gone wrong

(Newser) - The Western Hills High baseball team wasn’t doing so well—so, allegedly, two of its players sacrificed chickens on the field in an effort to improve the team’s performance. The bizarre ritual was referenced in Major League, although in that movie, the struggling player sacrificed a bucket of... More »

Hens Can Feel Their Chicks' Pain

Study shows they share signs of distress

(Newser) - If you’ve been looking for a reason to take up vegetarianism, here you go: A new study finds that chickens can feel empathy. Researchers in the UK ruffled the feathers of chicks by exposing them to puffs of air. The result: signs of distress in the chicks … that... More »

FDA Finds Maggots, Manure, Rodents in Hen Houses

Iowa egg farms suspected in salmonella outbreak

(Newser) - You might want to skip the omelet for breakfast this morning: Federal inspectors recently found live mice, pigeons, and eight-foot piles of manure inside the hen houses of two massive Iowa egg farms suspected of causing a nationwide outbreak of salmonella . At one of the farms they also found "... More »

Activists Win Battle in War on Factory Farms

New farms in Ohio won't use extreme caging

(Newser) - Ohio’s biggest farms have agreed to a series of new restrictions on how they confine their animals, hoping to prevent a potentially losing ballot standoff with the Humane Society and other animal rights groups. Under the deal, no new egg farms will be built using extreme caging methods, and... More »

Shocking Egg-Farm Film Reignites Animal Debate

Humane Society video sparks new battle with farmers

(Newser) - A video showing chickens being slammed into metal crates has reignited a battle between the Humane Society and farmers. The footage, shot by an undercover Humane Society volunteer, shows chickens held in battery cages over enormous manure pits and chickens being violently shoved into a euthanizing chamber. "We're asking... More »

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