obesity epidemic

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MRI Machines Go Super-Size for Chubbier US

Accommodating obesity 'a design requirement'

(Newser) - As the US gets heavier, makers of MRI machines and other medical scanners are rushing to cope—by literally enlarging their equipment. But for some Americans, the process isn't going fast enough. The Wall Street Journal recounts the story of a 630-pound Maryland mechanic who's been out of... More »

City Residents Slimmer Than Rural Ones

Manual labor is down, but diets haven't changed, says study

(Newser) - In the US, there's plenty of obesity to go around, but the problem is significantly worse in rural areas compared to urban ones, a new study finds. Some 39% of rural Americans are obese, versus 33% of urbanites, a researcher tells ABC News . Rather than depending on self-reporting, researchers... More »

Are Antibiotics Making Us Fat?

Scientists hypothesize that killing stomach bacteria is a bad thing

(Newser) - Antibiotics may make you get well, but are they also making you get fat? Some microbiologists think they might be, by killing off gut bacteria that would otherwise help digest food, Wired reports. In a study published this week, NYU researchers found that infants exposed to antibiotics before they were... More »

CDC Unveils Latest Fat Map

Obesity tops 20% in every state

(Newser) - More than a fifth of adults in Colorado are fat, but it's still the skinniest state in the nation, according to a new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention map that highlights the scale of America's obesity epidemic. The CDC's 2011 map, based on a continuous, wide-ranging... More »

Scientists Find New Obesity Clue in Tanzania

It turns out Westerners and hunter-gatherers have same metabolic rate

(Newser) - Scientists have long thought our hunter-gatherer ancestors burned through many more calories than the TV-watching, desk-sitting people of today, but a new study suggests that may not be the case—and the finding could inform our very modern-day battle against obesity. Researchers studied 30 members of the still-hunter-gatherer Hadza tribe... More »

Obesity as Bad for Planet as Overpopulation

And North America is the biggest culprit

(Newser) - We may worry that too many people are draining the planet's resources—but in fact, "it's not how many mouths there are to feed, it's how much flesh there is," a researcher says. His study shows that if every country in the world were as... More »

1 in 3 Homeless Are Obese

Malnutrition might be expected, but Boston study found just 1.6% underweight

(Newser) - If you imagine the homeless as emaciated waifs, think again: In today's America, even the destitute are fat. A new study of Boston's homeless population found that 65.7% were overweight, and half of those—or about 1 in 3 overall—were obese, Wired reports. "This study... More »

Culprit for Epidemics of Autism, Obesity: Fungicide?

New study suggests chemicals' effects linger for generations

(Newser) - Can the recent increase in autism, obesity, and anxiety disorders be traced back to chemical exposure? That's what a new study involving pregnant rats suggests, AFP reports. Pregnant rats who were exposed to the common fungicide vinclozolin had descendants who, three generations later, weighed more, were less sociable, and... More »

Why Food Must Be Regulated Like Tobacco

David Lazarus: It's time to stop the obesity epidemic

(Newser) - The obesity news just keeps getting worse, the latest example being the study warning that 4 in 10 American adults could be obese in less than 20 years. "Americans eat too damn much," writes David Lazarus in the Los Angeles Times . And though it may be distasteful to... More »

42% of Americans Will Be Obese by 2030

But growth in obesity rate has slowed down significantly

(Newser) - The once-explosive growth in the proportion of Americans who are obese has slowed, but it's still expected to grow to 42% by 2030, according to the latest Centers for Disease Control study. The study found that if the obesity rate stays at the current level—34%—then some $550... More »

Black Women: Fat Because We Want to Be

Alice Randall: 80% of black women 'seriously overweight'

(Newser) - Most Americans need discipline in order to battle today's obesity epidemic—but in black America, "what we need is a body-culture revolution," writes Alice Randall in the New York Times . Even experts "don’t understand something crucial about black women and fat: many black women are... More »

Why We're Losing the Obesity Fight

Frank Bruni says we're not appreciating the gravity of our weight problem

(Newser) - It's time to stop sneering at the morbidly obese as "the undisciplined miscreants of modern American life," writes Frank Bruni in the New York Times ; they're just doing what comes naturally. Bruni, riffing off the upcoming book and HBO documentary The Weight of the Nation, argues... More »

America's Fattest City Is ...

McAllen, Texas, has No. 1 obesity rate

(Newser) - America is the fattest country in the world , and Mississippi the fattest state . But where are the most overweight cities? Surprisingly, none of the top 10 are in Mississippi. Instead, the metro area of McAllen-Edinburg-Mission, Texas, close to the border with Mexico, tips the scales at No. 1 with... More »

First Diet Drug in 13 Years? FDA to Start Review

Qnexa will be reviewed by the agency next week

(Newser) - If the FDA gives its blessing, a drug named Qnexa could become a very big deal. A preliminary review begins next week on the pill, which could become the first diet drug approved in 13 years, reports the New York Times . It's nowhere near a sure thing: Two years... More »

Army Wants to Fight Obesity—With Fat Injections

New research award asks companies for a way to generate 'good' brown fat

(Newser) - The Army thinks its troops are getting too fat, and it's hoping to solve that problem with science. In its latest round of small-business research awards, the Army has asked companies to find a way to slim down its soldiers by injecting them with fat. Confused? Well, as Wired... More »

US Obesity Rates Leveling Off

After 30 years on the rise, rates appear to be stabilizing

(Newser) - After rapidly rising for three decades, obesity rates in the US are apparently stabilizing—finally, the Los Angeles Times reports. New data shows just a slight rise in obesity rates since 2005, and many experts say this flattening reflects the success of efforts such as healthier school lunches and nutritional... More »

Deen Confirms Diabetes, Partners With Drugmaker

Paula wants to show American public 'simple ways' to cope with disease

(Newser) - It's as official as it is unshocking: Butter-slinging celeb chef Paula Deen—she who combined a Krispy Kreme doughnut, hamburger, bacon, and fried egg and called it breakfast —confirms that she has Type 2 diabetes . But she's determined to make something positive out of the diagnosis, like... More »

UK Women: 'Europe's Fattest'

British women fatter than Maltese, Latvians, and Hungarians

(Newser) - The Brits clearly know how to toss a few back —but now it turns out they can wolf down a good meal or three, too. A new study finds that the UK has more overweight women than any country across Europe, the BBC reports. The survey of 19 countries... More »

15 Things That Will Make You Fat

Holidays, relationships, and quitting smoking among the dangers

(Newser) - With Americans continuing to get bigger and bigger , we need all the help we can get to stay healthy—so the Daily Beast offers a warning on 15 things that might cause you to pack on the pounds:
  • Holiday season: With all the food, stress, and booze associated with Thanksgiving,
... More »

Chris Christie Is Fat—So What?

'Girth doesn't equal character,' writes Frank Bruni

(Newser) - Sometimes, size does matter, such as in spelunking or squeezing into a middle seat on economy class flights. "But the presidency? That’s ludicrous," writes Frank Bruni in the New York Times , referring to recent sneering coverage of the portly Chris Christie and his presidential amibitions. There are... More »

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