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Woman Says Trying on Lipstick Gave Her Herpes

She's suing Sephora for emotional distress

(Newser) - Two years ago a woman walked into a Sephora cosmetics store in Los Angeles to try on lipstick and, she says, walked out with herpes. This according to a lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on Oct. 26, in which the woman claims Sephora "failed to clearly warn... More »

Study Finds Carcinogens in Lipstick

Don't 'panic,' says study co-author, but maybe 'use it less'

(Newser) - A new study of 32 popular lipsticks and lip glosses uncovered nine metals including lead, aluminum, chromium, and cadmium, some at levels that could be toxic, researchers say. The UC Berkeley study found that, in particular, average lipstick users (who apply lipstick an average of 2.3 times a day... More »

$55 Lipstick Has Caviar Extract

'Designer lipstick' a growing trend: NYT

(Newser) - Sure, you can still buy lipstick for a few bucks at the local drugstore—but why would you? The New York Times reports today on the growing trend of designer lipstick, one tube of which will cost you up to $60. “I heard and read repeatedly in many of... More »

Stuff I've Found in My Cleavage

Don't call a locksmith about your missing keys until you check your bra

(Newser) - The basics for an evening out—money, keys, lipstick, an ID—fit nicely in a small handbag. You might be tempted to tuck them into your bra, but think again. "I stored lipstick in mine once, and it dislodged while I was dancing and leaked all over me like... More »

Time for Sex? Read Her Lipstick

If it's dark red, she's ready

(Newser) - Too shy to make a move on your new galpal? No problem: A new lipstick will tell you when she’s in the mood. Mood Swing Emotionally Activated Lip Gloss starts out clear, and the deeper red it gets, the friskier she feels—it even comes complete with a handy... More »

Johnny Depp Is Perfection: Vanessa Paradis

Galpal waxes on, and on, and on, about longtime beau

(Newser) - Guess what? Vanessa Paradis loves Johnny Depp—no, you don't understand; she loves him. "I love his style, yeah, yeah, yeah!" an overly enthusiastic Paradis tells People in an apparent attempt to make Depp fans everywhere gag. "I love him, and I don't have to say I... More »

For Lips, Hot Pink Is New Red

It is, after all, the new red

(Newser) - Hot pink lipstick is “younger, hipper, and definitely a little more edgy” than red, says a makeup artist to the stars. How best to copy the look of Kim Kardashian, Leighton Meester, and other pink-pouted celebs? Makeup artist Mally Roncal offers USA Today some tips:
  • A matte look might
... More »

Bank of England Orders Its Women Into Heels, Lipstick

When in trouble, male execs turn to makeup

(Newser) - The battered Bank of England has ordered its female workers into heels and at the very least lipstick, igniting a firestorm of controversy. The institution, facing one of the worst economic slumps in history, took time out to hold a seminar teaching its women how to look "feminine" without... More »

GOP Foots $150K Bill for Palin Clothing, Makeup

RNC defends $150k clothes, makeup budget for Palins

(Newser) - Sarah Palin apparently isn't kidding when she stresses the importance of lipstick to a hockey mom: the RNC spent $5000 on hair and makeup en route to racking up a $150,000 bill for clothing and accessories for Palin and her family since John McCain picked her as his... More »

This Ain't Your Granddaddy's Lipstick on a Pig

Contrary to Obama aide, phrase is new twist on prettying porky

(Newser) - Whether Barack Obama was taking a rouge-colored swipe at Sarah Palin is debatable, but a staffer’s claim that "lipstick on a pig" is a phrase “older than my grandfather’s grandfather” should raise eyebrows, Ben Zimmer explains on Slate. The phrase has probably only been around since... More »

Lying Corrupts Campaigns Just as Money Can

Maybe it's time for finance reformer to swear off fabrications

(Newser) - We all know John McCain wasn’t really offended by Barack Obama’s “lipstick on a pig” comment—the one he pretended to think was a reference to Sarah Palin. “The whole controversy is ginned up, a fraud, a lie,” writes Michael Kinsley in the Washington Post.... More »

Obama Blasts Mac's 'Phony Outrage' in Lipstick Flap

GOP distracting from issues with 'Swift Boat politics,' Dem charges

(Newser) - Barack Obama fired back today at a McCain campaign ad claiming he smeared Sarah Palin, calling the tactic "phony outrage and Swift Boat politics," the Washington Post reports. Obama used the phrase "lipstick on a pig" to describe John McCain's policies during a campaign stop yesterday, which... More »

Lead Warning Issued for Lipstick

Moms' cosmetics could affect children, expert cautions

(Newser) - More than half of all lipsticks tested in a recent study contained some level of lead, a new report warns. The amounts weren't high enough to cause lead poisoning in healthy adults, but could affect small children, raising concerns for pregnant women and mothers. "There are hazardous levels of... More »

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