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Jellyfish Cells Used to Make Cancer Glow

Doctors say technique will help diagnose hard-to-spot cancers

(Newser) - A team of British scientists has dreamed up a way to track down cancerous tumors deep inside the body—by making them light up like a jellyfish. The scientists created viruses that contain light-generating green fluorescent proteins (GFPs) derived from jellyfish cells, the BBC explains. When injected into a patient,... More »

Jellyfish Stings 100+ at NH Beach

Great White it's not, but huge critter wreaks havoc

(Newser) - A jellyfish the size of a trash can lid raised a posthumous ruckus yesterday, stinging up to 150 at a New Hampshire beach and sending five of those to the hospital. Beach officials had apparently tried to remove its carcass earlier, causing it to break up into pieces that floated... More »

Oxygen-Free Creatures Found Deep in Mediterranean

Species can live and reproduce in Ocean's dead zones

(Newser) - Scientists have discovered the first known creatures that can survive and reproduce without oxygen. The three new species from the Loricifera group were found deep in the "dead," or oxygen-free, zone of the Mediterranean Sea. One of the minuscule animals—approximately a millimeter long—looks like a jellyfish... More »

'Best Job' Winner Stung by Lethal Jellyfish

Southall survives worst day of dream work

(Newser) - Contest winner Ben Southall is recovering after his final week in "the world's best job" nearly became his last week alive. The 34-year-old Englishman, who beat thousands of other applicants to land a 6-month $150,000 job as caretaker of a Great Barrier Reef island, was stung by a... More »

Giant Jellyfish Sink Trawler

Net filled with 400-pound creatures capsizes boat

(Newser) - A 10-ton fishing trawler sank off the coast of Japan after its crew tried to haul in a net filled with gigantic jellyfish. The three crew members were pitched into the water as the ship capsized and were rescued by another boat, the Telegraph reports. Nomura's jellyfish can weigh up... More »

Cool and Weird Places to Swim

(Newser) - If you love swimming but tire of the ordinary and the chlorine-scented, consider these "unusual or cool places" uncovered by WebUrbanist :
  • The Dead Sea: Lie back and read a good book in the world's saltiest body of water, which will likely keep you afloat while delivering "an
... More »

Jellyfish Journeys May Affect Climate

Creatures' movements may carry carbon dioxide to ocean depths

(Newser) - Jellyfish may be secretly affecting the climate of the oceans: Their movements appear to help change the balance of carbon in the atmosphere, NPR reports. Many jellyfish hide from predators deep underwater during the day and head to the surface at night for a snack, says an oceanographer. When they... More »

Palau Is Taking Gitmo Detainees. So What's Palau?

(Newser) - When the island nation of Palau agreed to help President Obama close Gitmo by taking in 13 detainees, few Americans had heard of the tiny country. But the US and Palau share a close bond, NPR reports. “It’s a small island nation, but its status as a sovereign... More »

Giant Jelly Storms UK Beach

(Newser) - Bathers at a British beach were flummoxed today by the sight of a 4-foot jellyfish that washed up on the shore near Devon, the Telegraph reports. It’s one of the biggest jellies to be found in the UK and unusually large for the Rootmouth species, which experts say usually... More »

'Benjamin Button' Jellyfish Are Immortal

Can revert to younger form and reproduce

(Newser) - For some aging jellyfish, their best years may still be ahead: Faced with a threat, one species can essentially turn itself younger again, National Geographic reports. Turritopsis dohrnii reverts its cells to a “younger state,” says a researcher, and becomes a blob; from there, it develops into a... More »

If You Can't Beat ’Em, Eat ’Em: Chef

Chef cooks up tasty solution to jellyfish problem on Spain's beaches

(Newser) - Where most Spaniards see the ocean's roadkill, one daring chef sees entree, the Independent reports. Carme Ruscalleda, who has garnered five Michelin stars for her restaurants, wants to serve up jellyfish—16 tons of which washed up on Andalucia beaches last year—at her restaurant near Barcelona. "They really... More »

Sea of New Ocean Life Discovered

Scientists find new crustaceans, rays, sharks and coral

(Newser) - Over 100 new ocean species have been discovered in coral reefs off Western Australia during a global census of marine life. They include exotic soft corals, new kinds of jellyfish, rays and shellfish, and parasites that feed on the tongues of fish, reports the Sydney Morning Herald. The discoveries are... More »

Jellyfish Surge Is Ocean Call for Help

Ocean is 'sending us a message,' warns expert

(Newser) - Jellyfish populations are surging because of rising sea temperatures and overfishing, which leaves them with few predators and no competition for plankton, reports the New York Times. Fishermen are finding nets “filled with more jellyfish than fish,” said one, and swimmers are reporting increasing numbers of jellyfish stings,... More »

8 Signs the Animal Kingdom Is in Trouble

On land, at sea, and in sky, planet's woes threaten inhabitants

(Newser) - Biologists have mounting evidence that human activity is causing real damage to the natural world. LiveScience lists overlooked indications that things are seriously out of whack.
  1. Earlier migration: Several bird species are getting their timing wrong.
  2. Jellyfish rule: The creatures are hitching rides on ships.
More »

Jelly-cide: 100,000 Salmon Killed

Northern Ireland's entire stock destroyed in jellyfish attack

(Newser) - An attack of killer jellyfish has wiped out Northern Ireland’s only salmon farm. More than 100,000 fish died in the seven-hour attack, causing estimated losses of $2.1 million, AFP reports. The 35-foot-deep wave of jellyfish covered 10 square miles. The mauve stinger normally prefers warmer Mediterranean waters... More »

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