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Price of Apple’s New AirPods Throws Consumers for a Loop

For $549, anyone can get high-tech headphones or a studio apartment in Albuquerque

(Newser) - Apple customers weren't expecting the new over-the-ear headphones to be released Tuesday, and they certainly weren't expecting the price: $549. The AirPods Max are wireless and connect with Bluetooth to an iPhone, computer, or other device that holds music, Ars Technica reports. There are all sorts of sensors....

Lawsuit Accuses Bose Headphones of Spying on Us

Or, of spying on those users who downloaded the Bose Connect app

(Newser) - Sometimes apps enhance products, but sometimes they also unlock access to a user's private activity. (Remember those vibrators ?) A lawsuit filed in Chicago Tuesday alleges that headphone maker Bose is doing just that with its Bose Connect app—spying on its consumers' listening habits and gathering data it...

A Peaceful Snooze on a Plane, Then an Explosion

Woman's headphones caught fire as she flew from Beijing to Melbourne in February

(Newser) - A flight from Beijing to Melbourne, Australia, turned terrifying last month when a woman's headphones exploded midflight, burning her hands, face, and hair, the Sydney Morning Herald reports. The unidentified woman had dozed off a couple of hours into the Feb. 19 flight while wearing the headphones, and per...

Kids' Headphones Often Don't Deliver Promised Protection

Website finds trouble with half of 30 tested

(Newser) - If you're on the hunt for children's headphones—so-called because they limit the volume of sound that they emit to protect children's ears—experts are issuing a stern warning: They're not necessarily safe, even if they purport to be. The Wirecutter , a product recommendations site, has...

News Anchor Arrested for Allegedly Stealing Cop's Headphones

While going through airport security, no less

(Newser) - A Los Angeles news anchor was arrested Wednesday for allegedly stealing expensive headphones from a cop while going through an airport security line. The Los Angeles Times reports a passenger was going through the security line at Los Angeles International Airport when she noticed her headphones were missing. TMZ notes...

Apple Dumped Headphone Jack Out of 'Greed,' 'Stupidity'

Mashable columnist laughs off company's claim that 'courage' led to getting rid of iPhone feature

(Newser) - Apple presented its new smartphone Wednesday, and nestled in with the iPhone 7's much-ballyhooed features was the disclosure that the company is getting rid of the phone's headphone jack—news that wasn't exactly met with universal acclaim , or much acclaim at all. Chris Taylor is one detractor...

New Headphones Claim to Produce Runner's High

Too good to be true? The science is still out

(Newser) - A new company that's betting there's a big market out there for folks who'd like to, say, enjoy a runner's high without having to, well, run are about to unleash a new device that could very well induce a dopamine high. Florida-based Nervana, a wearable tech...

NFL Player Loses Job Over Free Headphones

He reportedly picked a fight with a teammate over some Beats by Dre

(Newser) - A promising NFL player found himself out of a job just in time for the holidays after a locker room fight over some free headphones. Deadspin reports New York Giants defensive end Damontre Moore was cut on Friday. And ESPN reporter Ian Rapoport—citing an anonymous source— tweets that Moore...

iPhone 7 to Ditch Its Headphone Jack?

If rumors prove true, new iPhone will be Apple's thinnest one yet

(Newser) - Rumors precede the release of every iPhone, but this one sounds pretty big—"sounds" being the operative word. Citing a Japanese blog that got its info from a "reliable source," 9to5mac.com reports that the iPhone 7 may be ditching its 3.5mm headphone jack, resulting in...

Beats by Dre, a Premium Product? Look Again

Media reports bring pricey headphones down to size

(Newser) - So you either bought a pair of cool Beats headphones, secretly pined for them, or hated them outright as a pricey con. Looks like—bing!—option three may be correct, according to a new round of media reports. "Beats by Dre headphones are garbage," writes Mario Aguilar...

Why Earphones Are Constantly Tangled Up

'Knot theory' offers some help

(Newser) - You get off the subway, stash your earbuds in your pocket, and when you pull them out again, they're completely tangled—even after you painstakingly untangled them yesterday. Why does it happen every time? Well, there's actually a whole branch of science to help explain, and it's...

Apple Makes Dr. Dre Hip-Hop's Richest Man

'Star-struck' firm pays record $3B for Beats Electronics

(Newser) - Apple has made the biggest buy in its history—and made Dr. Dre the richest man in hip-hop history. The company has confirmed that it is buying Beats Electronics for $3 billion, down from the $3.2 billion discussed earlier this month , reports Bloomberg , which notes that Apple is sitting...

Wearing Headphones While Walking? Bad Idea
Wearing Headphones
While Walking? Bad Idea
in case you missed it

Wearing Headphones While Walking? Bad Idea

Reports of accidents, deaths tripled from 2004 to 2011

(Newser) - Next time you slip on your headphones before walking to work, consider this: It could kill you. Last year, 47 pedestrians were killed or badly injured while wearing headphones—that's nearly three times the 16 who experienced the same fate in 2004, AFP notes. In total, 116 headphone-wearers were...

Best Buy, Dr. Dre Woo Would-Be DJs

'Club Beats' area will offer pro gear to budding novices

(Newser) - Best Buy is hoping the fascination with sound quality and all things DJ will make its new “Club Beats” in-store sections a hit. The new areas will be heavily promoted by Dr. Dre—whose Beats by Dr. Dre headphones will feature prominently—as well as other artists like Lady...

College Kids' iPod Volume Hurts Hearing

Most subjects in study set volume to damaging level

(Newser) - Most young people listen to their iPods at levels that will damage hearing over time, a new study shows. Researchers measured the output of an iPod while college-age students listened to music in a lab setting, and they found 55% of the subjects set the volume higher than 85 decibels—...

Yes, the $1,100 Earbuds Sound Pretty Awesome
 Yes, the $1,100 Earbuds 
 Sound Pretty Awesome 

Yes, the $1,100 Earbuds Sound Pretty Awesome

JH Audio in-ear headphones offer near-perfect sound, for a price

(Newser) - Sure, the new JH Audio JH13PRO custom earbuds cost $1,100, Jackson Lynch writes in Wired, but you get what you pay for. “The three sets of twin drivers funnel fantastically detailed sound directly to your cochleae,” Lynch writes. “The proprietary drivers—two for the highs, two...

Pogue's Top Tech Ideas of '08
 Top Tech 
 Ideas of '08 

Pogue's Top Tech Ideas of '08

List includes advancements from iPhone, Amazon and Netflix

(Newser) - David Pogue runs down the best tech ideas of 2008 in the New York Times, “the flashes of genius that somehow made it through committee, past the lawyers, and into the marketplace.” Highlights include:
  • Headache-free packaging: Amazon’s plastic-free alternative is good for the environment and does not

You Heard? Headphones, Pacemakers Don't Jibe

Headsets may interfere with heart devices

(Newser) - Headphones used with digital music players may interfere with pacemakers and internal defibrillators, scientists discovered in research contradicting reports from the US government. “Exposure of a defibrillator to the headphones can temporarily deactivate the defibrillator,” the lead researcher said. Draping the headphones over the chest caused hindrance in...

Ten Christmas Wishes From Wired
Ten Christmas Wishes From Wired

Ten Christmas Wishes From Wired

Number one is a slinky, and that's awesome

(Newser) - Wired editors have picked out their gadget wish list for the holidays this year, and while the list includes some high-tech toys like TVs and palmtops, it starts out with a standby: a slinky.
  1. Slinky (everyone knows it's slinky)
  2. Nokia N810 (open source palmtop)
  3. Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean (invincible wristwatch)

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