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Big Name in Tech Just Quit Facebook

Walt Mossberg: 'My own values and the policies and actions of Facebook have diverged'

(Newser) - A lot of people have been abandoning Facebook lately, but one recent name carries more weight than most. Walt Mossberg, who's spent decades covering Silicon Valley for publications like the Wall Street Journal and Verge, is "one of the most respected technology journalists of our era," per... More »

12 Key Tech Products of the Past 2 Decades

Walt Mossberg lists most important devices, software

(Newser) - Walt Mossberg has been reviewing consumer technology for the Wall Street Journal for 22 years, and now he's signing off—but not before reflecting on the most important gadgets and software in his time with the paper. And a very fruitful period it has been. A timeline of the... More »

BlackBerry Z10: Not Too Little, But Maybe Too Late

BlackBerry's new phone brings the goods, but won't win over Apple, Android faithful

(Newser) - BlackBerry is betting its bottom dollar on the BlackBerry Z10 , the first phone to bear its radically redesigned new BlackBerry 10 OS. So how does it stack up? Critics generally like it, but worry that it's not enough to save the company. Here's what people are saying:
  • David
... More »

Now Free on iTunes: Steve Jobs' Q&As

Apple founder candidly addressed array of topics

(Newser) - From 2003 to 2010, Steve Jobs appeared at the D: All Things Digital conference and gave candid, unrehearsed answers on topics including Apple, its competitors, and many other aspects of the digital world. (He even made one appearance with rival Bill Gates.) High-quality videos of those appearances are now... More »

20 Years of Tech: We've Come a Long Way, Baby

Walt Mossberg looks back on two decades of reviews

(Newser) - Remember when revolutionary dial-up modems arrived on the computer scene or when America Online debuted? Walt Mossberg does, and the Wall Street Journal tech reviewer looks back on 20 years' of columns. Some of the milestones he picks out:
  • His first line in 1991: "Personal computers are just too
... More »

iPhone 4S: Siri Is Great, but Is It a Game-Changer?

Walt Mossberg says no, others are more wowed

(Newser) - The iPhone 4S looks exactly like its best-selling predecessor, but it has had a major internal revamp. The big news is that the fifth-generation smartphone "thinks different," thanks to its voice-controlled artificial-intelligence system called Siri. Writing for the Wall Street Journal , Walt Mossberg decides Siri is impressive but... More »

Steve Jobs a Man of 'Stunning Breadth'

Walt Mossberg recalls Sunday night calls with Apple CEO

(Newser) - Steve Jobs "was a historical figure on the scale of a Thomas Edison or Henry Ford," writes tech guru Walter Mossberg in the Wall Street Journal ; but, more than that, he was also a man of "stunning breadth" who loved to talk about his "sweeping ideas... More »

iPhone 4 Lives Up to the Hype

Critics love the awesome camera, screen, and new features

(Newser) - The iPhone 4 hits tomorrow, and tech reviewers everywhere are incredibly impressed. Here's what they're saying:
  • The iPhone 4 is “a major leap over its already excellent predecessor,” writes Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal . The new features work very well, and the redesign “manages to
... More »

Zuckerberg Sweats (Literally) Through Privacy Grilling

Facebook founder needs to bone up on answering questions cogently

(Newser) - Mark Zuckerberg, on the hot seat at the D8 summit late yesterday, apparently found questions about Facebook's privacy issues, and the backlash against them, so scorching that he sweated until his interrogators begged him to take off his hoodie. Not that they stopped hammering him, as he stammered through evasive... More »

How to Buy a Laptop

Mossberg offers his annual shopping guide

(Newser) - It's time once again for Walt Mossberg's annual computer buying guide, in which the Wall Street Journal 's tech guru runs down the bare minimum the average person should know when buying a laptop. His advice:
  • Processors: Intel has a shiny new wave of Core chips, the i3, i5, and
... More »

As-Seen-on-TV MagicJack Actually Works as Advertised

Walter Mossberg says super-cheap phone service worth a try

(Newser) - Walter Mossberg is as surprised as anyone to say it, but MagicJack actually works. If you haven’t seen its frequent, hard-sell TV ads, the little USB device hooks your computer to a traditional phone, allowing you to make unlimited calls over the Internet at a nigh-unbelievable rate. The first... More »

Ultrathin Laptops Solid Performers

Walt Mossberg reviews 3 cutting-edge laptops

(Newser) - Cheap netbooks aren't profitable for PC makers, so it’s logical they're trying to lure consumers toward laptops that are just as thin, but have bigger screens, more features—and a heftier price tag. Walt Mossberg reviews three such models for the Wall Street Journal, and finds pros and cons... More »

Droid a Savvy Choice for Smartphone Fans

Users sick of AT&T now have an option

(Newser) - Verizon has finally come up with a phone that will satisfy users who want an iPhone-quality smartphone to run on the firm's zippy 3G network, writes Walt Mossberg. The Motorola Droid, is, like the iPhone, "a powerful hand-held computer that happens to make phone calls," Mossberg writes. The... More »

Gap Narrows, But Macs Still Beat PCs

Performance and price gaps close but Mac is still value

(Newser) - With Windows 7 and Mac’s Snow Leopard operating systems both available, it’s time for Walter S. Mossberg to drop some science on the arduous task of picking a computer. Things aren’t too different this time around: Macs are still more expensive, though “prices on Windows PCs... More »

Windows 7: Finally an End to the Ordeal of Vista

It's even better than aging fallback Windows XP

(Newser) - PC users who've suffered the agonies of Vista are finally about to get a reprieve, Walt Mossberg says: Windows 7, to be released Oct. 22, is "a faster and much better operating system than the little-loved Windows Vista, which did a lot to harm both the company's reputation, and... More »

HTC Hero: Finally a Worthy Android Phone

Sprint's latest could be serious competitor to iPhone, Palm Pre

(Newser) - Android phones haven’t exactly taken off yet, but that could change thanks to the HTC Hero, a new Sprint-exclusive coming out Oct. 11 that’s “powerful, but different,” writes Walt Mossberg. HTC has tinkered with Android, layering its own “HTC Sense” software over it. Thanks to... More »

Toshiba's First Netbook Is a Step Up

Boasts big keyboard and touchpad, long battery

(Newser) - Toshiba, late to enter the low-end but lucrative netbook field, has finally rolled out its $400 entry, and Walter Mossberg finds that it beats competitors by solving several key problems: It boasts an easy-to-use keyboard, a long-lasting battery, and a large touchpad with big buttons. “The keyboard design resembles... More »

Switchover to Windows 7 a Big Pain

Move from XP may require external hard drive, patience

(Newser) - The latest Windows incarnation beats Vista and XP, but don’t expect a smooth transition: upgrading from XP to Windows 7 is an ordeal, writes Walt Mossberg in the Wall Street Journal. “In fact, the process will be so painful that, for many XP users, the easiest solution may... More »

Sealed-Battery Macs Earn High Marks

Batteries can't be replaced, but few do so anyway

(Newser) - Removable notebook batteries are convenient in theory, but hardly anyone actually replaces them. Apple and other firms are responding with sealed-in batteries, which, Apple says, can be bigger and thus last longer. Walter Mossberg ran his “own harsh battery test” on the new MacBook Pros and found their sealed-in... More »

Don't Go Buy Another iPhone, Just Get OS 3.0

New model is faster, but upgraded system offers plenty of perks

(Newser) - Apple launched its new iPhone operating system today, two days ahead of the 3G S model, begging the question whether existing users should fork out $200 for new hardware. “Faster circuitry makes a huge difference,” David Pogue writes for the New York Times, though Walt Mossberg, in the... More »

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