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Supreme Court to Hear Huge Consumer Rights Case

Can victims sue if FDA has approved drug?

(Newser) - The Supreme Court will soon hear arguments in what could be one of the biggest consumer-rights cases in years, reports the New York Times. The case focuses on whether customers who have been harmed by products that meet federal regulations can sue the manufacturer for damages, and is centered on... More »

Magnetic Pulse Heads Off Migraines

New device prevents pain without the side effects of drugs

(Newser) - For some of the 13% of Americans who suffer from migraine headaches, help might be only a button-click away, Gizmag reports. A new hand-held device works by sending a painless magnetic pulse through the brain, effectively scrambling the signals that would otherwise lead from the "aura" phase of the... More »

Migraines Aren't Just Annoying

New studies link the headaches to increased risk of heart attacks and strokes

(Newser) - Migraine headaches have been linked to more serious health problems by a number of new studies, the Boston Globe reports. People who suffer from migraines, especially those involving visual disturbances, have higher risk of heart attacks and strokes. Doctors aren't sure why, but are increasingly treating migraines as warning signs... More »

Hypertension Linked to Fewer Migraines

High blood pressure may interfere with pain signals

(Newser) - Beta blockers and other medications that lower blood pressure are routinely prescribed for migraines, but now a new study has discovered that people with high blood pressure had 40% fewer headaches. "This is a paradox," the lead researcher told WebMD. One possibility is that high blood pressure interferes... More »

Kids' Clothes Give Teacher a Real Headache

Swedish school bans stripes, polka dots to ease migraines

(Newser) - Bad news for Pippi Longstocking wannabes—a Swedish preschool has banned striped and polka-dotted children's clothing because the patterns trigger one teacher's migraine headaches. The ban is driving some fashion-conscious parents dotty, but the school's principal defends the teacher's right to "an appropriate work environment," reports the Local ... More »

Dutch Pharma Firm Preps Pot Pill

Drug may hit shelves in 5 years for migraine, Parkinson's victims

(Newser) - Why smoke pot when you can pop a pill? Echo Pharmaceuticals is jumping into Phase II trials for a new cannabis pill that could snag 20%-30% of the booming medical marijuana market, Reuters reports. The Dutch firm plans to sell the pill within 5 years, giving medical marijuana users a... More »

UK Doctor Cooks Up Migraine Cure

Blot-clot medicine relieves headaches in small early test

(Newser) - A British doctor's hunch about migraines shows early promise in bringing an end to the misery of the painful headaches, the Independent reports. Five patients were treated with a drug used for blood clots, which worked "spectacularly well," says cardiologist John Chambers. Now he's studying group of 280... More »

Migraine Pill Helps Alcoholics Quit: Study

But 20% drop drug over concentration, tingling side effects

(Newser) - A migraine drug appears to help alcoholics quit drinking without needing detox treatment, researchers have found. In 14 weeks, 15% of participants using the drug Topomax had stopped drinking for seven weeks or more, while others reduced their drinking, according to the study published in the Journal of the American ... More »

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