Virginia Tech shootings

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Va. Tech Marks Grim Anniversary

Students, faculty still struggle with last year's killings

(Newser) - A year after the tragic shootings in which 33 people died, members of the Virginia Tech community are still doing their best to heal, reports the Washington Post. "We have struggled to equilibrium," says a writing instructor at the university, "But no matter how strong we are,... More »

Scrawled Threats Shut Down Chicago College

'Post-Virginia Tech climate' forces school to close doors

(Newser) - In the wake of campus shootings at Virginia Tech and NIU, threats in a bathroom stall at Chicago’s St. Xavier University prompted an indefinite campus shutdown last night. After graffiti appeared for the second time Thursday, this time reading “Be prepared to die 4/14,” school authorities told... More »

Virginia Tech Families, State Reach $11M Deal

Lawyers quiet on details

(Newser) - Victims’ families in the Virginia Tech shootings have settled with the state for $11 million in a deal to prevent future lawsuits, lawyers said today. The lawyers, who represented 21 families, are mum on details pending finalization, reports the Roanoke Times. At least 20 families had earlier warned they might... More »

Colleges Apply Lessons From Shootings

Many rethink privacy concerns as they assess risky students

(Newser) - In the wake of shootings on college campuses, administrators around the nation are forming threat-assessment groups and rethinking policies about sharing information on troubled students, the AP reports. "If a student is a danger to himself or others, all the privacy concerns go out the window,” said an... More »

Va. Tech, NIU Gun Dealer: Arm Students

Looser rules will deter school shooters, says man who sold to 2

(Newser) - Eric Thompson sold guns to both the Northern Illinois University and Virginia Tech shooters, but he’s not apologizing for it. “I’m a businessman,” he tells the Los Angeles Times. “It’s a product.” But Thompson thinks he knows how to stop such violence: allow... More »

Students Aren't Signing Up for Text Alert Systems

Sense of invincibility, fear of revealing personal data to blame

(Newser) - Campus shootings keep making headlines, and schools are increasingly adopting text message alert systems as a response—but students aren't jumping on the bandwagon, the AP reports. Experts chalk up low enrollment rates to students' sense of invincibility, unwillingness to reveal personal information and the cost of receiving texts. "... More »

Utah's Well-Armed Students

In only state where concealed weapons are allowed on campus, many take advantage

(Newser) - While many states have responded to recent college shootings by debating whether firearms should be allowed on campus, Utah is the only one with such a law on the books—and students at its public universities are taking advantage, CNN reports. Predictably, while some students say they feel safer with... More »

States Weigh Allowing Guns on Campuses

Bills pending in 12 legislatures; advocates want ability to protect selves

(Newser) - Twelve states are considering bills that would allow people to carry guns at public universities, USA Today reports, a response to last year's Virginia Tech massacre. "The only way to stop a person with a gun is another person with a gun," says a University of Cincinnati sophomore... More »

College Suicide Prevention Trumps Privacy

Cornell seeks signs of student anxiety, brings parents into loop

(Newser) - After the Virginia Tech massacre highlighted the issue of student safety, more colleges began risking legal action by telling parents when their kids suffer from mental health problems, the Wall Street Journal reports. Cornell University, battling a reputation for stressed-out students, is now training staff to seek out and report... More »

Va. Tech to Turn Shooting Site into Peace Studies Center

New program will focus on violence prevention

(Newser) - Virginia Tech's Norris Hall will soon house the university's new Center for Peace Studies and Violence Prevention, in an effort to keep alive the memory of those who died in that building during the April 16 massacre. School officials announced the plan today, after a several months-long deliberation about how... More »

Threat Invoking Va. Tech Shuts Down College

School cancels today's finals after discovery of cryptic graffiti

(Newser) - The discovery of a cryptic threat that referenced the Virginia Tech shootings has temporarily shut down Northern Illinois University, the Chicago Tribune reports. The scribbled message on the wall of a women's restroom in a dorm referred to a specific school building and today's date, and included a racial slur.... More »

Penn State Costumes Spark Va. Tech Wrath

Macabre Halloween photos surface on Facebook

(Newser) - Virginia Tech is in an uproar over Penn State students who dressed up for Halloween as Tech shooting victims, then posted the tasteless pictures on Facebook, reports the Washington Post. The reaction has been both mournful and violent. "People all over Penn State—students, faculty, alumni—are appalled at... More »

FBI's Mental Health Gun-Ban List Doubles

Addition highlights scope of 'background check loophole'

(Newser) - Spurred by April shootings at Virginia Tech, new reporting of mental health data has doubled the number of Americans banned from purchasing guns on such grounds, Attorney General Michael Mukasey said today. Nearly 220,000 names have been added to the FBI list, highlighting the data-sharing gap that allowed shooter... More »

6 Months After Virginia Tech, Lawsuits Loom

Lawyer representing 20 families files notices against town, state

(Newser) - The Virginia Tech shootings six months ago Tuesday left 32 people dead and 20 threatening to sue. A lawyer yesterday notified state and town officials that he represents the families of 12 people killed and eight wounded; the group is weighing legal action on the grounds that town employees “... More »

Shooting Report Levels No Blame at Virginia Tech

School's response deemed okay, some upgrades recommended

(Newser) - Virginia Tech's response to the April shootings that left 33 dead got a free pass in an internal review today, CNN reports. Although the university should improve its communications systems and means of monitoring troubled students, the report says, it found no fault with how school officials and police handled... More »

Carbon Monoxide Fells VA Tech Students

19 sickened; 5 roomies seriously poisoned

(Newser) - Five female roommates were seriously poisoned yesterday after a carbon monoxide leak in off-campus housing at Virginia Tech sickened 19 people. Two of the women remained in critical condition and three were listed as serious.The accident was yet another blow for the school which yesterday dedicated a memorial to... More »

Va. Tech Shooter May Have Practiced

Investigators reveal new details of deadly April rampage

(Newser) - The Virginia Tech killer may have rehearsed his rampage 2 days before the massacre of 32 people on April 16, police investigators said today. One witness reported spotted a suspicious-looking hooded male near doors inside the academic building where the shootings took place on April 14, the Richmond Times-Dispatch reports;... More »

Va. Tech Probe Points to Privacy Laws

Muddled regs impede information flow; House OKs gun-control bill

(Newser) - A tangle of privacy laws helps prevent officials from sharing vital info about mentally ill individuals who may be dangerous, making it possible for them to buy handguns—and setting the stage for incidents like the Virginia Tech massacre. Greater awareness of the leeway officials have when safety is a... More »

Pastor: Killer Possessed by 'Demonic Power'

Cho's mother sought spiritual healing as son deteriorated

(Newser) - The mother of Seung Hui Cho sought spiritual healing for her angry, troubled son, the Washington Post reports in an examination of the Virginia Tech shooter's mental state. The head pastor of the One Mind Church in Woodbridge, Virginia, said his church was approached last summer to help deliver the... More »

Police Search for Answers at VT

(Newser) - The Post reports on the ongoing probe into the Virginia Tech shootings, with police reconstructing details of gunman Cho Seung-Hui's movements and searching for motives. Questions include whether Emily Hilscher, his first victim, was a random target, and the possibility that someone else mailed Cho's manifesto to NBC News. More »

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