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Texas School Rejects Lesbians' Daughter

Episcopal school doesn't agree with their lifestyle

(Newser) - A little girl in Texas was denied admission to a private school because her parents are lesbians, Fox News reports. When Jill and Tracy Harrison, who married in Canada, enrolled daughter Olivia at St. Vincent’s Episcopal School last month, they crossed out the word “father” on the admissions...

Teacher: I Was Fired for 'Fornication'

Florida teacher booted for getting pregnant before wedding

(Newser) - A Florida teacher is suing the Christian school where she worked until recently, saying they fired her because she got pregnant just before her wedding. Fourth-grade teacher Jarrestta Hamilton says that when she asked her school for maternity leave last April, she admitted that she’d conceived the baby three...

Exec: Ax Teacher for 'Sleazeball' Banker Slam

$25M-a-year banker outraged over comments to son's class

(Newser) - One of Wall Street's highest paid executives is pressing to have his son's teacher axed for insulting the banking world. Hugh McGee, who makes $25 million a year as Barclays' global head of investment banking, says the teacher told his son's 11th-grade history class last year that "all investment...

Fla. Teacher Cops to Sex With Boy, 15; Mom Approves

15-year-old boy's mother approved of affair

(Newser) - A teacher at a Florida private school has resigned and been charged with sexual battery of a child for allegedly carrying on an affair with a 15-year-old student, the Miami Herald reports. Maria Hernandez, 32, was arrested upon the pair's return from Disney World and admitted to sleeping with the...

Swine Flu Shuts 2nd NY School
 Swine Flu Shuts 2nd NY School 

Swine Flu Shuts 2nd NY School

Dozens of children call in sick in second major outbreak in Queens

(Newser) - A second school in Queens has been shut down after dozens of students suffered symptoms of swine flu, reports the New York Daily News. Cases have also been found in Brooklyn and the Bronx, and an outbreak is suspected at a Catholic school in Manhattan. The public school closed yesterday,...

After Day of Rest, First Daughters Back to School

Exciting Inauguration Day ended with Jonas Brothers visit

(Newser) - Sasha and Malia Obama are back in school today, after taking yesterday off to recover from inauguration fever, the AP reports. The First Daughters spent Tuesday smiling and waving, and were up late with surprise visitors the Jonas Brothers while their parents were out at the balls. The girls are...

Obama Daughters Start School

Barack gets teary as new life begins

(Newser) - Like millions of other children, the Obama girls returned to school today. Unlike the rest of the nations’ kids, they were accompanied by a cadre of police, Secret Service agents, and media, the Washington Post reports. The Obama family’s new life in Washington is off to its official start,...

Colleges Seek Kids' Opinions on Grapefruit, Perfect Crime

Quirky questions catch students off-guard

(Newser) - Bored with prospective students regurgitating textbook knowledge, Cambridge and Oxford have revamped their interview questions to include the abstract (Would you rather be a novel or a poem?), the existential (What does it mean to be happy?), and the downright crazy (How would you poison someone and get away with...

Obama Girls Visit DC Schools
 Obama Girls Visit DC Schools 

Obama Girls Visit DC Schools

Private schools likely for first daughters

(Newser) - Sasha and Malia Obama visited their mother's shortlist of Washington schools today, the AP reports. Reporters scoured the Beltway for signs of their motorcade, making a possible sighting outside the diverse Georgetown Day School. Chelsea Clinton's alma mater, Sidwell Friends, is also expected to be an option, as are DC's...

DC Schools Clamoring for Obama Girls

Michelle visits private schools competing for first kids

(Newser) - The politicos are debating Barack Obama's cabinet, but Washington’s parents are intent on another Presidential speculation: Where will the Obama girls go to school? Michelle Obama toured two of DC’s top private schools last week, and a third top academy is also thought to be on the shortlist....

DC Schools Compete for First Daughters
 DC Schools 
 Compete for 
 First Daughters 

DC Schools Compete for First Daughters

Washington's elite institutions vie for first daughters

(Newser) - As the Obamas head to Washington, the locals are abuzz about which private school might land first daughters Malia and Sasha. The Quaker school Sidwell Friends, Chelsea Clinton's alma mater, offers a host of big Beltway names, including some Biden grandkids. But many of them are Clintonites. “Imagine the...

PTA Mom: Gotta Love Palin for Public Schooling Kids

Advocate (and Dem) Tsing Loh disturbed to see candidates' offspring in private education

(Newser) - Sandra Tsing Loh likes Barack and Michelle Obama’s politics, but, as a proud PTA mom, wonders why they couldn’t send their kids to a public school in their native Chicago, she writes in the New York Times. The inclusion of middle-class or affluent children, especially from families who...

So What If Will Smith's School Preaches Scientology?

Actor denies it, but live and let live, writes LAT

(Newser) - Will Smith denies he, wife Jada Pinkett-Smith, or the school they founded are affiliated with the Church of Scientology, writes the LA Times in an opinion piece, but who cares if L. Ron Hubbard himself is teaching Scientology 101? The school, set to open in September amid rumors that it...

In Spain, Parents Divorce to Get Kids Into Top Schools

Points system leads to bogus split-ups

(Newser) - Spanish couples will do anything to get their kids into top schools—including break up, the Guardian reports. Thanks to a point-based admissions system that favors children of single parents, Spain has seen a staggering spike in divorces, suspiciously filed just ahead of the upcoming application deadline. Judges think many...

Prep Schools' Endowments Skyrocket
Prep Schools' Endowments Skyrocket

Prep Schools' Endowments Skyrocket

Institutions aim to fund needy students, top-notch facilities

(Newser) - Endowments at the nation’s elite prep schools have exploded over the past decade, mirroring the trend at top colleges, reports the New York Times. America’s older schools have fared best: the endowment of Phillips Exeter Academy in NH has broken $1 billion, double its amount in 2002, while...

Best Places to Educate Children
Best Places to Educate Children

Best Places to Educate Children

(Newser) - Wondering where’s the best place to educate your children? Compiling scores from various criteria--strength of the public school system, options for private schools, library popularity, the abundance of higher-learning institutions—Forbes magazine made a list of the best educational environments. Here’s the top ten:
  1. Washington, DC-Arlington, VA
  2. Madison,

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