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Secret Weapon Against New Skin Cancer: Vitamin B3?

B3 type reduced reoccuring cases by 23% in clinical trials

(Newser) - People prone to skin cancer can reduce their risk with a widely available vitamin that's "almost obscenely inexpensive," a researcher says. The find comes from a clinical trial in which Australian patients who had had two or more cases of skin cancer in five years took twice-daily...

Alzheimer's Disease Research: Vitamin B-12 May Stave It Off
 B-12 May Stave Off Alzheimer's 

B-12 May Stave Off Alzheimer's

But don't start taking supplements yet, says one charity rep

(Newser) - Vitamin B has already been linked to Alzheimer’s , but new evidence shows that vitamin B-12, specifically, may help to fend off the disease. In a recent study of 271 people published in the Neurology journal, those with the highest levels of B-12 were the least likely to have dementia,...

Vitamin B6 Cuts Lung Cancer Risk in Half

But findings don't mean you can keep smoking

(Newser) - People with high levels of vitamin B6 were only half as likely as other people to develop lung cancer, even if they smoked, according to new research. The vitamin is found in many food sources, including bananas, fish, and potatoes. The scientists warn, however, that no definite cause-and-effect relationship has...

Diet Slashes Risk of Alzheimer's Disease

Load up on leafy greens, olive oil, nuts rather than saturated fat

(Newser) - Fill up on leafy green vegetables, nuts, poultry, and fish rather than red meat, butter, and full-fat dairy, and you may cut your risk of developing Alzheimer's disease by as much as 40%, scientists said today. "We know that these foods are definitely helpful for other conditions and diseases,...

Bad Vitamin Killed Polo Horses: Team Captain

Common drug was tainted, he claims

(Newser) - A tainted vitamin supplement killed the 21 horses that collapsed before a polo match in Florida last weekend, the captain of the Venezuelan team claims. He notes that five horses not given the drug are fine. The French drug, called Biodyl, is commonly administered in Europe but not approved for...

Vitamins Lower Risk of Vision Loss: Study

B vitamins, folic acid shown to decrease macular degeneration

(Newser) - Folic acid and two B vitamins lowered the risk of vision loss in middle-age women who took the supplements for several years as part of a study, the Boston Globe reports. The study by researchers at Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital found that the combination lowered...

Vitamin Could Delay Onset of Alzheimer's

B3 pills caused big improvement in mice; human trials to begin

(Newser) - A simple dose of vitamin B3 may be one of the keys to combating the brain deterioration caused by Alzheimer’s disease, California scientists say. The team found that diseased mice given high levels of the vitamin retained normal memory ability over the four months of a study, and healthy...

Low B12 Levels Tied to Brain Shrinkage, Memory Loss

Many adults deficient in crucial nutrient

(Newser) - Vitamin B12 deficiency can cause memory loss, particularly in the elderly, reports the BBC. People short on the nutrient were 6 times more likely than individuals with normal levels to experience brain shrinkage, which is strongly linked to dementia, a new study shows. Forty percent of people are believed to...

Eat Your Veggies; Here's How
 Eat Your Veggies; Here's How 

Eat Your Veggies; Here's How

Cooking (or not) can boost nutrients, experts say

(Newser) - Chomping on a raw carrot may give you the keen eyesight of a cartoon rabbit, but boiling the vegetable first is a better way to release its nutrients, scientists say. The New York Times looks at a variety of cooking methods and finds the goodness of the good stuff on...

Green Veggies May Fight Alzheimer's

Study links low folate levels, elevated dementia risk

(Newser) - Folic acid, already known to help prevent birth defects, may play a role in the development of dementia, the BBC reports. Elderly subjects with low levels of folate in their blood were three times more likely than people with normal levels to develop dementia, a South Korean study found . But...

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