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Demonstrations Honor Free Speech, Beheaded Teacher

Imams denounce 'appalling assassination' in France

(Newser) - Demonstrators in France on Sunday gathered in support of freedom of speech and in tribute to a history teacher who was beheaded outside his school after discussing caricatures of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad with his class. Samuel Paty was slain Friday , police said, by an 18-year-old, Moscow-born Chechen refugee who... More »

Cops: 'Serious Act of Violent Subversion' Halted in Germany

10 have been arrested for allegedly plotting terror attack

(Newser) - German police say they've arrested 10 people in the west of the country on suspicion of planning an Islamic extremist terror attack, per the AP . The DPA news agency reported the suspects were taken into custody on Friday and Saturday in the towns of Essen, Duesseldorf, Wuppertal, Moenchengladbach, Duisburg... More »

Bangladesh Unravels 3-Year Mystery of Machete Killers

2 militant Islamist groups are behind the attacks, authorities say

(Newser) - Since 2013 in Bangladesh, at least 39 activists, bloggers, foreigners, and religious minorities have been fatally struck down by mysterious machete-wielding figures on motorbikes. Now, authorities say they finally know who is behind the attacks, the New York Times reports. The chief of the police counterterrorism unit says that an... More »

Terrorists Win: Attacks Close Women's College

Pakistan militants attack a bus full of students, then the hospital they were taken to

(Newser) - A women's university in Pakistan has closed indefinitely after a pair of outrageous terror attacks this weekend. First, militants bombed a university bus in Quetta on Saturday, killing 14 women. They then went to the hospital where the survivors were taken and began, in the words of the BBC... More »

Nigeria Church Bombings Kill 21, Spark Reprisals

Boko Haram claims responsibility

(Newser) - Religious clashes have left dozens of people dead in a state that straddles Nigeria's Muslim north and Christian south. At least 21 people were killed when militants bombed three churches in Kaduna provinces yesterday. A suicide bomber was behind one attack while another was the work of militants throwing... More »

Al-Qaeda Plots Embedded in Porn

Plans to seize ships, attack Europe in memory chips that included raunchy vid

(Newser) - Extensive al-Qaeda terror plots were discovered embedded in a very un-Islamic spot: a porn movie. Plans for seizing cruise ships and European attacks similar to the assault on Mumbai were among the plots found on a digital storage device and memory cards that included a porn video called Kick Ass... More »

FBI Training Materials: Muslims Are Dangerous

Training materials are playing into terrorists' hands, say former agents

(Newser) - A shocking Wired exposé reveals that FBI counterterrorism agents are taught that "mainstream" American Muslims are likely to sympathize with terrorists, and that more "devout" Muslims are more likely to be "violent." The magazine acquired FBI training materials, some from as recently as March, which also... More »

China Sees Muslim Extremists in Xinjiang Unrest

But human rights groups doubt government story

(Newser) - Chinese authorities are blaming Muslim extremists with links to Pakistan for the burst of violence in the western region of Xinjiang that killed 11 people Sunday, reports Reuters . Leaders of this latest uprising in the restive region joined the so-called East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM) while in Pakistan, says Beijing,... More »

Woman Yemen Arrested Is a Med Student

Lawyer worries she was set up; US eyes Qaeda bombmaker

(Newser) - The woman arrested in connection with the Yemen bomb plot , whom authorities allege mailed the packages, is a 22-year-old med student and daughter of a petroleum engineer, reports the BBC . The woman's lawyer says he's worried his client was set up, and US officials, citing the weapons' level of sophistication,... More »

Major Christian Group Took $50K From Terror Backer

Nat'l Prayer Breakfast sponsor implicated

(Newser) - The foundation that sponsors the National Prayer Breakfast received thousands of dollars from the Islamic American Relief Agency, a Missouri-based organization with terrorist ties, the Washington Post reports. The Senate Finance Committee considers the agency a terrorist financier, and a few months after the federal government shut it down in... More »

Brits Warned of 'New Wave of Terror'

Militants from different nations appear to be joining forces

(Newser) - Britain should brace for a "new wave of terror" as the threat from both dissident Irish Republicans and Islamic radicals rises, the chief of the MI5 security agency warns. Militant Irish groups—one of which has threatened to blow up banks in Britain and Ireland—are showing worrying "... More »

'Terrorist' Who Threatened South Park Busted

Virginia man nabbed before flight to Uganda

(Newser) - A Virginia man who threatened South Park creators for mocking Mohammad has been busted and charged with supporting a terrorist organization. Zachary Chesser, 20, was nabbed as he was about to board a flight to Africa, where he planned to join the al-Qaeda-linked group al-Shabab, according to law enforcement authorities.... More »

12 Killed in New Russian Double Suicide Blast

1 of 2 North Caucasus bombers dressed as cop

(Newser) - Two suicide bombers—one of them impersonating a police officer—killed at least 12 people and injured 18 others in the southern Russian province of Dagestan today. Nine police officers were among the dead. The blasts in the North Caucasus region came two days after a twin suicide bombing tore... More »

Most Knew Jihad Jane as Just Colleen

Suburban online jihadist "wasn't nothing to remember"

(Newser) - Nobody who knows terrorist suspect Colleen LaRose had any inkling of her online JihadJane identity, and many of those who talk about her sound like she didn't leave much of an impression at all. The boyfriend LaRose lived with for years in suburban Pennsylvania while she took care of his... More »

Next al-Qaeda Attempt 'Certain' Within 6 Months

US remains focus for bin Laden, top deputy, intelligence chief says

(Newser) - An attempt by al-Qaeda or one of its affiliates to attack the US is “certain” within the next six months, the director of national intelligence told a Senate committee today. As long as Osama bin Laden and his top deputy are on the loose, Dennis Blair says, US targets... More »

US Now Thinks Abdulmutallab Had Accomplice

Man saw to it that Detroit-bound bomber 'did not get cold feet'

(Newser) - Though authorities initially downplayed one eyewitness account that the so-called “underwear bomber” had an accomplice with him at Amsterdam’s airport, they’re now hunting for the well-dressed Indian man who was with Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab on Christmas Day. And the reversal seems to have been buried by mainstream... More »

GOP's Inhofe: 'I Believe in Racial And Ethnic Profiling'

And 'all terrorists are Muslims or Middle Easterners'

(Newser) - Republican James Inhofe is all for racial profiling, political correctness be damned, he told a Senate committee hearing today on the Fort Hood shootings. Why? Because “all terrorists are Muslims or Middle Easterners.” Check the video above for the Oklahoman’s statement. More »

Feds Update Bin Laden Mug

Digital effects used to make 'aged progressed' pics

(Newser) - Using digital technology, the FBI has a new idea of what Osama bin Laden might look like today. The “aged progressed” images show the 52-year-old al-Qaeda chief—dressed in both Western and tradition Arab styles—grayer, with more wrinkles and facial lines. One thing that’s the same: the... More »

Hundreds of Millions of Muslims Are Terrorists: Koch

Former NYC mayor is OK with profiling

(Newser) - Former New York City mayor Ed Koch is OK with profiling Muslims for security purposes, he tells Fox News, since “hundreds of millions” of them are terrorists. “Of course the vast majority of Muslims, there are 400 million, are not terrorists,” Koch, 85, said today. “But... More »

US Found Out About Bomber's Terrorist Links as He Flew

Abdulmutallab was to be detained in Detroit

(Newser) - US authorities learned of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab’s links to Islamic extremists while the would-be bomber was aboard a Detroit-bound plane, the Los Angeles Times reports, and planned to question him when it landed. Intelligence officials have certainly gotten the chance—but only after passengers on Northwest Flight 253 stifled... More »

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