traumatic brain injury

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Afghanistan Shooting Suspect Had Brain Injury

Soldier also had marital trouble before deployment

(Newser) - The lone US soldier suspected of fatally shooting 16 Afghan civilians in a berserk weekend rampage suffered a traumatic brain injury during a recent tour of war duty, sources tell ABC News . The 38-year-old unidentified Army staff sergeant was treated for traumatic brain injury after some kind of vehicle accident,... More »

Parkinson’s Drug May Speed Brain Injury Recovery

Amantadine hydrochloride shown to accelerate improvement

(Newser) - Good news for patients suffering from severe brain injuries: A drug used to treat Parkinson's disease could accelerate their recovery. The drug, amantadine hydrochloride, was tested against a placebo in a blind study of 184 patients. The group receiving the drug showed more improvement—not a lot more, but... More »

Snowboard Champ Returns to Slopes After Brain Injury

Kevin Pearce to ride with friends for first time in 2 years

(Newser) - After hitting his head during halfpipe training two years ago, Kevin Pearce lost his shot at snowboarding superstardom: The accident left him in a coma with a traumatic brain injury, one that blurred his vision, shook his balance, and altered his memory. But even if his glory days are over,... More »

Brain-Injury Test for Troops May Be $42M Boondoggle

They go untreated in program plagued with problems: ProPublica, NPR

(Newser) - A military brain-injury testing program has cost $42 million thus far—but hardly any soldiers have benefited from the plan, according to a joint investigation by NPR and ProPublica . Their reports suggest the program has a been a huge waste of money that has fallen way short of its primary... More »

Giffords Awake, Talking After Skull Surgery

She is doing well after surgery to repair her skull

(Newser) - Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords has woken up and is communicating after doctors placed an implant in her head to repair her skull yesterday, neurosurgeons said today in a news conference. The operation is another milestone in Giffords' recovery and will allow her to move around without the helmet she has... More »

Gabrielle Giffords Can Stand, Plans to 'Walk a Mountain'

The Arizona Republic offers a long look at her incredible progress

(Newser) - On Easter Sunday, some happy news from the Gabrielle Giffords camp: The Arizona congresswoman can stand and even walk a little, and though she is currently working on improving her gait, she told her nurse she plans to “walk a mountain” one day. More from the Arizona Republic ’... More »

After Suicide, NFL Player's Brain Goes to Research

Scientists focus on effect of repeat injuries

(Newser) - Celebrated Bears safety Dave Duerson killed himself this week at age 50, and his family is donating his brain to science to see whether his suicide may have been related to concussions and brain injuries received as a player. "He had informed (his family) at some point that he... More »

Plucky Giffords: Hi, I'm Good

Mouthing song lyrics, talking on phone as she progresses

(Newser) - The once-eloquent Gabrielle Giffords is slowly re-learning how to talk, mouthing the words to "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star " and "I Can't Give You Anything but Love, Baby," and even telling her brother-in-law in space by phone: "Hi, I'm good." It’s "not like... More »

US Military Awash in Deadly Prescription Drugs

Powerful drug cocktails for stress, depression can be deadly

(Newser) - When Senior Airman Anthony Mena was found dead in his apartment, he had eight prescription medications in his blood, including three antidepressants, a sleeping pill, a sedative, and two powerful painkillers—but it was the combination of those drugs that killed him, not his own hand. The US military's medical... More »

Giffords Can Move Both Sides of Her Body

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand spoke with husband Mark Kelly, passes on details

(Newser) - More good news on the Gabrielle-Giffords-recovery front : She's now able to move both sides of her body. Speaking on Meet the Press today, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand said she had spoken with Giffords' husband last night, and the update was a good one: "She's using both sides of her body.... More »

Woman Rams Stiletto Into Beau's Brain

'My eye! My eye!' screams victim

(Newser) - A British woman kicked at her boyfriend in a cab in the middle of drunken argument, driving her 3-inch stiletto heel into his eye to his brain. "The heel went through the left eye of Gavin Taylor and fractured the socket and entered his brain and caused a blood... More »

Top Snowboarder Slowly Regains Consciousness

Olympic hopeful Kevin Pearce has 'long recovery' ahead

(Newser) - Doctors have upgraded Kevin Pearce’s condition from critical to serious and say the snowboarder is slowly regaining consciousness after a spill last week that left him with a traumatic brain injury. That’s “faster than anticipated,” one doctor says, but “he still has a long recovery... More »

Neeson 'Taking Each Day as It Comes'

Actor talks for the first time about wife's death

(Newser) - Liam Neeson and his boys are “taking each day as it comes,” he tells ABC. In his first interview since wife Natasha died in March, Neeson says his two sons, ages 13 and 12, are “getting along as best they can." The actor says he's "... More »

Woodruff: I'm Going Back to Iraq

(Newser) - Bob Woodruff returned to Iraq today, 3 years after he and his cameraman were seriously injured in a bombing there, he blogs for ABC. Still rehabbing from a serious brain injury, he says returning was a tough decision. “None of us could ever have imagined then that I would... More »

Catholic Teacher Held in 'Murder Attempt' on Student

British science teacher allegedly struck 14-year-old with a weight

(Newser) - A teacher in a Catholic school in England has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after a student he allegedly attacked suffered serious head injuries, reports the Guardian. The teacher assaulted the 14-year-old boy with a weight block used in a science lab as class was about to begin,... More »

Quebec Docs Push to Make Ski Helmets Mandatory

Minister may act after Richardson death

(Newser) - Doctors in Quebec are pressing their case to the province's sports minister to make helmets mandatory for skiers, the Montreal Gazette reports. They met with the minister yesterday, the same day Natasha Richardson died after falling on a beginners' course there. She had no helmet. Minister Michelle Courchesne will next... More »

'Walk and Die' Syndrome Likely Killed Richardson

Head injury from ski fall caused delayed bleeding in the brain

(Newser) - The head injury Natasha Richardson sustained in a skiing accident produced what doctors call "walk and die" syndrome, a UCLA neurologist tells the Los Angeles Times. Patients in such cases at first seem fine, walking and talking normally, but they swiftly deteriorate due to delayed bleeding from an... More »

Richardson Off Life Support

(Newser) - Natasha Richardson's family has taken the actress off life support, the New York Post reports. Family members including husband Liam Neeson, her two children, and her mother, Vanessa Redgrave, were standing vigil by her hospital bedside. Richardson, 45, suffered a critical brain injury in a ski accident two days ago.... More »

Could Helmet Have Saved Richardson?

Celeb's ski accident renews debate on safety gear

(Newser) - Natasha Richardson’s crippling accident while taking beginner's lessons has renewed the ski-helmet debate, the New York Times reports. Safety gear is more popular today—43% of Americans donned helmets last ski season, up from 25% 5 years prior—but still not required. Critics point out that fatalities haven’t... More »

Richardson Injured in Ski Accident

Actress in critical condition

(Newser) - Natasha Richardson is in critical condition following a ski accident in Canada, reports Irish Central. The actress and wife of Liam Neeson suffered a traumatic brain injury and was admitted to a Montreal hospital. “Neeson left the Toronto set immediately to fly to Montreal upon news of his wife’... More »

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