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Happy Labor Day (CBS-TWC War Is Over)

Blackout ends tonight, after payment dispute ends

(Newser) - CBS and cable provider Time Warner Cable have ended their payment dispute and expect programming to resume in millions of homes tonight. The agreement ends a month-long blackout of CBS and CBS-owned channels—including Showtime, CBS Sports, and the Smithsonian channel—which affected more than 3 million homes in Dallas,...

Kenya Plunged Into Darkness
 Kenya Plunged Into Darkness 

Kenya Plunged Into Darkness

Entire nation loses power

(Newser) - The entire nation of Kenya is experiencing a blackout, Reuters reports. The power grid failed today after two transmission lines went down, causing a ripple effect. Kenya Power, the country's only power distributor, says it's attempting "to restore power as quickly as possible." It's not...

Damascus Plunged Into Darkness

Power outage strikes Syria's capital, much of nation's south

(Newser) - A power outage plunged Damascus and southern Syria into darkness today, Syria's state news agency said, while anti-regime activists reported a string of tit-for-tat, sectarian kidnappings in the country's north. The news agency, SANA, quoted Electricity Minister Imad Khamis as saying that the failure of a high voltage...

Super Bowl Blackout Explained at Last

Power company takes responsibility

(Newser) - Power company officials revealed today the cause of the infamous Super Bowl blackout , and took full responsibility for it. A faulty relay device designed to prevent a failure in the Superdome's electric cables was apparently to blame, the AP reports. Entergy New Orleans officials said they were replacing the...

NFL: We Had a Backup Generator the Whole Time

Roger Goodell had 'sole authority' over contingencies

(Newser) - While you were watching the dark Superdome field last night, you might have found yourself wondering why it didn't have a backup generator. The answer: It did. There was a backup system, the NFL insisted today, and they were just about to turn it on when the main power...

Officials: &#39;Abnormality&#39; Behind Bowl Blackout
 Blamed for 


'Abnormality' Blamed for Superdome Blackout

New Orleans to probe 34-minute outage that ground Super Bowl to halt

(Newser) - Embarrassed officials say the blackout that shut down the Super Bowl for 34 minutes was caused by an "abnormality in the system," though they're still in the dark as to what caused it. The Superdome's management company says power was partially cut to isolate the issue...

Manholes Spout Fire in Downtown Omaha

Electrical fire causes underground explosions

(Newser) - Talk about pyrotechnics: Several manhole covers in downtown Omaha popped their lids and spouted fire last night after an electrical blaze caused underground explosions, Gawker reports. What's more, a local resident somehow snapped a photo of the moment. Omaha public workers were still trying to restore power downtown this...

Power Outage in Cuba Leaves Millions in Dark

Havana hit hardest, but outages reported around country

(Newser) - A power outage last night in Cuba left millions in the dark and sweltering heat, reports the AP . The outage hit around 8pm, affecting large parts of Havana for more than five hours, as well as the beach resort of Varadero, and there were even reports of brief power problems...

What the Massive Blackout Says About India

Embarrassing questions raised for country with big ambitions

(Newser) - India's power outage —among the biggest in the history of the world—is over, with the situation returning to what the power minister called "normal" by last night. But the questions are just beginning, note the Los Angeles Times and the New York Times . The blackout,...

600M Without Power as India's Grid Again Fails

3 grids go down amid soaring demand on taxed system

(Newser) - India's maxed-out northern power grid went down a second day today, and this time it wasn't alone. The nation's eastern and northeastern power grids failed, too, plunging more than half of all Indians into darkness in one of the biggest blackouts the globe has seen. Some 600...

Hundreds of Millions Lose Power in India

Northern power grid fails for first time since 2001

(Newser) - Northern India's power grid went down for the first time since 2001 early this morning, throwing hundreds of millions of people into the dark. Hundreds of trains ground to a halt and hospitals were forced to use generators after the country's northern grid crashed around 2:30am, unable...

Wikipedia Editors Blast Blackout

They prefer neutrality over advocacy

(Newser) - Switzerland: It's not just an entry on Wikipedia—it's what some volunteer editors would like to be in the SOPA ruckus. In a word, neutral. In light of today's SOPA/PIPA blackout , the AP speaks with editors who aren't too pleased with the site's foray into...

Odd Theft Leaves Village in the Dark

Repeated cable robberies halt trains in Britain

(Newser) - A rash of power line thefts is dogging Britain. An entire English village lost electricity for several hours on Friday after thieves stole some 3,000 feet of cable—and it’s the second such theft in that county alone since August, This Is Lincolnshire reports. It’s a running...

Worker 'Moving Equipment' Plunged 6M Into Darkness

But probers wonder how simple screw-up spread so far, so fast

(Newser) - Power company officials believe a worker moving a piece of monitoring equipment in an Arizona utility substation likely turned off the lights yesterday for a massive 6 million customers stretching through southern California and Mexico. "This was not a deliberate act. The employee was just switching out a piece...

Mexico Helps Power Texas During Storm

It transmits electricity to help state get through crisis

(Newser) - Wintry storms this week have left Texas scrambling to conserve electricity to prevent widespread blackouts. Power companies are working quickly to restore power, says Gov. Rick Perry, but rolling blackouts swept the state yesterday to help balance the lack of energy. In an ironic turn of events, Mexico's state electricity...

Skype Blackout Hits Millions Worldwide

Firm says service slowing returning

(Newser) - Millions worldwide have been hit with a Skype outage that began yesterday, the BBC reports. The online communications service says that failed “supernodes,” which “act a bit like phone directories,” are at fault. Now, Skype is trying to build “mega-supernodes” to fix the issue. The...

Toronto Loses Power During Queen's Visit

Outage may cancel or delay scheduled state dinner

(Newser) - A power outage struck late this afternoon in Toronto, where Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip are visiting at the end of a 9-day swing through Canada. The prince was at a downtown hotel when the lights went out and gamely presented the Duke of Edinburgh Awards for community service to...

Hundreds Die in India Heatwave
 Hundreds Die in India Heatwave 

Hundreds Die in India Heatwave

Heatstroke, blackouts, water shortages plague parched country

(Newser) - Hundreds of people have died in northern India as the country suffers the hottest temperatures it has ever recorded. Along with the at least 260 people reported dead, thousands have flooded hospitals suffering heat stroke or food poisoning. In cities the heat has also led to electricity blackouts and water...

Bad Weather Blamed for Brazil Blackout

60M affected after wind, rain knock out transmission lines

(Newser) - Heavy rain and strong wind last night caused blackouts that left nearly a third of Brazilians—60 million people—in the dark, officials said today as they scrambled to restore confidence in the country's infrastructure before soccer's 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympics. The weather made transformers on a...

In Recession, NFL Blackout Rule Raises Ire

To fill seats, league holds local TV broadcasts hostage

(Newser) - High ticket prices and the recession are taking their toll on attendance at pro football games. But if you can’t afford the stadium, at least you can watch at home, right? Wrong. The NFL is sticking to its “blackout” policy—no local broadcast if the stadium doesn’t...

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