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Man Charged in Unspeakable Death Involving Duct Tape

John Matthew Chapman will be charged Monday in the death of Jaime Rae Feden

(Newser) - A Pennsylvania man could face the death penalty for allegedly taking a special-needs woman to the desert to watch her die. John Matthew Chapman, 40, is set to be formally charged Monday in federal court in the death of Jaime Rae Feden, 33, NBC News reports. Authorities say he lured...

Sex Study Reveals Just How Normal Our Fetishes Are

Some behaviors defined as abnormal are relatively common

(Newser) - A new study published in the Journal of Sex Research shows that our unusual turn-ons, fetishes, and sexual proclivities might not be so unusual after all. Researchers set out to see how abnormal the eight abnormal sexual interests—fetishism, exhibitionism, voyeurism, frotteurism, masochism, sadism, transvestism, and pedophilia—laid out by...

Police Probe Radio Host in Sex Crime Case

Jian Ghomeshi claims he only engaged in 'consensual' BDSM

(Newser) - Former celebrity radio host Jian Ghomeshi is under investigation after three women told police that he had attacked and abused them sexually, the Toronto Star reports. Investigators are also looking into videos that Ghomeshi showed his employers at the CBC that apparently reveal his BDSM behavior in the bedroom. Sources...

Racing Boss Sues Google to Take Down S&M Photos

Google fears win for Max Mosley could turn it into Internet police

(Newser) - The first lesson of sex parties is—don’t let anyone take pictures of your sex party. As former Formula One racing chief Max Mosley can attest, they'll keep popping up in Google searches. Mosley, 74, was photographed partaking in consensual S&M role-play with five prostitutes several years...

Why Rape Fantasies Should Be Legal

 Why Rape Fantasies 
 Should Be Legal 

Why Rape Fantasies Should Be Legal

Ironically, the UK's proposed ban is an assault on consent, Tracy Clark-Flory argues

(Newser) - The UK is considering banning porn that depicts rape —not just actual rape, but simulated rape scenes between actual consenting adults. And that distinction matters a whole lot, writes Tracy Clark-Flory at Salon . "In general, the BDSM scene … is smarter about consent and negotiation than the vanilla...

Bloggers Give Newsweek S&M Story a Good Spanking

Katie Roiphe ties female submission to feminist victories

(Newser) - Author Katie Roiphe has whipped up a storm with her Newsweek/Daily Beast cover article on submissive female sex fantasies. Roiphe's argument: "that huge numbers of women are eagerly consuming myriad and disparate fantasies of submission"—think Girls, A Dangerous Method, Fifty Shades of Grey—"at a...

Police Believe Dead Spy Killed in Sex Game

Toxicology report comes up empty for MI6 agent found in bag

(Newser) - Police have hit a dead end in the strange case of Gareth Williams, the MI6 codebreaker whose naked, decomposing body was found inside a locked sports bag in his bathroom. Toxicology reports have revealed no trace of drugs, alcohol or poison, sources tell the Daily Telegraph , and since there’s...

Too-Hot Banker Dumps Her S&M-Lovin' Lawyer

Lorenzana was freaked out by sex harassment case

(Newser) - Too-hot-for-Citi banker Debrahlee Lorenzana was apparently afraid she’s also too hot for her lawyer—so she ditched him. After learning of a 2008 sexual harassment suit against attorney Jack Tuckner, “she was horrified,” a source tells the New York Post . And with good reason: Court papers filed...

RNC Staffer Fired in Bondage Flap Was Female Recruiter

Allison Meyers ran 'Young Eagles' program

(Newser) - The RNC staffer fired for reimbursing a consultant for a $1,946 night at a bondage club has been revealed: It was Allison Meyers, director of the “Young Eagles” program, sources tell Politico . It was her job to recruit donors under 50 years old. The now-infamous trip to Voyeur...

Bondage Club Patron ID'd as RNC Member, Not Steele

Erik Brown will return $2K reimbursement

(Newser) - The Republican Party official reimbursed for nearly $2,000 spent at an LA fetish club was a member of the RNC, not committee chair Michael Steele. The mystery patron who hit up the RNC for the $1,946 he spent at Voyeur West Hollywood is marketing exec Erik Brown, reports...

Michael Steele Blew $1,946 at S&M Club

Chairman uses RNC money to travel in style; suggested buying jet

(Newser) - Michael Steele’s getting a real flogging this morning for lavish spending, but hey, maybe he likes it that way. On a recent trip to California, FEC records show that Steele enjoyed a $9,099 stay at the Beverly Hills Hotel, spent another $6,596 at the nearby Four Seasons...

Julie and Julia Blogger Now an S&M Icon

Julie Powell's new book explores butchering—and kinky sex

(Newser) - Difficult as it may be to imagine, blogger-turned-author Julie Powell—played by the adorable Amy Adams in the recent Julie and Julia—has become the new poster child for S&M, thanks to her latest book. "For your average reader of Julie and Julia,” Cleaving—which follows her...

Woman Gets 8 Years for Banker's Bondage Murder

Sex game killing scandalized French financial world

(Newser) - A woman who shot one of France's richest men in the head as he sat tied to a chair in a latex bodysuit has been found guilty of his murder, the Wall Street Journal reports. Cécile Brossard was sentenced to 8½ years for killing her lover, financier Edouard Stern,...

Spanking's Stressful, but S&M Brings Couples Closer

(Newser) - Spanking your partner may ratchet up their stress hormones, but they’ll thank you when it’s over, according to a new study. Researchers measured levels of the stress hormone cortisol in 13 men and women at one S&M party, and testosterone levels at another. Those on the receiving...

Victorious Max Mosley Bares All
Victorious Max Mosley Bares All

Victorious Max Mosley Bares All

'Sex is funny' but tabloids are ravenous, says S&M-loving motorsport boss

(Newser) - When a British tabloid exposed Max Mosley's predilection for rough sex under the headline "F1 Boss Has Sick Nazi Orgy With 5 Hookers," he surprised everyone by going to court—and winning a record $120,000 in damages. Now the head of world motorsport tells the Guardian that...

Dominatrix Palin Wants to Whip Drooling Nation
Dominatrix Palin Wants to Whip Drooling Nation

Dominatrix Palin Wants to Whip Drooling Nation

Extreme views make GOP's fox less attractive

(Newser) - Sarah Palin has turned out to be a big hit with voters, many of whom think she’s hot, writes Greg Kamiya on Salon. Republicans have made a play for America’s gonads, hoping to make the election a referendum on “the perceived doability of the governor of Alaska....

Mosley Wins Privacy Suit over 'Nazi' S&M Orgy

Formula 1 boss wins $120,000 in damages against tabloid

(Newser) - Max Mosley has won his lawsuit against a British tabloid for exposing a sadomasochistic orgy he took part in and falsely claiming it had Nazi overtones, reports the Guardian. In a landmark decision, the head of world motorsport was awarded $120,000 in damages—thought to be a record in...

Mosley Bares Lurid Details in Hopes of Privacy
Mosley Bares Lurid Details in Hopes of Privacy

Mosley Bares Lurid Details in Hopes of Privacy

S&M trial entertaining, yes, but also a major salvo against tabloids

(Newser) - The spanking and the alleged Nazi overtones might be entertaining, but the Max Mosley trial playing out in London could have huge implications for the rights of the media, writes John F. Burns in the New York Times. The Formula 1 chief's lawsuit against Rupert Murdoch's News of the World...

Mosley Bares 45-Year S&M Obsession
Mosley Bares 45-Year S&M Obsession

Mosley Bares 45-Year S&M Obsession

Racing boss admits fetish but denies orgy had Nazi overtones

(Newser) - Max Mosley admitted in court yesterday that he's been into sadomasochism for 45 years, the Guardian reports, but firmly denied taking part in a Nazi-themed orgy. The British auto-racing boss is suing a tabloid for invading his privacy by secretly filming him being spanked and humiliated in role-playing with five...

Domineering, 'Perverse' Fritzl Feared at Local Brothel

'Mentally ill' dungeon dad terrified prostitutes

(Newser) - Josef Fritzl was a regular at a brothel near his Austrian town and the prostitutes there feared him and shunned him whenever they could, the Scotsman reports. His domineering, "perverse" demands terrified the women, said a bartender. Among customers "95% are normal and 3% are a bit weird....

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