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Lindsay Lohan Engaged
 Lindsay Lohan 
 Not Engaged 

Lindsay Lohan Not Engaged

Russian heir boyfriend was rumored to have popped the question

(Newser) - Turns out Lindsay Lohan isn't engaged after all. TMZ reported Tuesday that Lohan's boyfriend, Russian heir Egor Tarabasov, had proposed over the weekend, but LiLo's rep now tells People , "The story is untrue and holds no merit." (As of Tuesday night, TMZ was sticking to...

Lindsay Lohan Sues Fox News Over Cocaine Claim

Mom Dina gets in on defamation lawsuit, too

(Newser) - It took a while, but Lindsay Lohan and mom Dina are suing Fox News over a comment made on Sean Hannity's show nearly a year ago. On Feb. 4, 2014, two days after Philip Seymour Hoffman died of a heroin overdose, commentator Michelle Fields apparently accused Lindsay and Dina...

Now LiLo, Mom Hit With Foreclosure Notice

Yet more trouble for the Lohan clan

(Newser) - OK, so it seemed pretty bad when we heard that Lindsay Lohan had moved back into her childhood bedroom —but it turns out she hasn't hit rock bottom quite yet. At least her childhood bedroom is still available to her ... for the time being. Soon it may not...

Broke LiLo Living in Childhood Bedroom

Say sources; Lindsay Lohan's rep denies it

(Newser) - Poor Lindsay Lohan has hit a new low (or, as the New York Daily News gleefully calls it, "a new LiLow"): She's moved back in with her mom. She's got little money coming in, her accounts are frozen thanks to unpaid back taxes, and she can...

How LiLo Pays the Bills: She's an Escort?
 How LiLo 
 Pays the Bills: 
 She's an Escort? 
says her dad

How LiLo Pays the Bills: She's an Escort?

And more from the wacky world of Lindsay Lohan

(Newser) - Michael Lohan continues his Father of the Decade duties by giving a new interview to the ever-so-classy Star magazine in which he claims daughter Lindsay is a high-class escort, Radar reports. "She is getting paid to date rich men," and mother "Dina is pimping her out,"...

Bickering Lohans Accuse Each Other of Domestic Abuse

She says Michael abused her while Lindsay watched

(Newser) - Dina Lohan recently accused ex-husband Michael of "beat[ing] the hell out of" her during their marriage, and said the reason daughter Lindsay is "so screwed up" is that she actually "saw her dad abuse me." Now, newly released photos obtained by Entertainment Tonight appear to back...

Inside Lindsay's Insanely Bad Weekend

Michael Lohan tries, fails to stage intervention

(Newser) - Let's just say Lindsay Lohan did not have a great weekend. Here's how it went down, according to TMZ and several other sources:
  • On Friday, dad Michael showed up at her house with a few other people in an attempt to stage an intervention, partially because she's

Lohans Brawled Over $40K Foreclosure Bailout

And more sad details from Lindsay-Dina fight

(Newser) - It seems Lindsay Lohan and mom Dina were indeed fighting over $40,000 in yesterday's brawl—specifically, $40,000 that Lindsay loaned to Dina in an attempt to fend off foreclosure on Dina's home, TMZ reports. Seems Mama Lohan has been on the brink of losing her Long...

Cops Called as LiLo Brawls With Mom

Lindsay, Dina reportedly in violent fight after clubbing

(Newser) - The family that goes clubbing together … ends up in a brawl that requires police intervention, at least in the case of the Lohan family. Seems Lindsay and mom Dina went out in New York City last night, leaving to return home together around 4am. But on the way to...

You Can Talk to Michael Lohan for $18 Per Minute
You Can Talk to Michael Lohan for $18 Per Minute

You Can Talk to Michael Lohan for $18 Per Minute

Dial-a-star.com connects normal folk with D-list celebrities

(Newser) - If you've been just dying to actually speak to one of the Lohans, today is your lucky day: For $25 per minute, you can have a chat with Lindsay's mom Dina, or for the relative bargain of $18 per minute, her dad Michael. It's all thanks to...

Lohan's Nude Playboy Cover Leaked Online

But she hides her birthday suit behind bunny chair

(Newser) - Poor Lindsay. She can't even seem to get her big Playboy nude debut right. It's not her fault, though. Someone leaked her Playboy cover online. It doesn't actually show much, because the birthday-suited actress is strategically straddling a red Playboy bunny-shaped chair that hides most of her...

Mama Lohan May Sue Over LiLo 'Biopic'

Don't bring the 'negativity,' warns Dina

(Newser) - No one would dispute that an upcoming film starring heiress Lydia Hearst playing a wild young ne'er-do-well actress is about troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan. Even the film's writer says Hearst will play a "bratty movie goddess in and out of rehab and hounded by predatory paparazzi—a role obviously...

Lindsay Must Complete Outpatient Rehab

Actress to be drug-tested twice a week

(Newser) - Lindsay Lohan is out of rehab , but she still has obligations: The actress is required by law to complete her 90-day program as outpatient therapy, including random drug tests twice a week, the LA Times reports. Besides the tests, Lohan must also attend four therapy sessions and five meetings with...

LiLo Leaving Rehab and Hollywood

Lohan can probably still party in New York, though

(Newser) - Lindsay Lohan will likely get out of rehab early, and when she does, don't expect to see her in Hollywood. "She'll be coming back to New York," mom Dina tells Today , adding that Hollywood is "different. It's a different game you play there." Dina says Lindsay's...

Even in Jail, LiLo Plays the Diva
 Even in Jail, LiLo Plays the Diva 

Even in Jail, LiLo Plays the Diva

Mom complains starlet's treated like 'common criminal'

(Newser) - Reports of Lindsay Lohan’s diva behavior in jail are coming out, but diva behavior behind bars is just a bit different from, say, backstage at a concert. A fellow inmate tells Star Lindsay “freaked out” when she didn’t get another blanket, Perez Hilton reports. “She kept...

LiLo's Plan: Write Grammy-Worthy Album

 LiLo's Plan: Write 
plus: dad pulls a mel gibson?

LiLo's Plan: Write Grammy-Worthy Album

Meanwhile, Father of the Year accused of assault

(Newser) - The Delusional Quote of the Day comes to us from a source “very close” to Lindsay Lohan, who tells PopEater LiLo will be spending her time in jail writing music…and the resulting album “will definitely get nominated for a Grammy.” For more on her inevitable musical...

LiLo 'Scared to Death': Mom

Actress 'blindsided' by 90-day jail sentence, Dina Lohan says

(Newser) - Lindsay Lohan was "completely blindsided" when a California judge sentenced her to 90 days in jail for violating her probation, and the troubled actress is "scared to death," her mother tells Entertainment Tonight . "It's very difficult, we're not sleeping well, we're not functioning," Dina Lohan...

LiLo Flipped Off Court
 LiLo Flipped Off Court 

LiLo Flipped Off Court

What not to say to a judge

(Newser) - Next time Lindsay Lohan's at a probation hearing, she might want to skip the message on her middle fingernail that says "eff you." The words can be seen in a blown up Getty photo written on the bird-flipping finger of her left hand as she sits at the...

Reality TV's Newest Family: The Lohans
 Reality TV's 
 Newest Family: 
 The Lohans 

bad ideas dept

Reality TV's Newest Family: The Lohans

Show is about her 'non-crazy' family. Yeah right.

(Newser) - Just when you thought Lindsay Lohan couldn’t possibly sink any lower, she’s heading to…reality TV. To be fair, the show (network TBD) centers on LiLo’s immediate family, but mom Dina assures the New York Post that “Lindsay will appear in some episodes.” But not...

6 Ridiculous Celeb Crimes
 6 Ridiculous Celeb Crimes 
dina lohan: ice cream thief

6 Ridiculous Celeb Crimes

Freeing lobsters, spraying hair glue, and more...

(Newser) - Dina Lohan almost got herself arrested over an ice cream cake. Lohan apparently attempted to use her daughter’s free ice cream card, and a Carvel employee asked for ID. They both freaked out, resulting somehow in police helicopters arriving. Inspired by this insane incident—Lohan actually said, “It...

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