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Curse Like a Sailor? Maybe You're Just Honest
Curse Like a Sailor?
Maybe You're Just Honest

Curse Like a Sailor? Maybe You're Just Honest

Study builds on the premise that swearing is linked to less filtering

(Newser) - When profanity goes up, so does integrity. Wait, what? That's what researchers from Stanford, Cambridge, and beyond report in a study they've titled, "Frankly, we do give a damn: The relationship between profanity and honesty," in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science . They ultimately found...

MRIs Reveal How Little Lies Snowball Into Bigger Ones

'The brain adapts to dishonesty'

(Newser) - Everybody lies at some point, but scientists say they've uncovered a biological mechanism supporting the "slippery slope" that leads some from smaller acts of dishonesty to larger transgressions. Reporting in the journal Nature Neuroscience , they write that MRI scans allowed them to watch how a particular part of...

'Moral Symbols' at Work Can Keep Bad Bosses in Line

'Righteous' quotations, religious items can help workers avoid unethical requests

(Newser) - Could the whole subprime mess have been avoided if bankers had some inspirational Gandhi quotes laying around? That's the question the Chicago Tribune asks after reviewing a study that shows employees who display "moral symbols"—an "ethically righteous quote" or religious item like rosary beads—are...

Study Suggests These Are the Least Honest Countries

Here's how the US did

(Newser) - China ranks as one of the least honest countries and the UK as one of the most, if a new study out of the University of East Anglia in the UK holds any weight. Presenting their findings at the London Experimental Workshop this week, researchers say they analyzed more than...

We're More Honest in the Morning
 We're More Honest 
 in the Morning 

We're More Honest in the Morning

As the day goes on, our scruples grow weary

(Newser) - Never trust anyone after lunch. People tend to be a lot more scrupulous in the morning, a new study from Harvard and University of Utah researchers suggests. In a series of experiments, people were asked to solve math problems—some of which were impossible—either in the morning or afternoon,...

Is Your Boss Dishonest? He Might Need a Smaller Desk

Study sees correlation between 'expansive' surroundings and bad behavior

(Newser) - A study at the Columbia Business School floats a novel theory on why some white-collar workers lie, steal, and cheat—it's partly their desks' fault. The researchers say they found a correlation between "expansive" physical surroundings and dishonesty, reports PsychCentral . As the theory goes, someone sitting behind a...

Americans on Hard-working Rich: Admirable, Greedy
Americans on Hard-working Rich: Admirable, Greedy
new poll

Americans on Hard-working Rich: Admirable, Greedy

Oh, and more intelligent and less honest: Pew Research Center poll

(Newser) - Good news for the 1%: A little more than 40% of Americans think you are more intelligent and more hardworking than the average Joe, according to a new Pew Research Center poll . And if you worked hard to get your money, then 92% of middle-class Americans would describe you as...

Why Darkness Breeds Shifty Behavior

Study: People are more devious when lighting is dim

(Newser) - When it comes to the psychology of devious behavior, adults aren't much different from toddlers who cover their eyes with their hands to hide: We think that if we can't see, nobody can see us. So while there's nothing surprising about the fact that most crime occurs in the dark,...

Americans See a Lot of Bull on Wall Street

Most in poll give execs low grades for ethics, honesty

(Newser) - The executives who run Wall Street are bankrupt—at least, morally, say Americans in a new poll. Nearly 60% gave them poor grades for dishonesty and unethical behavior, Reuters reports. Most also blame the executives for Wall Street's mess. “We can’t act like it’s the fault of...

Obama Blasts 'Casual Dishonesty' of Bush Budgets

(Newser) - At a White House “fiscal responsibility summit” today, President Obama opened fire on what he called the Bush administration’s “casual dishonesty” about the federal budget, Politico reports. “Contrary to the prevailing wisdom in Washington these past few years,” Obama said, “we cannot simply spend...

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