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Pilot Sparks Panic With 'Mom on Board' Greeting

Southwest passengers heard 'bomb'

(Newser) - A Southwest Airlines pilot gave passengers a scare when he issued a birthday greeting to the mother of an air traffic controller. Passengers panicked after hearing "mom on board" as "bomb on board," the New York Daily News reports. Airline staff rushed to reassure passengers and the...

Bomb Squad Blows Up Briefcases at Boehner's Office

Suspicious briefcases turn out to be harmless

(Newser) - A bomb squad was called to John Boehner’s office in Ohio yesterday to deal with some suspicious briefcases left lying in the doorway. The cases all bore what appeared to be angry messages containing the words “jobs and oil,” WCPO 9 reports. A bomb squad robot “...

Writer Leaves Script for Agent—and Cops Blow It Up

Writer left briefcase at talent agency

(Newser) - Rejections are a fact of life for aspiring screenwriters. Rejections involving explosives, not so much. Beverly Hills cops blew up a briefcase containing a writer's script after a talent agent refused to read it, AP reports. The writer, who had been pestering the agency to read his script, left...

'Bomb' Attached to Australia Girl a 'Very Elaborate Hoax'

Madeleine Pulver is 'uncomfortable' but OK

(Newser) - A device, thought to be a bomb, attached to an Australian teen for 10 hours yesterday was actually "a very, very elaborate hoax," police say. A masked man affixed the device to Madeleine Pulver, 18, with "a chain or something similar," says an officer, which took...

Man With Suspicious Bag Detained in Pentagon Scare

Suspect in Arlington National Cemetery reportedly had al-Qaeda literature

(Newser) - Roads around the Pentagon were closed today after police detained a man in Arlington National Cemetery and found his car in bushes near the Pentagon. Park police stopped the man overnight because the cemetery was closed, and found that he was carrying what was believed at the time to be...

Fake Bomb in Cake Box Sneaked Onto UPS Flight

Cargo 'bomb' in cake box went undetected on way to Turkey

(Newser) - British authorities are investigating how a fake bomb hidden in a wedding cake box was able to make it from the UK to Turkey without being detected. The package, containing a timer, wires, and a detonator, traveled on a UPS flight to Istanbul, reports the BBC . A 26-year-old man has...

Bomb Squad Sent to Defuse Sex Toy

Russian cops find vibrator in 'suspect package'

(Newser) - Russia has been tense since the Moscow airport bombing earlier this year, but a bomb squad in Petrozavodsk got something to laugh about yesterday. The city's main postal building was evacuated and surrounded by security forces after a worker reported a suspicious package with a ticking noise. The bomb squad...

Spokane Suspect's Neo-Nazi Ties Run Deep

Mentor had urged followers to strike

(Newser) - Kevin William Harpham, the man accused of plotting to set off a bomb in Spokane during the city's MLK parade, might have been nudged along by one of his white nationalist heroes. As Media Matters notes, Harpham had been a regular poster on the extremist website Vanguard News Network for...

White Supremacist Arrested in MLK Parade Bomb Attempt

Suspect allegedly left explosives along route in Spokane

(Newser) - Authorities in Spokane today arrested a 36-year-old man with ties to a white supremacist group in the attempted bombing of the city's MLK parade in January, reports the Spokesman-Review . The suspect is Kevin William Harpham, who served in the Army in 1996 and 1997 and now faces life in prison...

Subway 'Bomb' Rattles Rome

Shoebox device sparks bomb scare

(Newser) - A fake bomb sparked a major scare in the Rome subway system yesterday. Bomb disposal experts discovered that the device—found on an empty subway car at the end of the line—contained a cement-like powder instead of explosives and didn't have a trigger mechanism, AP reports. The city could...

Namibia 'Bomb' Just a Security Test: Germany

Suspicious suitcase contained a prop, not explosives

(Newser) - The suspicious device found aboard a Namibian flight bound for Germany was a harmless fake designed to test local security, German authorities said today. “It is a so-called ‘real test suitcase’ from a US company,” Germany’s interior minister told Reuters . “This company produces alarm and...

Namibia Stops Suspected Bomb Bound for Germany

Detonator found in Air Berlin baggage

(Newser) - A flight bound for Germany was delayed after authorities in Namibia found what may have been a bomb in a piece of luggage being screened at Windhoek airport, the BBC reports. The bag, checked in for an Air Berlin flight to Munich, contained batteries, a running watch and a detonator,...

Mom Calls in Bomb Scare to Stop Daughter's Wedding

Tells Moscow airport her kid plans to blow up plane

(Newser) - A Russian woman took drastic measures to try to prevent her daughter’s wedding today, calling in a bomb scare to keep her from flying to her beloved. The daughter, 33, planned to fly from Moscow to Morocco for her wedding, CNN explains. But the flight was delayed when her...

Here's What the Terrorists Are Plotting

Recent bomb scares give insight into their plan

(Newser) - The Yemen-based mail bomb plot offers new insight into what, exactly, terrorists are planning next. Aviation expert Clive Irving runs down their apparent plan in the Daily Beast :
  • The goal: Blow up a plane over a major US city.
  • The location: Most likely over “the great urban sprawl along

Yemen Bomb Was 17 Minutes From Exploding

France's interior minister gives new details

(Newser) - One of two mail bombs sent from Yemen last week was defused just 17 minutes before it was set to explode, the French interior minister said today. Brice Hortefeux provided no other details in an interview on France's state-run France-2 television, and did not say where he got the information...

Suspicious Package Delivered to Merkel's Office

Could be linked to Greek letter bombs

(Newser) - Hours after letter bombs exploded outside the Russian and Swiss embassies in Athens, police are investigating another suspicious package at German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s office, the AP reports. Unconfirmed reports state the Greek Economy Ministry was given as the return address on the package, which was addressed to Merkel....

Letter Bombs Explode in Athens

Swiss and Russian embassies hit with attack

(Newser) - Letter bombs exploded at the Russian and Swiss embassies in Athens today, and three more were sent to other embassies in the Greek capital, the New York Times reports. So far, no injuries have been reported from those two blasts. According to Greek media reports, the Swiss embassy threw a...

Greeks Nab Parcel Bomb Addressed to Sarkozy

Others addressed to various embassies; no al-Qaeda link seen

(Newser) - Greek police have intercepted several packages containing “explosive devices,” one of which was addressed to Nicolas Sarkozy, Reuters reports. One, addressed to the Mexican embassy, exploded at an Athens courier firm, slightly wounding an employee. Others addressed to the Dutch and Belgian embassies were detonated by police. Two...

Yemen Bomb Suspect Released

Engineering student no longer being held, her father says

(Newser) - Yemeni officials yesterday detained two people thought to be connected to the recent bomb plot , but the sole suspect has reportedly been released. Hanan Al-Samawi, an engineering student , was detained along with her mother, who was not considered a suspect. Paperwork found on one of the manipulated packages contained Al-Samawi’...

Yemen Arrests Female Suspect in Bomb Case

Investigators also think language schools are involved again

(Newser) - Developments in the Yemen bomb investigation: Authorities there arrested a woman thought to be involved in the plot to send bombs to the US via cargo planes, the AP reports. Her role isn't clear, but she and others apparently used fake IDs to ship the devices, and a larger manhunt...

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