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Vatican's Exorcist: Yoga Is Satanic

The devil is in Harry Potter, too, says demon fighter

(Newser) - Yoga is the work of the devil, according to a man who claims to have banished evil spirits from 70,000 people. Gabriele Amorth, the Vatican's chief exorcist, says yoga leads to a belief in Hinduism, and "all eastern religions are based on a false belief in reincarnation,... More »

Mom Tells of Killing Toddler Son in 'Exorcism'

Latisha Lawson says she was trying to drive out the demon 'Marzon'

(Newser) - A mother killed her toddler son as she was trying to "exorcise" a demon from his body, she told Indiana jurors. She accidentally crushed her son's neck as she attempted to stop him from spitting up a concoction of oil and vinegar she hoped would drive out the... More »

Discovery Channel, Vatican Team Up for Exorcist Series

Church will allow its investigations to be recreated on TV

(Newser) - Discovery Channel will deepen its involvement with the supernatural in a new series called the Exorcist Files—with the unusual twist that the Vatican is helping out, Entertainment Weekly reports. The network will recreate investigations of demonic possessions and hauntings conducted by the Catholic Church, which is opening its files... More »

Catholic Church Seeks Exorcists

Clergy attend weekend training session in Baltimore

(Newser) - Do you have a knack for battling Satan? The Catholic Church may have just the job for you. With just five or six of US priests capable of performing an exorcism and demand for exorcisms rising as Catholics who hail from countries where the rite doesn't evoke head-spinning immigrate to... More »

Pope's Exorcist: Satan Is in the Vatican

Priest links sex scandals, cardinals, bishops to devil

(Newser) - Sex scandals in the Catholic Church are continuing proof that the devil has infiltrated the Vatican, the Holy See's chief exorcist has revealed. Satanic manipulations have triggered Vatican power struggles and resulted in "cardinals who do not believe in Jesus, and bishops who are linked to the Demon,"... More »

'Gay Exorcism' at Conn. Church Draws Ire of Rights Groups

Boy, 16, thrashes and vomits in YouTube clip

(Newser) - A Connecticut church is under fire for performing a “gay exorcism,” WPIX-TV reports. A video posted on YouTube (since removed) by Manifested Glory Ministries shows priests commanding “homosexual demons” to leave the body of a 16-year-old boy. During the ritual the boy thrashes around, and even vomits.... More »

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