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Cops: Traveling Serial Killer Struck 3 Times in 3 Weeks

James M. Wright allegedly met victims through carnival where he worked

(Newser) - Virginia police say a traveling carnival worker has confessed to killing two women and a teenage girl he met on the job. James Michael Wright, 23, admitted to carrying out the fatal shootings over three weeks after the cellphone of a missing 25-year-old was discovered in his truck, according to...

Carnival Horror: 11-Year-Old Scalped by Ride

Elizabeth Gilreath's hair was caught in King's Crown attraction at Neb. festival

(Newser) - "I can't believe the place is still open," Billie Bankus told KMTV Sunday as she stood holding a sign outside a Cinco de Mayo festival in Omaha, Neb., warning people of the dangers she said lurked inside the gates. Bankus was protesting on behalf of Elizabeth Gilreath,...

Man Kills Himself on Carnival Ride

He jumped in front of the Pharaoh's Fury

(Newser) - Horror at Ribfest: A man was killed by a carnival ride at the Naperville, Ill., festival yesterday and police say it looks like suicide, the Daily Herald reports. Witnesses tell NBC they saw the man in his 20s jump in front of the Pharaoh's Fury—a boat-shaped ride that...

Guy Loses All His Money ... to Carnival Game

But hey, at least Henry Gribbohm has a giant stuffed banana

(Newser) - Most of us know carnival games are scams, but Henry Gribbohm learned that particular life lesson the hard way—by losing his life savings in a desperate attempt to successfully toss a ball into a tub. The New Hampshire man was trying to win an Xbox Kinect by playing Tubs...

Spanish Carnival Ride Breaks Up, Kills 3

Ride broken while spinning, sending victims flying

(Newser) - Three people died and a teenage girl was injured in central Spain when a high-speed carnival ride broke apart early this morning, reports the AP . One of the arms on the Tarantula ride—which consists of four metal arms that spin around an axis, each with cars that spin—broke...

Cops Bust Crook ... in Pile of Teddy Bears

Man's sneakers sticking out gave away his carnival hideout

(Newser) - He might have gotten away with it, but for those darn sneakers. An El Paso man running from the law at a carnival was captured when police said they spotted David Caro's sneakers poking out beneath a pile of stuffed teddy bears. Authorities say Caro was trying to hide after...

Samba Queen, 7, Sparks Uproar
 Samba Queen, 7, Sparks Uproar 

Samba Queen, 7, Sparks Uproar

Critics say child shouldn't be used for sex symbol's role

(Newser) - Rio de Janiero's famous carnival has been hit by controversy over plans to give a role usually reserved for a sex symbol to a 7-year-old girl. Julia Lira has been chosen to head the drum corps from the samba school her father owns, but the move has drawn protests from...

I Now Pronounce You Carnival Ride and Wife

(Newser) - A Pennsylvania woman will take her new spouse's last name, but they can't live together—the object of her affection is an amusement park ride. Amy Wolfe is so devoted to the "1000 Nachts“ gondola at Knoebels Amusement Resort that she rides it 300 times a year, the Sun ...

8 Stories
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