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'Most Advanced' Study on Jack the Ripper Is Ripped Apart

Experts throw cold water on new study that claimed to use DNA to unmask him

(Newser) - It's an intriguing assertion, and one that grabbed headlines at sites like ABC News and NBC News —that more than a century after Jack the Ripper terrorized London, the serial killer had possibly been unmasked. Too bad it's bogus, at least according to a slew of experts....

Michigan Couple Learn Baby Boy Has Charlie Gard's Disease

It's the kind of disease three-parent IVF could prevent

(Newser) - Mitochondrial diseases afflict an estimated one in 4,000 people , most notably in the recent high-profile case of Charlie Gard in the UK, whose parents unsuccessfully sought to transport him to the US for experimental treatment. The fault lies in mitochondrial DNA, which is inherited from mothers and is responsible...

Smoking While Pregnant May Harm Your Future Grandkids

Assuming you give birth to a female

(Newser) - If you're looking for another reason to just say no to cigarettes, researchers are offering up more evidence that the habit has negative repercussions—not just for the smoker, and not just for the smoker's children, but for the smoker's grandchildren, too. Coming on the heels of...

Today's Sperm Whales Descended From One 'Eve'

An ancient whale appears to be the mother of all modern sperm whales

(Newser) - While investigating samples of toxic levels of heavy metals found in sperm whales, researchers stumbled upon a surprising discovery: All of today's sperm whales appear to have descended from the same female, reports Hakai magazine. They've named her Eve and say she lived between 10,000 and 80,...

Study: 'Golden Wolf' Has Been Hiding in Plain Sight

We just thought it was the African golden jackal

(Newser) - Africa, home to the Ethiopian wolf and the gray wolf, can now lay claim to the African golden wolf—the first new species of canid (which also encompasses jackals, foxes, and coyotes) to be discovered in 150 years, reports National Geographic . The new species has long been misunderstood to be...

UK Steps Forward on Babies Made From 3 People's DNA

House of Commons was in favor; bill next moves to House of Lords

(Newser) - British lawmakers in the House of Commons voted today to allow scientists to create babies from the DNA of three people—a move that could prevent some children from inheriting potentially fatal diseases from their mothers. The vote in the House of Commons was 382-128 in favor. The bill must...

Author: DNA Test Pegs Jack the Ripper

Polish Jew Aaron Kosminski was the killer, author says

(Newser) - An amateur detective has written a new book that claims to reveal the real Jack the Ripper based on DNA evidence from a blood-soaked shawl found by one of the victims. Russell Edwards, author of Naming Jack the Ripper, writes in the Daily Mail that he bought the shawl at...

Is This the Face of Richard III?

Scientists release 3D reconstruction as some doubt skeleton is really his

(Newser) - Once scientists had Richard III's skeleton , they quickly set about reconstructing his face, and a 3D model of the reconstruction was unveiled today, Fast Company reports. Philippa Langley, a Richard III Society member who played a large role in the search for his body, noted that "it doesn'...

Genes From Mom Give Females Edge on Long Life

Mutations that hurt males still get passed along

(Newser) - Natural selection usually eliminates the most dangerous mutations in our DNA—but one "loophole" ends up being a raw deal for males, LiveScience notes. It involves mitochondrial DNA, which typically comes entirely from the mother. Over time, moms weed out harmful mutations instead of passing them along to offspring....

Experts Weigh 3-Parent Test Tube Babies

Third donor could make for healthier babies

(Newser) - British authorities are considering approval for "three parent" test-tube babies to mix and match the best DNA for a healthier children. An expert panel of scientists has been asked to consider the safety and effectiveness of such a procedure, and advise government watchdogs. Babies resulting from the new process...

Study Casts Doubt On DNA-Matching Technique

Mitochondrial DNA found to vary widely within individuals

(Newser) - A DNA-matching technique used in forensics since the mid-1990s is now in question, according to new research. DNA found in cell structures called mitochondria varies greatly between samples from different tissues from the same individual, researchers found, meaning that forensic units may be mistaken when they exclude suspects because a...

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