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Don't Let the Koch Brothers Buy the Media

Harold Meyerson doesn't want the LA Times to become a political tool

(Newser) - The Tribune Company's board likely views the Koch Brothers' attempt to buy its eight newspapers as a purely financial transaction. But almost no one else sees it that way, writes Harold Meyerson at the Washington Post . Thousands of LA Times readers, for instance, have already signed petitions against the... More »

Anti-Union Movement Is Bad News for America

Harold Meyerson: This is politics, not economics

(Newser) - Michigan's new anti-union law isn't about economics or creating jobs, much as its GOP supporters would like everyone to believe, writes Harold Meyerson in the Washington Post . No, this is pure politics. How else to explain that police and firefighters, whose contracts cost local governments a pretty penny,... More »

Politicians Should Swear Off Wall Street Cash

Harold Meyerson says going clean could be deceptively brilliant

(Newser) - Washington is too dysfunctional to pass any laws in response to Occupy Wall Street, but if Democrats want to stand with the protesters, Harold Meyerson has a modest proposal: Refuse all campaign contributions “from the whole financial sector,” he suggests in the Washington Post . “Sign a pledge... More »

Fix US Democracy or China Wins

Conservatives are a bad advertisement for American way

(Newser) - The conservatives chucking wrenches into the works of American democracy have apparently failed to notice that there's a rival superpower out there again, warns Harold Meyerson. The Senate's efforts to thwart majority rule, and the Supreme Court's decision to allow corporations to make unlimited election donations are fueling Chinese arguments... More »

Pelosi Is a Speaker 'Without Peer'

Happy birthday to most influential House leader in 200 years: Meyerson

(Newser) - Nancy Pelosi turns 70 today, and it is as fitting an occasion as any to consider perhaps the most influential Speaker of the House since Henry Clay in the early years of the 19th century, writes Harold Meyerson. Her health care victory means “Pelosi is without peer,” and... More »

Wow, Dems Can Govern; Here's How They Keep It Up

Keep base mobilized, move on to popular causes

(Newser) - By passing health reform, Harold Meyerson writes in the Washington Post , the Democrats proved themselves to be something America hasn't seen since "the middle of Ronald Reagan's presidency:" a governing party. If they want to keep the actual governance going, rather than slipping back into decades-long "policy... More »

Foot-Dragging Is Killing the Obama Agenda

Squandering a full year on health care reform doesn't cut it

(Newser) - The Democrats need to be quicker, or they'll be dead, writes Harold Meyerson. "A president with an activist agenda met a Senate all but incapable of action," and the results, Meyerson says, have been deadly. Almost a year spent haggling over health care is killing them at the... More »

Obama Needs a Louder Left

Without a strong progressive movement, country won't shift leftward

(Newser) - If Barack Obama wants to be a transformational progressive president like Lyndon Johnson or FDR, he’s going to need a strong liberal movement in the streets. “Every Democratic president since Johnson has raised the hope that he would bring with him a new era of progressive reform,”... More »

Obama, Dems Are Free Market Crusaders

Wall Street, health industry are the ones opposed to competition

(Newser) - The champions of the free market are on the march, but it's not who you think. It’s the Democrats who want to put health insurance on open exchanges where consumers can easily compare them, with a public option to inject competition into an “oligopolistic market,” points out... More »

9 Stories
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