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Study: Most Sleepwalkers Don't Feel Pain

Not even when they jump out a third-story window, apparently

(Newser) - Nearly 80% of people who've injured themselves while sleepwalking felt no pain and didn't even wake up, according to a new study published this month in Sleep. And we're not talking about a stubbed toe or bumped elbow, either. One study subject jumped out a third-floor window—... More »

What Your Sleepwalking Means for Your Kids

Sleep terrors appear to increase the chance of sleepwalking, too

(Newser) - Kids whose parents sleepwalked are more likely to do it themselves—and sleep terrors may be a precursor to sleepwalking as well, according to a new study out of Montreal published this week in the journal JAMA Pediatrics . Not that sleepwalking, also called somnambulism, is necessarily a big deal. "... More »

Camper Falls Off Ky. Cliff While Sleepwalking

Luckily, the Ohio man is expected to make a full recovery

(Newser) - Rescue crews say an Ohio man who was camping with friends in central Kentucky's Red River Gorge is recovering after falling from a cliff while sleepwalking. A Wolfe County rope technician tells WKYT that the Cincinnati man, whose name wasn't released, fell about 60 feet early Thursday and... More »

1 in 7 'Sleep Drunk' After Waking

And you know you who are

(Newser) - Have you ever woken up so confused you've mistaken a water bottle for a telephone, or the closet for a toilet? If so, you might be among the one in seven people estimated to suffer from a sleep disorder called "confusional arousal," reports MedPage Today . Or to... More »

Woman Thinks She Sleepwalked Onto Train Tracks

2 men jump on Boston tracks to help

(Newser) - A woman who walked straight off the platform and onto the tracks at a Boston T station yesterday may have been sleepwalking, CBS Boston reports. The 31-year-old woman can be seen on surveillance video walking across an empty platform at the Davis Square MBTA station, then falling down onto the... More »

Woman Drives for 200 Miles—While Sleeping

Police tracked New Zealand woman by her cell phone

(Newser) - A New Zealand woman drove overnight for nearly 200 miles and sent texts as she went—but was probably asleep the whole time. It all started when a concerned friend contacted police shortly after midnight Wednesday because the unnamed woman, who has a sleep disorder, took sleeping pills and drove... More »

There's a 29% Chance You Have Sleepwalked

Study also links sleepwalking to depression, sleep disorders

(Newser) - Nearly one in three adults in the US have sleepwalked, a new study finds. Researchers surveyed 16,000 Americans and found that 29% of respondents said they had sleepwalked at least once; almost 3% said they do it as often as once a month and another 1% said they do... More »

Rapist of Sleeping Woman: I Was Asleep Too

Swedish sexsomnia sufferer admits to committing the crime

(Newser) - A Swedish man admits to raping a sleeping woman last summer but says there's one hitch: He was asleep at the time. The 27-year-old, who isn't named by The Local , says that after a night of heavy drinking in a cabin he "was awakened by her pushing... More »

Naked Sleepwalker Wins $15M Libel Case

Dreamy award is Ireland's biggest ever

(Newser) - An executive arguing he was simply sleepwalking nude when he tried to enter his secretary's room on a business trip has won a $15 million libel judgment against his firm for portraying the incident as inappropriate. Serial sleepwalker Donal Kinsella, 67, won Ireland's biggest-ever libel case after he told a... More »

Man Commits Suicide While Sleepwalking

And this isn't the first time that's happened, doctors say

(Newser) - Tobias Wong had no apparent reason to commit suicide. He had a rising career as a designer and conceptual artist, and was in a stable, loving relationship. “We were always thinking about our future,” says boyfriend Tim Dubitsky. “We wanted kids. We wanted to find a house.... More »

Brit Strangles Wife During Nightmare

Prosecutors believe him, seek verdict of insanity

(Newser) - A British man admits he strangled his wife but swears he did it while having a nightmare. Prosecutors have accepted his explanation, backed up by a battery of medical tests documenting a sleep disorder. Instead of pursuing a murder conviction, they want a jury to declare that he acted during... More »

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