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Yemen Sees 3rd Straight Day of Violence

At least 17 killed this weekend

(Newser) - Violence in Yemen showed no signs of stopping today after a weekend of clashes, prompting rising fears of a civil war. A field doctor says four protesters were killed today as gunfire and explosions shook Sanaa, and the New York Times reports that at least 17 people were killed over...

Yemeni Gangs Injure Women Protesters

Thousands marched for Nobel Peace Prize–winner

(Newser) - Pro-government gangs assaulted dozens of women in Yemen yesterday marching to honor the country's new Nobel Peace Prize winner, CNN reports. Thousands of women turned out in three Yemeni provinces to celebrate Tawakkol Karman, the first Arab woman to win the prize. But the march in Taiz was disrupted...

Yemen's Saleh to Step Down 'in Coming Days'

Activists doubt president's latest promise, but officials say he means it

(Newser) - Faced with continuing protests and a military insurection in Yemen, President Ali Abdullah Saleh took to state television to announce—yet again—he would step down "in coming days," reports the BBC . "I reject power and I will continue to reject it, and I will be leaving...

US, Yemen at Odds Over Counterterror Strategy

US doesn't want to get involved in a Yemen civil war

(Newser) - The US and Yemen shared a counterterrorism victory with the death of Anwar al-Awlaki , but behind the scenes, relations are growing tense. Yemen complains the US isn’t helping fight al-Qaeda-affiliated militants within its borders, while the US has publicly called for Ali Abdullah Saleh’s ouster, and is wary...

Yemeni Jet Mistakenly Bombs Army, Kills 30

Dead soldiers had defected, demanded Saleh's resignation

(Newser) - A government warplane mistakenly bombed an army position in southern Yemen, killing at least 30 soldiers and wounding many more, military and medical officials said today. The officials said the bombing, which took place last evening in the southern Abyan province, targeted an abandoned school used as shelter by soldiers...

Yemen Violence Rises After President's Surprise Return

Troops kill protesters in Change Square

(Newser) - The surprise return of President Ali Abdullah Saleh seems only to have tipped the nation further into violent chaos. In the capital city of Sanaa, Yemeni troops attacked unarmed anti-Saleh protesters in Change Square, killing at least 16, reports al-Jazeera . Troops also attacked the headquarters of soldiers who sided with...

Saleh Makes Surprise Return to Yemen

President's arrival will likely further enflame clashes

(Newser) - President Ali Abdullah Saleh returned today to the violence-torn Yemeni capital after more than three months of medical treatment in Saudi Arabia in a surprise move certain to further enflame battles between forces loyal to him and his opponents. Saleh left Yemen for Saudi Arabia in early June after he...

Yemen Fires on Protesters, Kills 26

100K gather in streets of Sanaa as Saleh loyalists attack, injure some 200

(Newser) - Yemeni government forces opened fire with anti-aircraft guns and automatic weapons on tens of thousands of anti-government protesters demanding ouster of President Ali Abdullah Saleh, killing at least 26 and wounding dozens, witnesses said. After nightfall, Sanaa sank into complete darkness after a sudden power outage, as protesters took control...

Yemen President Out of Hospital

But isn't yet returning to Yemen

(Newser) - Looks like we haven’t seen the last of Ali Abdullah Saleh after all. Yemen’s wounded (and for a while there presumed deposed ) president has been released from the Saudi hospital where he was being treated, Saudi and Yemeni officials said today. He isn’t returning to Yemen...

US to Yemen's Saleh: Get Out

White House calls for 'immediate transition'

(Newser) - The White House is not-so-subtly telling Yemen's embattled president to hit the road, with top counterterror adviser John Brennan telling Ali Abdullah Saleh yesterday to “fulfill expeditiously” his pledge to step down. Brennan “called upon” Saleh “to sign the GCC-brokered agreement for peaceful and Constitutional political...

Bandaged Saleh Makes First Appearance in Weeks

Slams 'undemocratic' attempt to drive him out

(Newser) - Yemen’s president yesterday slammed opponents for what he called an undemocratic attempt to drive him from power; the televised appearance was his first since he was injured in last month’s attack on his compound. Wearing loose clothing and bandages on his hands, Ali Abdullah Saleh’s complexion looked...

Saleh Not Returning to Yemen: Official

President is still receiving treatment in Saudi Arabia

(Newser) - Last week's rumors could be coming to pass ... or they could still be rumors: Yemen President Ali Abdullah Saleh will not return to his country, an unnamed top Saudi official tells AFP , adding that it is not clear if Saleh, who is being treated for injuries in Riyadh,...

US Stepping Up Covert War in Yemen

Airstrikes target militants as Yemeni troops return to capital

(Newser) - Chalk up yet another growing battle for America. The US has intensified its covert war against Islamic militants in Yemen during the nation's recent weeks of turmoil. Airstrikes and drone attacks have targeted al-Qaeda militants as Yemeni troops withdraw to the capital, officials tell the New York Times . American...

Yemen Protests: President Ali Abdullah Saleh’s Ouster Looks Likely
 End Looms for Saleh's Rule 

End Looms for Saleh's Rule

Power transfer could be forced in Yemen

(Newser) - With yesterday’s report that Yemen President Ali Abdullah Saleh’s injuries are more serious than initially reported, a power transfer increasingly seems imminent. Saleh could be out of Yemen for months and could be forced to give up his rule, sources tell the Wall Street Journal , although government officials...

Yemen's Saleh Has Severe Burns, Collapsed Lung

Heavy gunfire reported near Republican Palace

(Newser) - Looks like Ali Abdullah Saleh won’t be making such a quick recovery after all. The Yemeni president has burns over 40% of his body and a collapsed lung, US officials briefed on his condition tell CNN . Though Saleh is now said to be in stable condition, he won’t...

VP: Saleh Will Return to Yemen 'in Days'

Meanwhile clashes erupt in the street

(Newser) - Yemeni protesters celebrated in the streets yesterday when they heard that Ali Abdullah Saleh had left the country , but the president’s departure may be short-lived. Saleh is feeling much better and will return from Saudi Arabia “in a few days,” an anonymous official tells the New York ...

West Urges Saleh to Step Down

US, Britain offer guarantees of money, no prosecution

(Newser) - US and British officials are urging Yemeni president Ali Abdullah Saleh to step down, offering him guarantees of money and protection from prosecution, reports the Guardian . A Saudi-led Gulf Cooperation Council had tried to convince Saleh to step aside and agree to elections, but the president refused. However, now that...

Yemen VP Takes Over as Saleh Leaves Country

President takes family, spurring speculation he will step down

(Newser) - Yemen's No. 2, Vice President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi, has temporarily taken control of the country following the exit of Yemen's president to Saudi Arabia for medical treatment, reports al-Jazeera . Opposition groups cheered today at news of President Ali Abdullah Saleh's departure, with speculation rampant that the rocket...

End Game in Yemen? Injured Leader Going to Saudi Arabia

President Saleh might not be able to return

(Newser) - The rocket strike that hit the presidential palace in Yemen yesterday may have been more effective than thought: President Ali Abdullah Saleh is going to Saudi Arabia for medical treatment, and once he leaves the country it could be near-impossible for him to return. Reports are sketchy: al-Jazeera says he'...

Yemen President Hurt in Rocket Strike

Meanwhile, government shelling increases

(Newser) - Yemen's president was lightly injured and four top officials wounded when opposition tribesmen struck his palace with rockets, according to a government official. It was the first time that tribesmen have targeted President Ali Abdullah Saleh's palace in nearly two weeks of heavy fighting with government troops in...

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