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Syria Apparently Lying About Russia's Missiles

Russian sources say they won't be there for at least a year

(Newser) - Bashar al-Assad must have been either mistaken or bluffing when he said Syria had already received its first shipment of S-300 air defense missiles from Russia, if reports appearing in Russian media today are true. Syria won't actually get the missiles until spring of next year, per a contract... More »

Assad: The Russian Missiles Are Here

He says in interview to air on Hezbollah TV channel

(Newser) - On the one hand, it's a fairly expected announcement: On the heels of Russia's confirmation of a missile deal with Syria, President Bashar al-Assad has confirmed that the initial shipment of S-300 air defense missiles was in fact delivered to his country, with the second portion of the... More »

North Korea Moves Closer to Missile Launch

Moves two more missile launchers: report

(Newser) - North Korea continues to apparently move forward with plans for a test missile launch, moving two more missile launchers to its east coast since April 16, South Korea's Yonhap News reports. They are thought to be for shorter-range Scud missiles. South Korean military officials think North Korea might be... More »

South Korea: Missile Threat 'Very High'

US official warns multiple attacks possible

(Newser) - North Korea threatening imminent thermonuclear war ? Must be Wednesday. "According to intelligence obtained by our side and the US, the possibility of a missile launch by North Korea is very high," South Korea's foreign minister said today, while CNN reports that a US official says Pyongyang... More »

US Delays Missile Test Over N. Korea Tensions

White House defends move as 'absolutely not' a retreat

(Newser) - As tensions escalate with North Korea, the US has opted to delay a missile test at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, CNN reports. The long-planned test of the Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile was unrelated to North Korea, but delaying it is "prudent and wise" in light of... More »

N. Korea Loads Missiles, Hides Launchers: Report

Observers fear surprise launch: Yonhap

(Newser) - North Korea has installed two medium-range missiles on mobile launchers hidden close to its east coast, Yonhap News reports by way of South Korean military sources. One senior official describes them as Musudan missiles , which Yonhap notes were debuted in October 2010 and are believed to have a 1,865-mile... More »

China: US Is Bungling North Korea Situation

And lawmaker says Pyongyang has missile that could reach US

(Newser) - If the US boosts its missile defenses in reaction to North Korea's threats, a plan revealed last week and confirmed by Chuck Hagel on Friday, it will just make the situation worse, China is warning today. The move, which would bring the total number of US interceptors to 44... More »

North Korea: US 'Well Within' Nuclear Range

Pyongyang propaganda also warns Korean peninsula near 'explosion'

(Newser) - Pyongyang has a message for the US: North Korea has become a "fully-independent rocket and nuclear weapons state," according to an official website—and America "should be acutely aware that the US mainland is now well within the range of our strategic rockets and nuclear weapons."... More »

Uh-oh: Maker of N. Korea's Rocket Was ... N. Korea

UN considers tightening sanctions

(Newser) - The rocket that North Korea successfully launched last month was mostly homemade, South Korea says, fueling concerns about Pyongyang's ability to produce weapons despite international sanctions. "North Korea is believed to have made a majority of components itself, although it used commercially available products imported from overseas,"... More »

Google Honcho Prods N. Korea for Missile Ban, Open Web

Humanitarian trip with Richardson draws fire

(Newser) - Google exec Eric Schmidt and former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson are two days into their controversial visit to North Korea, and the AP has details on what they're up to: They're pressing Kim Jong Un and Co. for broader online access and more cell phones in what... More »

US Troops Take Charge of Missiles in Turkey

Meanwhile, Damascus gas station bombing kills 11

(Newser) - Twenty-seven US troops have landed in Turkey to operate missiles near its border with Syria. The troops, whose deployment was announced last month , will be in charge of Patriot missiles officially controlled by NATO, CNN reports. Meanwhile, in Syria itself, opposition forces are battling for control of a government-held helicopter... More »

Syria Using Advanced Iranian Missiles: US

Meanwhile, two Syrian air force generals defect, Russia may meet opposition

(Newser) - The Syrian military has fired two missiles in the past week that US officials believe are a newer, more-accurate model from Iran. These Fateh A-110 missiles have less range than the Scud variants the regime has been relying on, with a maximum distance of 125 miles versus 185. But they... More »

US to Send Missiles, 400 Troops to Turkey

NATO force to defend against Syrian missile threat

(Newser) - The Pentagon says it will send Patriot air defense missiles and 400 troops to Turkey as part of a NATO force meant to protect Turkish territory from potential Syrian missile attack. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta signed a deployment order today en route to Turkey from Afghanistan, a rep says. The... More »

North Korea Taking Rocket Apart, but Launch Still On

Technical problem needs to be fixed

(Newser) - North Korea is taking apart its long-range rocket to fix a technical problem, but it still plans on moving forward with the controversial launch, according to South Korean news reports and experts. Its initial moves to deconstruct the rocket fueled speculation that the launch was to be abandoned, but it... More »

N. Korea Delays Rocket Launch

'Technical deficiency' hits controversial launch

(Newser) - North Korea has extended the launch period for a controversial long-range rocket by another week until December 29, citing technical problems. A spokesman for the North's Korean Committee of Space Technology told state media that scientists found a "technical deficiency in the first-stage control engine module of the... More »

Japan Ready to Destroy N. Korea Rocket

Patriot missiles prepared in Tokyo, on coasts

(Newser) - If, after its firing, any piece of North Korea's rocket appears likely to fall in Japanese territory, Tokyo is ready to shoot it from the sky. Patriot missiles are at the ready in Tokyo, Okinawa, and elsewhere on Japan's north and west coasts, the Telegraph reports. Japan has... More »

North Korea Steps Closer to Rocket Launch

Could happen in as soon as 5 days

(Newser) - North Korea has taken another step toward its promised long-range rocket test , which could happen as soon as Monday. The three stages of the rocket have now been assembled on its launchpad at a northwest military base, and Yonhap News reports that workers have been spotted departing the site. The... More »

North Korea Will Try Again With Missile Launch

Last long-range attempt fizzled in April

(Newser) - North Korea said today it would try to launch a long-range rocket in mid-December, a defiant move just eight months after a failed April bid was widely condemned as a violation of a UN ban against developing its nuclear and missile programs. The launch, set for Dec. 10 to 22,... More »

Kim Jong Un Keeps the Illegal Weapons Flowing

Shipments to Burma, Syria have been blocked this year

(Newser) - Dear ol' Dad may be dead and gone, but his illegal-weapons-exporting ways live on under the watch of Kim Jong Un, reports the Wall Street Journal , which spoke with officials who verify that ships and planes en route to Syria and Burma from North Korea and laden with missile technology... More »

Turkey Ready for Those Border Missiles

Germany expects request to be made to NATO today

(Newser) - Turkey said it wanted Patriot missiles along its border with Syria, and it's set to make that request official today by formally asking NATO for said missiles, Germany's defense minister says. Germany, the Netherlands, and the US are the only countries within NATO that could provide the weaponry,... More »

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