Shaquan Duley

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Killer Mom Was Angry About Baths

Flew into a 'rage' just hours before alleged murders

(Newser) - Shaquan Duley, the South Carolina mother who admitted last month to smothering her two children, was in a “rage” just hours before because her sister bathed the two boys without permission. Duley’s two sons were found dead in a car submerged in the river, and she is now... More »

Mom Admits Suffocating Her 2 Toddlers

Unemployed woman felt she had no way to support them

(Newser) - A South Carolina mother has admitted to smothering her two toddler sons, saying she didn’t think she could support them, according to police. The bodies were found in a car submerged in a river, but the woman, 29-year-old Shaquan Duley, allegedly told police that they were dead before she... More »

2 Stories