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Al-Qaeda Is Punking Us
 Al-Qaeda Is Punking Us 

Al-Qaeda Is Punking Us

US can't handle AQAP's tactics

(Newser) - Can it be that the United States has met its match in al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula? The group's lack of a direct hit thus far seems more bad luck than effective counter-terrorism, writes Christopher Hitchens for Slate . In the meantime, AQAP has used our own desire to protect ourselves...

TSA Just Wanted Closer Look at My Boobs: Flier

Woman claims agents were ogling her before extra screening

(Newser) - It was only a matter of time before this TSA complaint came out: A woman claims she was selected for further screening ... because the TSA agents liked her breasts. Eliana Sutherland was flying out of Orlando International Airport when she saw two male agents staring at her chest, the Daily ...

Man Skips Pat-Down, Opts for Strip-Down

And he's now facing charges

(Newser) - Not a big fan of full-body scans or TSA pat-downs, a San Diego man chose Option C: Stripping down to his Calvin Kleins to demonstrate he wasn't carrying anything untoward in them. Samuel Wolanyk was told to put his clothes back on for a proper pat-down, but refused to dress,...

TSA Searches Shirtless Boy
 TSA Searches Shirtless Boy 

TSA Searches Shirtless Boy

Youngster's father removed shirt 'in frustration,' says filmer

(Newser) - Another day, another inconvenient video for the TSA to explain: In this one, a shirtless young boy is patted down by a TSA agent at the Salt Lake City airport. Luke Tait, who filmed the video with his cell phone and posted it on YouTube, writes in the video description...

'Metal' Underwear Blocks Airport Scanners

Protect your privacy with powdered-metal 'fig leaves'

(Newser) - Fed up with the indignity of passing through an airport scanner? Colorado inventor Jeff Buske claims he has the answer: scan-proof underwear. His strategically placed fig-leaf designs on his men's and women's briefs are made of a powdered metal that blocks the scan's rays, he explains. The thin, removable inserts...

TSA Agents: You Think We Like Touching Your Junk?

Touching private parts, being called 'molester' is no fun

(Newser) - If you think you’re not a fan of the TSA’s new “enhanced” pat-down procedures, think about how the TSA agents feel. In addition to the public backlash, there is quite a bit of “quiet resentment” within the agency, writes Boarding Area.com blogger and airline emerging...

Guy Busted for Punching TSA Officer

John Christina says jab to the chest was just a joke

(Newser) - Amid the uproar over TSA agents getting a little too physical with passengers' groins, one would-be flier got a little too physical with a TSA agent on Tuesday. Cops arrested John Christina after he allegedly punched a TSA officer in the chest after passing through a body scanner at Indianapolis...

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